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Causey apologizes for picking McMahon; challenges former protegé for sheriff


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- There may be a new sheriff in town come November. Or make that an old one.

Sid Causey's 2009 retirement opened the door for Ed McMahon to take over as New Hanover County Sheriff. In fact, Causey hand-picked and endorsed his then chief deputy.

"I did, and I apologize for that," Causey said today.

Back in 2009 Causey said McMahon would be the best choice for the job.

"I'm telling you, if he wasn't the man, I would not be supporting him," Causey said at the time.

But he sang a different tune Monday.

"He is a good man. He is not the right man for the sheriff's job," Causey said.

Causey says things at the department have gone downhill since his retirement.

"The lack of school protection, the crime is just out of control regardless of what somebody says about the crime being down," the former sheriff said. "That is just absolutely not true."

But McMahon disagrees. He says the partnerships he and his staff have developed are working.

"Violent crime is down," McMahon said.

And as he faces a challenge from the man who helped put him in office, the sitting sheriff is trying to keep an optimistic view.

"On a personal note, very disappointing, but it's not about me. It's not about a man," McMahon said. "It's about keeping the community safe, and it's about moving forward in our law enforcement."

The men will fight it out in the Democratic primary May 6.

Causey ran for New Hanover County Commissioner in 2010, but finished behind winners Rick Catlin and Brian Berger and fellow Democrat Deb Butler, who finished third.

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Causey can't name particular reasons

The one thing I have heard repeatedly about Causey (other than the inmate who died, all the lawsuits pending when he left office and Strickland) is that after he went in as Sheriff his ego grew to the size of Texas. He became arrogant and walked around with an "air" about him that he was the top law enforcement officer in the county and don't mess with him. I haven't heard him or any other candidate for the sheriff's office name particular instances of wrong doing or any thing specific about what is wrong with the sheriff's department. I think Causey misses the control he had and wants it back. I don't think he has anywhere near the support he enjoyed at one time. He should stay home.

Causey blantantly Lies in this video, unbelievable!

Causey lies to the public about public records, pay raises, and says He controls any candidate's recommendation process to the Democratic party!

How about VINCE McMahon for

How about VINCE McMahon for sheriff???

If a deputy does not perform his duties, McMahon could hold a public press conference and get in the deputy's face and yell, "YOU'RE FIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRREEEDDDDD!!!!!!!"

Why is this up for debate?

The biggest question is why is this up for debate?

The two Democrats fighting it out in this primary have shown their leadership style has not worked.
Why in the world would we repeat this disaster?
As the famous saying goes "the sign if insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result"

Vote the liberals out!! It's a joke now that these guys were ever in power.

These comments

are becoming comical.

Mr. Causey's decision to throw his hat in the ring shows politicians have more ego than common sense.

So, the next big announcement:

County Council member Brian Berger, tomorrow, will announce his entry as an independent candidate for the high office of New Hanover County Sheriff.

Councilman Berger will run unopposed for the nomination; and promises, if elected he will continue to serve the citizens of New Hanover County as a Council Member while also serving as Sheriff.

He also pledges he will not require Deputies to work pro-bono at his residence or on his re-election campaign for County Council in 2015.

If there are going to be grandiose posts, let's really have one.

And I quote

Out of your mouth came the following, "McMahon would be the best choice for the job" and "I'm telling you, if he wasn't the man, I would not be supporting him" He was also good enough to be your Chief Deputy, and run the Sheriffs Office since 2009. Sid? Will you make Brian Burger your Chief Deputy? OH WAIT!!! I want to quote you again Sid, "I am sorry for that" Your right Sid, You are sorry. You put politics in front of a friendship, for that? You don't stand a chance! Say's who!? Say's the I was right the first time, I'll be right again Kblue!!!


Sid Causey is a huge reason why there are criminals working inside the narcotics division at NHCSO. Had the DEA not hadbigger fish to fry at the time, Causey would have faced federal charges for his little drug running trip to Tampa. This guy is poison and would only succeed in doing two things, keeping his skeletons hidden in the closet a little longer and add a few more.

Big Skeletons

Sid, Why did you blatantly refuse to investigate the Fort Fisher Hermit murder?


Dear family,
Because it wasn't a murder. Fred Pickler was never an investigator and lied to get his name in books and the news. The real investigator former Sheriff H. G. Grohman with 30 years experience investigated that scene and found that it was by natural causes. Fred Pickler was only a Deputy at the time with a camera thats all. Check the investigation notes and folder for yourself! Digging up bones will not serve any and I mean any purpose.

