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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the start of black history month, students at UNCW are remembering a major event in Wilmington’s history.

Imaging Justice: The “Wilmington 10” Story Exhibit features works submitted by students and community members.

They show the struggle of the Wilmington ten, and their journey from convictions in 1971 to their pardons in 2012.

“It’s important to remember our history,” ACE Boseman Chair Skylar Lewis said. “It’s important to know where we came from in order to evolve and to change, and to make better decisions.”

The Wilmington ten were nine young black men and a woman wrongly convicted of arson and conspiracy after a grocery store was firebombed in 1971.

The exhibit runs through March 14. For more information click here.

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  • guesty

    “It’s important to know where we came from in order to evolve and to change, and to make better decisions.”

    Such as it isn’t legal to throw firebombs into buildings?

  • 63 years in wilmington

    The Truth about the Wilmington 10 was they were Thugs that terrorized Wilmington!

    The facts were they committed Murder, Arson, and several B&Es as well as robberies.
    Why not do a report on the crimes they did, and the riots they stirred up.

    It’s amazing that when they were locked up all the crimes they were known for stopped!
    Those are the facts.

  • Beach Bum

    The “Wilmington 10” are mere domestic terrorist.

    This is the level of degredation society has fallen too.

    Embracing perverts; i.e. homo’s and dykes, meanwhile consorting and idolizing domestic terrorist.

    Glad I no longer liver in Wilmington.

  • Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr

    We thank UNC Wilmington for the exhibit on the Wilmington 10 case. We all should learn from Black History Month.

  • GRR

    for letting us know why you and your thugs Wilmington 10 had to kill two unarmed security guards at a Wilmington Middle School during the Riots. I bet that won’t be discussed during the Black History Month. I think you all were a bunch of cowards and Beverly Purdue has a yellow streak down her back for give you all a pardon..

  • Erlkoenig

    Next month there will be a Taliban exhibit to show their struggles and journey.

  • GuestMan.

    Next week is a racist tea-bagger exhibit and Eric will be the star.

  • Beach Bum

    Hear Hear…

  • Old Guy

    Wilmington has learned that Black History Month is a bunch of crap when all of the crimes that were learned behavior during this time period is still continuing today! The Wilmington “10” probably were a gang then and today we have the Bloods. Shooting each other because there is no opposition has got to be the most honoring feeling ever. I say let these wonderful citizens kill each other off and then and only then will Black History Month really men something to these thugs!


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