NC leaders pledge more pay for new teachers; veteran teachers left waiting

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Submitted: Mon, 02/10/2014 - 10:45pm
Updated: Tue, 02/11/2014 - 12:50am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For months north carolina teachers have been wearing Red for Ed. Today the governor and other top leaders promised more green for new teachers.

At a news conference this morning in Jamestown, Gov. Pat McCrory vowed to increase first-year pay for teachers and invest in education. McCrory and legislative leaders say they will commit about $200 million over the next two years to raise pay for starting teachers. The plan would bump the pay from about $31,000 to $35,000.

“When I entered the private sector, I learned that investments are needed for results to occur,” McCrory said. “Right now, in the past six years or so, North Carolina has not made the needed investments in its teachers.”

The goal is to keep good young teachers in the classroom, but one local educator says the raise does not fix the problem with veteran teacher pay.

“Every single person who is watching us right now has had a teacher impact their lives,” Murray Middle School teacher Chris Meek said. “To think that those teachers now are not living to the standard that perhaps our viewers are is immoral.”

Meek encourages both teachers and parents around the Tar Heel State to call their legislators and voice their concern with teacher pay.

The agreement has a strong chance of becoming law because of the Republican majority in Raleigh.


  • taxpayer says:

    “However; even though I am a public employee paid for by taxpayer monies, which is the reason they make it public, you will NEVER see a public school teacher’s salary information public. Neither is a college level teacher pay made public… My question is WHY? We both are paid with taxpayer funds. Why is my pay public and a teachers not?”

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s the all-powerful, all-knowing, we-work-in-your-best-interest…teacher’s union.

  • Wayne says:

    Hey Casey,

    Still waiting for you to show me where I can see your name and how much you make as a teacher!

    Look at this website and, as a State employee, my name is on here, but a teachers is not… WHY?

    Whenever you are ready to man up, or woman up, and tell the truth, let me know!

  • David Smith says:

    You do realize the teachers dont have a union. They have a lobbying group in the state but since we are a right to work state they are not a union. As far as published salaries. If you go to they have a dtatbase with all public employees salaries including teachers. All you have to do is request them.

  • Casey says:

    Um, sorry to burst your bubble but teacher pay is public knowledge. Google NC teacher pay scale 2013-14 (then compare that yo 2007-2008). It is all there on the DPI website. Also, county supplements are public as well. Google is your friend. County supplements are minimal, rarely amounting to more than a thousand dollars depending on county (larger more wealthy counties can pay a little more). But, please get your facts straight before posting lies.

  • Wayne says:

    As a State employee, my salary is public knowledge. Anyone for any reason can look online and see; when I was hired, what my titles is, how long I have worked for State, and see my pay, and see my raises, IF ANY. I have not had a raise in several years. However; even though I am a public employee paid for by taxpayer monies, which is the reason they make it public, you will NEVER see a public school teacher’s salary information public. Neither is a college level teacher pay made public… My question is WHY? We both are paid with taxpayer funds. Why is my pay public and a teachers not? How about some equality here? Let me see what a teacher makes and let us decide whether they are underpaid or not. What most people do not know is teachers not only get State funds but County pay as well, so do not believe teachers are underpaid; until you see how much they really make. Odds are you never will, which is why they can say they are underpaid, because their pay is private. This is a violation of my civil rights. But then a white male GOP member has no rights, do we?

  • Guest1971 says:

    Actually you can check the salaries of local public school teachers using the ‘What We Earn’ feature on the Star New’s website.

    Sad to see that my son’s Calculus teacher makes a whopping $31,670/year. An excellent teacher who goes above and beyond and that is all we can pay him.

  • taxpayer says:

    when the Democrats were in charge in North Carolina? chirp-chirp-chirp (crickets)

  • teacher says:

    Public school teachers’ pay rates are very accessible and easy to locate BECAUSE THEY ARE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Pleas go to a browser on the Internet and type in NC teacher pay schedule and there you have all the information. Do you work 50 plus hours? Most teachers do and much more, so yes we do deserve a raise! Also, most state jobs do not require a 4-year degree, but teaching does, so again, yes we need a raise! Since you can read this, you need to thank SEVERAL teachers….that need a raise!!!!!

  • Jared says:

    Teachers salaries are absolutely public knowledge. Google “nc teacher salaries 2013-2014″. It will show you a PDF file that will explain what every school employee makes in the state. From principal to teacher, it’s all there.