Damn Lies

I was in fact trained by L Starr McMillan for more than five years photographing all of the violent deaths in New Hanover County including those by motor vehicle, fire, homicide, suicide and natural death with suspicious circumstances before coming to work at the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department in 1971. The NHSD used a 4x5 Crown Graflex camera and their investigator hated to bring it out and make any photos up till about 1972. I used an Exakta Varex IIa 35mm SLR Camera for all of my work and the photos and negatives were turned over the Coroner McMillan. When I joined the NHSD in 1971, I became a crime scene investigator and completed a number of training courses by the State and Federal Bureau of Investigation related to Crime Scene Processing.I was a Crime Scene Technician, Detective and Detective Sergeant during my years with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department.
When the Fort Fisher Hermit was found dead, I was summoned out of my home at Carolina Beach, to conduct a crime scene search and process a crime scene. At the Hermits Bunker and in the area surrounding it, I made plaster casts of tire prints, a number of photographs,crime scene sketch and picked up several items of physical evidence, including a shoe much to big and dressy to be worn by the Hermit, the sleeping bag he slept in and later in the day when I got a call someone was digging in the bunker for money, went back down and took possession of a mayonese jar half full of coins which I took to Caroling Beach Police Department, and in the presence of Chief Ray Padgett poured the coins in a parking meter canvas cover and sealed the contents in his present and took it to the NHSD the next day and opened the bag and made photos of it, removed all the pennies from the money and replaced them with dollar bills, and then took the money to Bank of NC, accompanied by a member of the Clerk of Courts staff, for cleaning and counting by the Federal Reserve.The two Detectives were on the scene less than 30 minutes, and that time was spent interviewing the five boys that found Robert.Check the folder and you will find a doggone very little bit of information on a Murder. Evidence I collected along with the original photos and my supplementary reports were mysteriously gone from the file shortly after I left the Department.And any person that thinks the death of Robert Edward Harrell was not a Murder is really ignorant of facts. What degree of Murder, at Minimum it was Involuntary Manslaughter. And it was a violation of Robert Edward Harrell's Civil Rights .His death was shoved to the back burner because Robert Edward Harrell aka the Fort Fisher Hermit was a thorn in the side of NHSD and this was said to me when I asked for an autopsy . Deputies were at his bunker many times over the years, writing reports of Robbery, Assault, and other complaints made by Robert and some lazy ass had to walk down a sandy road, fighting mosquitos, getting their shoes dirty, and maybe even working up a sweat, to put a few words on paper from " a rambling old crazy man" as many Deputies and Detectives called him. This is supported by the facts and complaint cards that "used to be in the files" How dare you hide behind an anonymous name!
Wait till you read my new book. This is the only way I know the get the facts of a murder out in the public domain, and friends asked me not to put the graphic photos of his death scene in our newest publication, "The Reluctant Hermit" out in June 2014.
But any person that looked at the photos which clearly showed blood and lesions on his legs, his clothing filled with sand and wet, his body reposing in a defensive position on his back inside the entrance to his bunker, and a heavy half-sheet of 3/4 inch plywood blocking view, and his sleeping bag half way down to the marsh.
Hmmm. What size shoe do you wear "Old Guy" And were you driving the two tone pick-up or riding as a passenger that fateful night? And did you carry the front of the sleeping bag or the back end? Or were you the person just standing by watching him being tormented by two of your "thug" friends? Hmmmmmm!!!!

Fort Fisher Hermit

Excuse me? "Natural causes"? I've been removed from this "case" for several years, but when this MURDER case comes to court (and it will sooner or later because of the recorded deed to the hermit's property), I have a "box of dynamite" that Fred eluded to back in the 1980's. I'll look forward to our day in court. If you will take the time to read my latest book on the subject, "Adverse Possessions-The Complete Story of Robert E. Harrill, The Fort Fisher Hermit", most of my timeline is complete. I have a few extra boxes of "evidence" when the time comes, plus some very interesting audio tapes with Grohman and Dr. Yue.
Have a nice day.

Sid Causey.. unauthorized Tell-All book? "Adverse Possessions-The Complete Story of Robert E. Harrill, The Fort Fisher Hermit" This book and audio may also be available by logging in with your New Hanover County Library card !

Poor loser

Causey is only running because he lost his bid for Commissioner and can't have his way. He was terrible sheriff and I'm glad he is out of office. Sheriff McMahon has done an excellent job in office and I see no reason to change that now. I'd vote for him every day of the week and twice on Sunday if I could!!!!

Move On Sid

Retire Sid! Find a hobby! This has shown your true colors.


I voted for Sid Causey every time he ran for Sheriff. Although the campaign hasn't even started yet I am pretty sure I will be voting for McMahon this time. I feel like McMahon is compassionate, transparent, and very honest. Thinking back on it, I don't feel like Sid possessed these attributes. I am not really sure sure what Sid thinks is wrong with the department. Maybe there are some problems we will find out about but I have a feeling that the crime rate would be up no matter who was Sheriff.

No Chance

Our current sheriff is doing a great job. If Causey could not beat Berger...I'm just saying.

It's time to elect someone new...

who isn't in the pocket of the politicians...Marc Benson.


