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ONLY ON 3: The alleged Gibbs family crime connection


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- While investigating Dominque Olivia Gibbs, WWAY learned the teen was possibly exposed to the gang life early by her mother.

Her mother Monica Fredrica Gibbs was beginning a lengthy rap sheet when Dominique Gibbs was just two-years-old. 

Monica Gibbs has faced nearly 70 different charges in New Hanover County alone since 2000, including weapons, larceny and conspiracy charges, as well as possession with intent to distribute ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Sources tell WWAY that the Gibbs family has long standing ties to the Double-I faction of the Bloods. The gang has been part of an on-going battle in Wilmington since the June 2013 murder of Jeff Henry on 6th and Kidder streets. The attack started a summer of violence.

Since that night, the Double-I Bloods have been at war with fellow blood set members the 5-Deuce brims who made their own headlines in October when member Brandon Smith shot a New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy in Creekwood.

With the ongoing power struggle within Wilmington neighborhoods historically controlled by the bloods members of the Crips have slowly tried to seize control which added to the violence.

While the war had been quiet in the past few weeks, sources say the violence once again boiled over on the 600 block of North 10th street when police say Dominique Gibbs shot and killed Raequan Rouse.

Dominique Gibbs is currently in the New Hanover County Jail under $1 million bond. Her mother has pending charges for trafficking cocaine.

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Obama Burial Ins

These are the people Obamacare forces taxpayers to provide health care for! Careful: the next thing forced upon us could be Obama burial insurance paid for by taxpayers already raped by Obamacare! It is a shame millions of hard working people had to give up their adequate health insurance so these thugs can be covered. Now, some of us can't pay the high premiums and high deductibles. Therefore,we get less for more while these thugs terrorize the neighborhoods. I think all of these gang members should be rounded up and re-located in Bill Barber's neighborhood! Amen?

Don't blame Law Enforcement.

Don't blame Law Enforcement. Gangsters breeding gangsters, courtesy of our tax-welfare dollars.

Great article!!

At last, we have some local journalists piecing together the criminal element in our fine city.

I know a few officers who have told me exactly what is going on with the gangs and it's nice to see it actually exposed here, finally.

"If you in the game, you get got in the game."

I simply don't understand how people have such a vacant conscience they can rob and kill people with glee.


Brandon, you are an idiot.. The shot was from infront and it wasn't in the back!!

Not surprising gang crime runs in the family

Once again, criminals should not be allowed to procreate. Her mother most likley has lived off of the taxpayers dime all her life and was a very busy gang member committing a litany of crimes all while popping out children. These children in turn, learn from their egg donor how to survive off of the taxpayers, how to live a life of crime and how to, of course, pop out other little gang members to be. This cycle continues over and over again. Criminals should be implanted with birth control and not allowed off of it until they are legal, working, tax paying citizens who can contribute to the world. Gang members kill off one of their own and five more are popped out to take their place. You have to get the queen in order to destroy the hive.

Well said!

Stop the cycle!!!!

gang trash

Her mammy is probably proud of her little girl, she can get a tear drop tat now. What a total WASTE of flesh. Bet taxpayers have supported them both their whole miserable lives.

Family values!

So nice to see traditional family values at work. Who says kids don't listen and learn from their parents these days?

Maybe they can get their own wing in Central Prison. The Gibbs Block!


oh please STOP IT according to your news reports it determined that the other officers gun shot the deputy back in October. PLEASE lets just quit with the foolery.

No foolery here, "Star".

The news never reported that the detective was shot by another officer. That faux statement was never speculated in the police report and was generated only by those that fail to accept what Brandon was, what he did and why his end resulted in the manner it did.

Wake up and smell the crack!

That is the problem

She has been smelling too much burning crack.


What the hell are you talking about?


The names of their "gangs" just scream their stupidity........How about get an education or a JOB?

Actually she was working on

Actually she was working on getting her GED. U shouldn't judge someone until u kno the whole story

Get a job

That is a good one, thanks for the laugh. These lowlife thugs think work is for suckers.

What about his children he

What about his children he had a wife and 3 children also a family that loved him very much it hasn't been proven that he shot anyone guys stop my children reads these posts....Please let him rest in peace these children been through enough...

70 different charges?

Why is this woman even on the streets? Some people should not be aloud to breed. Hate breeds hate, no good ever comes from it.