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Police say habitual drunk driver crashed into two phone poles


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police say a drunk driver crashed his car overnight into two phone poles in the 6000 block of Park Ave. near Greenville Ave.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley says Russell Hampton Parker, 31, of Wilmington, hit the poles around 1:20 a.m. EMS took him to the hospital with possibly life-threatening injuries.

Rawley says charges, including habitual DWI, are pending, but Parker has not been charged because he is still in the hospital.

Department of Corrections records show Hampton was convicted of DWI in 2007 in Duplin County and a year later in Wayne County. Both of those crimes happened in 2006. In each case Hampton's license was revoked and he received a suspended jail sentence and probation.

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Until the District Attorneys

Until the District Attorneys Office STEPS UP and STARTS adding some stiff penalties....people who Drink and Drive will continue to so. POINT IN FACT.....RIGHT NOW there is an individual who has REPEATEDLY driven drunk....been repeatedly arrested....managed to manipulate the system to only get back out on the road again and get arrested AGAIN for DUI, has had TWO VEHICLES seized....given probation, paid fines....spending a WEEKEND in jail does NOT cut it!! Yet still managed to find ANOTHER vehicle to doing a CIVIC a CONCERN driver another person REPEATEDLY reports this person, vehicle that they are driving....road they are on to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol...also to the Columbus, Brunswick and New Hanover County Sheriffs Departments...calls TEXT A TIP over and over. And NOTHING happens to the person who is drinking and driving! It isn't until a LIFE IS TAKEN that suddenly someone in the DA's office notices that a habitual DUI person was the one who caused the accident?? REALLY....what makes ALL of this so hard to believe is that the TWO District Attorneys that run New Hanover, Brunswick and Columbus Counties SHOULD BE AWARE they are letting a HABITUAL DRUNK DRIVER go!!! A individuals driving record shows EVERYTHING NOT JUST ONE COUNTY....HOW CAN THIS person "slip through the system"?? And having 5 DUI's in less than five years? With two of those being within the last 6 months...what gives??

hey snitch!!!

I guess the next time you call him in you need to be more convincing

The District Attorney does

The District Attorney does not determine the penalties for criminals. The state's legislature does and their penalties aren't stiff enough. They won't even classify DWI as a felony unless it rises to the level of habitual DWI and ultimately it falls on the DA to bring that charge to trial. What the District Attorney does is accept plea deals to lower or dismiss the charges so that the penalties are less harsh. Until we get legislators and district attorneys who truly take drunk driving seriously, we all have to be on the roads with these drunks.

Maybe there's some truth.....

To Brian Berger's lawyer's contention that he was treated the same as other DUI's. This guy got essentially the same sentence in 2006 as Berger did in 2014. What a friend drunks have in the Judicial system, punishing them so hard with a meaningless sentence! Hooray for justice!

might solve his problem

"EMS took him to the hospital with possibly life-threatening injuries."

Hopefully he dies and all his problems will be solved and the streets safer.

Shame on you!

How sick are you to wish death to anyone? Prayers for his recovery... physically and spiritually would probably be a better response. Or better yet, no response at all! I can also promise you that there are more habitual drunk drivers on the roads that will never get caught... they're just dumb and lucky!


They don't get caught and when caught, many continue to drink and drive. Death will solve that problem.