    Teachers are not your enemy. They are simply more vocal than other state employees. I’m an educator along with my wife. My dad is a state employee who hasn’t seen a raise in a terribly long time either. He is just as deserving as we are.

  • CoastalJade says:

    this is being done to bring in fresh new faces who will be happy to have a job and the motivation to teach our kids.
    With new faces and fresh education, we maybe can pull our State up where it ranks in education.
    Not knocking teachers by any stretch. But I am appalled at the constant demanding of raises or something when we have other state workers who are in dire need of raises and never can seem to get them because we are always focusing on teachers and their wants.

  • Jared says:

    How do you think McCroy got into office? We were sick of what Perdue was doing, and wanted a change. The problem is that Pat hasn’t helped himself at all. Don’t forget that when Easley left office teachers were being paid slightly above the national average. This has stopped being a repub/dem issue. This is a “who will treat me like I matter” issue.

    Your Truly,

    A Republican

  • Wayne says:

    What you see is a range for a generic teacher for a generic number of years. You will never see that teachers name or their bonus, perks and extra pay they get from Counties and local pay. Try again or prove me wrong. Show me where I can put in a teachers name and see what he or she TOTAL salary is. Please prove me wrong!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I claim to know what I know based on facts. And since I grew up in a real classroom, I think I know what one looks like. I also know that the education that my children have received in the public school system doesn’t hold a candle to the education my husband and I received. Teachers aren’t the only people on the planet who can discern when a student needs extra attention.

    One of the major problems of our society today is the education system. It’s not just the teachers, it’s the system itself. Until they start focusing on education the children instead of teaching to the test, then nothing will change for the better. I am not the problem. The problem comes with people who bury their heads in the sand and ignoring the issues. The problem comes with people wanting to throw more money at the problem instead of being better stewards of the money they already have. And more money is not going to fix the problem. It just continues to be a waste as long as they stay on the current course. Until the powers that be wake up and address the real problem of education, our kids will continue receiving a poor education. What they are doing, clearly isn’t working.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I never said anything about the curriculum remaining the same as it was when I was growing up. The point I was making that since the system is geared toward teaching to the test, then no new books would be needed if the tests do not change. However, the English books I used would still be relevant. The math books I used would still be relevant. The reading books I used in elementary school would still be relevant. The education system does not focus on academics like it should.

    Actually, there are people who work harder than teachers do, who make less money than teachers do, and stay at their jobs for more than a year. Teachers aren’t the only ones who put in long hours on any given day. The difference is that most of the others who work long hours do so year round. A lot of them get paid less than teachers, but they certainly don’t get the amount of time off that teachers do. If they don’t like their pay, they are free to take steps to get a better paying jobs. Teachers have that same freedom.

    You are right about it being easy to get an education major and anyone can do it.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The average teacher’s salary in North Carolina is above the average of all workers in the state and teachers get more time off. If you don’t like the salary then seek other employment. Given the condition that the state is in and the other state employees that are suffering, the teachers are being rather selfish. And yes, you have a job. You have a salary. You have more than a lot of people out there and you should be grateful for what you have. I know a lot of people who would gladly take your pay for the job you do. And they sure as heck would like to have all the days off.

    My husband and I have both worked in industries where they would hire new people in making as much, if not more, than we did although we had been with the company for years. They raised the minimum wage and the new hires would make almost as we made. We didn’t like it, so we sought employment elsewhere. That is the way the world works.

    My husband and I grew up in schools where there were no teacher’s assistants. Guess what? Our education was a heck of a lot better than what my kids are getting. If they don’t change the standardized tests every year, then there is no need for new textbooks. Everyone knows that it isn’t the academics that matter, it is the score on the tests. I know that isn’t the fault of the teachers, it’s the stupid system. My teachers had an annual convention. The school put on a carnival to raise funds for the teachers to attend that convention. All this professional development wasn’t needed because they knew their jobs. They knew what they were doing. And they were excellent at what they did. As for the governor doing away with tenure–that was the absolute right thing to do. No teacher’s job should be secure at the expense of the students. Tenure only serves to protect the bad teachers.

  • A teacher says:

    This will be the last time I say this so try to comprehend what I’m saying. I don’t care about being on some list, I never knew the list existed before you shared that link. My salary is not some big secret. You have a problem with being on that list, fine I understand that. Find me proof that the NCAE or any other teacher’s association fought for teachers to not be on that list. Until you do spare us the conspiracy theories that teachers are hiding our salaries from the public.