AMEN !!!!! MARC BENSON IS THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN FIX THIS SITUATION!! IT'S TIME TO LET HIM SHOW WHAT HE CAN DO. Marc Benson is the only one of these three who TRULY is ethical and fights for truth and justice. Ask Monica Caison of the CUE Center about his character, law enforcement, and investigative skill. Or ask any of his clients over recent years. Marc Benson is PHENOMENAL. Marc Benson was appointed to the Governor's Board overseeing private investigative and security workers. You would be shocked to find out how much work Marc Benson does pro bono... he is a true servant and by far the best man for this job!!

Marc Benson

...and Marc Benson has as much character as a brick wall!! Refresh my memory, but hasn't he run for New Hanover County Sheriff 4 or 5 times now???? Obviously, he IS NOT A LEADER (ask those that have been in law enforcement around here for years) and the voters of New Hanover County have told him so 4 or 5 times now!! You would think he got the message from voters after his 2nd or 3rd try!!

Marc Benson

I have known Marc for ten years now and about the only thing he has in common with a brick wal is that he will bust through one if it gets in his way. Sid Causey should have been in prison for what he did in Tampa, Fl. The way he ran the narcotics division is exactly why we have people like Joey Leblanc awaiting trial.

Marc Benson has been a private investigator and media personality. He is currently serving on the board for PPS in Raleigh and helps to set the standard there.

If you want someone who isn't afraid to make the right decision no matter how difficult it may be, then he is the man for the job. We have had years of democrats running this office and look where it has gotten us.

Ed McMahon is a very nice man. That is not what we need right now. We need a leader and I would recommend that you actually check with the law enforcement officers in the area before you make a blanket comment for them. I actually know a great deal of thema nd Marc has got the support and backing of the ones worth their mettle.

Benson has lost three Sheriffs races.. The people have spoken

Benson is a private investigator not a law enforcement officer. He hasn't worked as a cop in Wilmington since 1997...17 years ago! If he was such a great law man why is he video taping cheating spouses? How come he isn't working as law enforcement officer? Benson is a legend in his own mind. He has lost three elections for Sheriff. Listen to his show and you quickly realize he doesn't have the temperament or humility to be a good Sheriff. The world needs private investigators and he fills that role.

Check with me.... I knew

Check with me....
I knew McMahon when he first started. He was always one of the best deputies. As sheriff, he still works very hard. And hasn't lost one bit of professionalism. And he expects it from all those under him.

I knew Marc, and Sid too. And I just can't say the same for them. I believe most of the deputies, and CO's, want McMahon. He holds his people to high standards. But he's fair, and will stand up for them, as long as they're doing their best, and following the rules.

I know Sheriff McMahon is highly respected, and supported by me, and most of the other police officers, I've spoken with.

McMahon is a great Sheriff that has causey worried

McMahon is a Sheriff that scares Causey. Sheriff McMahon has cleaned up Causeys mess and got rid of the trash Causey left behind. Didn't vote for him last election, but McMahon has now earned my vote. As far as talk show host Benson running for Sheriff.....please stop it! He is a joke. I guess he runs for hope it helps his two hour a week radio show. Embarrassing. Three time loser and the citizens of this county said no to Benson more often than a baby poops. Benson's friends should stop him from making a fool of himself.

The Also-Ran

I wonder, do Marc and Ricky Meeks get tired of showing up, and getting beat ? Or do they just get a such a big kick out of seeing themselves on the news ?

You can "file" for anything you want. But you have to be qualified, to be taken serious.

Lizzie, you should set up a Shrine...

...for Marc, light a few candles and get on your knees to pay homage for such divine admiration.

Idiot Causey

Please Sid Causey don't be come sheriff again. You have done enough damage to the profession of Law Enforcement. To be honest you do not posses the skills to lead a boy Scott troop down a nature trail. You are for the highest bidder, which means your a whore, some one that works for money, or influence. Truth be known sheriffs in North Carolina have to much power as it is. Some thing you do not need ever again. So do everybody a favor, go back under that rock you came from and spare everyone a pain in the ass for the next four years. By the way you should not talk crap about a man when your turn over rate and the rate your deputies were arrested for beating on their women captain cover up

Sorry Causey

Nope you had your 15 minutes of fame and to come back and criticize your replacement is in poor taste and makes you look like a sore loser.


Don't re-elect either one of them.

The first thing McMahon had

The first thing McMahon had to do for the endorsement was reject the Republican party and side with big government liberals like Causey. Then like a good liberal he poo-pooed the idea of busting illegal aliens. So they can go on and vote Democrat.

Causey should apologize for his own actions as Sheriff.

The only thing Causey did right was retiring and Ed McMahon taking over as Sheriff. McMahon has done a good job as Sheriff and he has brought integrity back to the New Hanover County Sheriffs Dept. Causey bought a helicopter rather than work with the Wilmington PD. Sheriff McMahon saved the taxpayers a ton of money by selling the helicopter and joining forces with Chief Evangelous and WPD. Causey is arrogant. McMahon is willing to work with other area law enforcement. It has been a breathe of fresh air with Sheriff McMahon in office. I will be voting McMahon.