ONLY ON 3: Former Leland officer offers his take on firing

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Submitted: Thu, 02/06/2014 - 4:55am
Updated: Thu, 02/06/2014 - 1:45pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — After Leland Police Chief Mike James released the details around why Richard Roman was let go on Tuesday, Roman says he could no longer keep his silence, and now he’s firing back at the once troubled department.

“They’re not telling the whole story or the truth,” said Richard Roman.

When Leland Police Department Sgt. Richard Roman was let go for falsifying training documents it appeared to be more of the same for a department that has been in and out of the news for all of the wrong reasons over the past couple of years.

“Nothing has changed over there it’s the same stuff that has been going on over there,” said Roman. “If you’re not in the right clique you’re screwed”

Roman says he was told that there wasn’t enough man power at the station to do the ride along hours required to pass his certification, but was told to log the hours anyway, and a certified officer would sign off on them.

“A junior officer was the one who approached me and said ‘Hey, I’ll sign them’,” said Roman. Either he felt guilty or got pressed into it. I’m pretty sure he was pressed into it by another officer who had clearly said to my face that he was after my stripes.”

With rumors flying through the ranks about a department restructuring he says his firing was part of a conspiracy by other officers who thought he was coming for their job.

“It’s obvious the chief didn’t want me back,” said Roman. “At best, being that I didn’t turn any paperwork in I should have been may be suspended. The other guy, if they’re going to fire me they need to fire him.”

Town Manager David Hollis says even though Roman didn’t sign his training sheet his intent was implied by simply filling out the hours.

Roman says he already has another job working for an overseas intelligence company.


  • Guest123123 says:

    Sorry you had to listen to all that crap. If he was 1/2 of what he said he was he would be overseas right now making 100,000 tax free. Not the 35000 at Leland

  • Kblue2221984 says:

    Listen unsmartened person, had you listened to the phone conversation? You would hear him tell on him self. He stated he should have been suspended, not fired. He also stated the department hasn’t changed, that it was still the “good ol boy” system. Then why did he work there? When both my supervisors decided to go crooked? I quit! Why if he didn’t like it there did he stay for 2 years? OHH!!!!! I KNOW I KNOW!!! Cause he got fired from Brunswick County? And had no where else to go? I assure you after this ridiculous phone call he surely sealed his fate in Law Enforcement. Just be more observant next time. Say’s who!? Say’s the always observant, awesome, sexy, smart, funny Kblue!!!

  • Guest123123 says:

    Fired from the Leland PD and you already have a job with an overseas intelligence company. I’m sure this so called company was looking for someone with the intelligence you obtained from working at the Leland PD. Give me a break!! I’m sure you will be selling used cars this spring.

  • Integrity says:

    You claim a officer told you to lie, so you being a sgt went along with it? Not adding up. Why didn’t you discipline the officer for integrity not incourage it by going along with it. You probably should look into being a car salesman not a cop.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    So you are whinnying about WWAY letting someone else whine? And then you go on to whine about a council woman. Well done dip $%$#.

  • Belville Gal says:

    REALLY WWAY!!!! Letting this whiny baby be heard. Are you kidding me???? You thought this was more important than the story on the cop that was arrested with the teenage prostitue
    Leland has some wonderful officers just as the other agencies in the area and some of the comments here and a week ago is so un called for especially the one from the family member of one of the past officers that really turned crook. People need to remember people don’t forget and if you live in a glass house you don’t need to be throwing stones.
    Leland has done a wonderful job the oast year or so turning the department around and they took care of this as soon as they found out.I dont live there but my mother does and they were ther for her last week when she needed her meds from the drug store and none of her family could get there.
    The only problem I have with Leland is they are not making that council woman that lives near my Mother clean her yard up but yet she says she wants to beautify Leland by doing away with the donation bins that help the needy

  • Rich says:

    This guy came when I wrecked my car. Made me wait 40 minutes for another officer to get there because he was a Sargent and was to important to take a report. I made the mistake of saying I was in the army and just returned from deployment. I spent the next 40 minutes listening to this guy tell me he was a marine re-con sniper who was recruited by the CIA, then attached to seal team 6 as a civilian contractor. I finally called bs on it and he tried to have the lower ranking officer write me a ticket when I clearly wan not at fault. The officer was to much of a stand up guy and wouldn’t do it. Thank you Meha

  • Jasper Fant says:

    This is a classic example of why anonymous comments shouldn’t be permitted for articles of this type. It’s obvious these posts are personal and bitter. I have no idea if the guy is guilty or not, if he got a raw deal, then hopefully, he’ll be reinstated. I will say this, I had to deal with this officer several years ago once and found him to be very professional and respectful. When the peanut gallery begins screaming in this place, usually a pile on begins.

  • Kblue2221984 says:

    I quit my Job in Brunswick County yup, To go to work for a department without corruption, It was my choice to leave. I have been offered jobs in Brunswick County. Because of a decent reputation. Something you lack Double R, Say’s who!? Say’s Now Captain Kblue!!!JUST SAYIN LOL!!!

  • B6VA4 says:

    Stay Salty and Cover Six Brother

  • Karmaleland says:

    Let me get this straight…. An officer at the Leland Police Department was pressed into to lying about you just so they could get your stripes?? So ironic!! Can you say karma?

  • Belville Gal says:

    You thought a whining officer was more important than the Southport cop and the other one that was messing with the teenage prositute, I thought better of you guys.
    As for all the stupid comments about the LAPD on this report and the one from a week ago, (they have some wonderful officers as does these other areas that have had problems. The last year or so the LAPD has turned completly around and look they took care of this one too.) I know some of you people and if I am not mistaken your family member has worked there and he was a big scandel and really turned crook so remember if you live in a glass house don’t be throwing stones. I don’t live in Leland but next to it and have always been treated with respect from the LAPD as I travel there to visit my Mother all the time which they even got her prescriptions from the pharmacy last week during the snow when no one could get there for her. By the way the council lady that wants to beautify Leland needs to clean her own front yard up. Nuff said!!!!!!

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    STFU already. Stop whinnying. WWAY did a story on the Southport Officer already, how many do they need to do? Are they not allowed to report on anything else? Stop bitching about the council woman’s yard, if it bothers you that much, get off your lazy ass and go clean it yourself!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob the builder says:

    So Mr. Lawson you seem to be the pot calling the kettle black. You had to run to work in Columbus County because nobody would mess with you in Brunswick???Definately not defending what happened here but you dont have too much room to talk….. JUST SAYIN…

  • Kblue2221984 says:

    Fired again? Now you want to bad mouth a good department because you messed up??! Well that should help you get you hired on another agency. I would have had more respect for you had you kept your mouth closed. I say again, from what I hear? Officers are happy with the new leadership. I just hope they put a wheel chair ramp in the new department for the poor old fella…..JOKE!! Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Hal Stevens says:

    There has been nothing but misrepresenting of the facts sense Leland police department was formed. The sheriff’s department ran this area for years with no complaint from anyone that I remember. It is past time to dissolve the Leland Police department and turn things back over to the sheriff’s department.

  • John Guntner says:

    I would certainly be interested in this. The latest parking controversy stems from the Leland Police writing parking tickets with out the necessary signs or apparently even having read the ordinance they are enforcing. Going back to the sheriff would be less expensive and serve the residents better so it will never happen.

  • SnatchHammer says:


  • #whatever says:

    He says “If you’re not in the right clique you’re screwed”. His girlfriend works for Leland PD as the chief’s secretary. Curious if she is in the right “click” or is she getting screwed too?

  • 1313 says:

    He’s a legend in is own mind.

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