    As for my salary, I am on the books for 40 hours a week. In reality I work on average 50+ hours a week developing lessons, grading papers, etc.. This is not a job that you just clock in and out and you’re done for the day. My pay does not include after school activities, PTA meetings, Science Night, Fall Festival, tutoring, etc.. And somewhere you added a month to the summer as we are off 8 weeks.

    As far as teacher pay and student achievement you can argue both sides. There is no definitive proof of either argument being correct. The simple fact is the #1 influence in student performance is the teacher. My argument is that you will not attract the best teachers by paying them the least amount of money. More money will equal more competition, which will leave those bad teachers without jobs. As I said before in another post Wayne I’m not for throwing more money at education, but redirecting the money we are already spending to teacher’s salaries. Use your link and take a look at the average salaries given to DPI employees. These “consultants” and “directors” who never spend a day in the classroom are being paid on average close to 100 grand a year. You are absolutely correct that education is a bureaucracy and you will never find a teacher who likes or supports that aspect of their job. Try to realize that we are on the same team here Wayne. Teachers are just the front line taking all the hits for an education system that is too top heavy and is being run by people who know nothing of what goes on in the classroom.

    The good news Wayne is that if you are as involved in your child’s education as I think you are she will be able to overcome any of the shortcomings you experience in public education. Another statistic which isn’t easily attained is how many of our kids have parents who are involved, reading and conversing with their kids on a daily basis. Always remember you are the #1 influence in their lives and how much you value education will define how much they value it.

  • Angry Bob says:

    I am curious about your intelligence level. You seem to generalize about all educators in a negative fashion and assume they have subpar degrees. I am insulted by your general rudeness and lack of respect. Have you ever been in the classroom other than to complain? Perhaps you should have studied with more diligence so you could have been financially able to send your children to a private school. Yet you must continue to be educated by the so called teacher dummies. I feel sorry for you Guest.

  • Wayne says:

    A teacher, not wanting split hairs here, but the fact still remains that as you yourself said
    “school’s report card there is a percentage of the faculty’s years of experience thus their pay”.
    That tells me nothing! No one can look up your name and your pay! See my point? Take your tin foil hat off and admit you like being “special”.
    This will be my last post on this, to you, as teachers, as a whole, feel that more pay equals better students. I cannot move a brick wall like yourself. All of this could be over in just one day, make your pay public so we can comment on it, or give the rest of government employee’s equal raises and take our name off a public website for all to see! Simple, isn’t it? If that is the case then why did you take a job teaching here instead of New York, or better yet Detroit, where teachers make 70, 80, 90+k a year?
    And as you yourself said you make 30+k in only the school year! Then you get 3 months off to play during the summer, or wait tables as you say.
    Common Core will be a death knell to the education system for our students. Not all students will be able to make the grade, but will be passed up in the interest of diversity and “no child left behind” In other words pass ‘em on up!
    Yes, we would move my daughter, but the “public schools” are a government bureaucracy and if I could move her, we would, but “enrollment” quotas have to be met.
    I do not make enough money to put her in private school now, but she will be in a private school come middle school, as we will do whatever it takes to keep her from that disaster.
    Take care “A teacher” and I hope you get your raise, but you still will not have earned the respect and appreciation of people hiding behind a wall. More” Money” for you will never make students smarter, and you know that! As Mr. Spock says; Live Long and Prosper!

  • BA in Education=Easy says:

    I had an acquaintance in college who majored in education because it was an easy way to get a 4.0 so he could get into a tier one law school. As nutty as I thought his plan was, it absolutely worked. So your high horse isn’t that high.

    Many state and local government workers have four year degrees and even graduate degrees. Teachers aren’t the only government workers who are educated. And that’s what you are by the way: a government worker. You’re not a “profession,” you’re a government worker – a state worker with a county supplement. Don’t try to church it up.

    The people who inspect restaurants for the health department to make sure your food is safe have college educations. Social workers have four year degrees and many have MSW degrees. Librarians have Master’s degrees. Parole officers and SBI Agents have four year degrees in Criminal Justice. I know people who work in IT for city, county and state agencies who have Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and IT – much harder degrees to earn than a B.A. in Education. I also know people with engineering degrees and P.E. certifications who work in local and state government and I’ll promise you, a B.S. degree in Engineering is MUCH harder to earn than an education degree and they aren’t getting raises. Get over yourself.

  • A teacher says:

    Teaching not a profession? Here’s a free lesson via Wikipedia:

    “In many countries, a person who wishes to become a teacher must first obtain specified professional qualifications or credentials from a university or college. These professional qualifications may include the study of pedagogy, the science of teaching. Teachers, like other professionals, may have to continue their education after they qualify, a process known as continuing professional development.”

    No one is disputing that other state employees have degrees, but as Wayne up there tried to argue that since the asphalt pushers on the highway aren’t getting raises, teachers shouldn’t either. This view you and others on here have that educators should get over themselves is a big part of what is screwed up in this state. You can not attract businesses and decent people to live somewhere that doesn’t value education.

    Just take a look at the high school Pat McCrory went to. His alma mater is practically falling to shambles, severely overcrowded, and has a majority of failing test scores. Other parts of the country that are more prosperous put a value on education and it shows in their tax base.

    Until NC gets over this attitude that teachers are these smug, know-it-all, high horse sitting, low IQ having yuppies and understand that education is an investment in everyone’s best interest nothing will change. Those other govt workers can’t get raises until the tax base goes up, tax base can’t go up without better jobs, better jobs can’t exist without the well educated people to work them, and well educated people generally don’t come from states ranked 47th in teacher pay! Connect the dots people!

  • A teacher says:

    Again let me say that the classroom you were taught in is obsolete. Things have changed, our demographics have changed, our society has changed. Education is constantly changing and evolving, and I agree the system has been the #1 cause of headaches for educators. The curriculum we teach now and skills we are trying to instill are not easily assessed through standardized tests. My problem isn’t with the amount of money spent on education but where it is spent. Wayne provided a great link with state employee salaries, take a look at some of the DPI salaries in Raleigh and you can see it’s very top heavy. There are too many “consultants” and program directors making close to 100k while the good teachers we have in this state are going elsewhere to make more.

    The key to having a good education is to have the best teachers. The best teachers will go where the money is, where they are valued. If you raise teacher salaries more teachers will want to work here. The more teachers that want to work here will increase competition for the teaching positions. More competition = the best teachers being hired. These teachers that everyone complains about not belonging in a classroom will be let go when a better teacher is competing for that job. I hope this lets you see why teachers want more pay. It’s not just about us. It will greatly improve the quality of education YOUR child will receive and in the end it will improve the quality of life for all here in NC (other state employees included!)


  • Angry Bob says:

    Frankly Guest you epitomize everything wrong with our society today. You claim to know about educators based on data, yet you have no idea about what a real classroom looks like. Perhaps these dumb educators, as you have so harshly named, have an innate ability for recognizing greatness. They also can discern between a person that needs extra attention and one who doesn’t. Gardner recognized eight measures of intelligence yet he failed to theorize the ninth level of ignorance of which you so aptly encapsulate.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Education majors have lower IQs than almost all other college majors. A lot of kids get into college and can’t handle their studies for their chosen majors so they switch to education because it is an easier major to obtain.

    My husband was one of those people to “shuffle papers behind a desk in a courthouse”. He has a Juris Doctorate. He went for years without a raise and was left unemployed by the state budget cuts. Instead of whining about what teachers don’t have, they should be grateful for what they have.

  • Wayne says:

    Just do the right thing and tell us your name and your total annual salary, to include your base, county and any bonus you received. Oh and explain this… If we have a person who spreads asphalt or shuffles papers behind a desk in a courthouse and they decide to get a Masters or PHD. Should they get a raise? They are still spreading asphalt and shuffling papers. Why should a 3rd grade math teacher who gets a Masters or a PHD get a raise after that when they are still teaching 3rd grade math. They are doing no more work, no more responsibility no more nothing. Why should you get a raise?
    Oh and you never answered my question. Why is teachers’ pay not listed by name like other taxpayer funded jobs are? Perhaps because you really don’t want to see how much money you really make? Remember I pay your salary and I should see what you make.

  • A teacher says:

    You know I’ve read this same thing from you several times before on other articles and if it makes you feel better about whatever jobs you or your husband do or did then more power to you.

    I’m sorry your husband was laid off but that has no connection with teacher pay. So because he was expendable that means I should be grateful for having the 3rd worst salary among my peers in the United States?

    This was part of Pat’s plan from the get go. His budget from last year completely gutted education. He cut teaching assistants, funding for textbooks, funding for professional development, took away career status, and did away with tenure. Now he throws a few crumbs by increasing the base salary for the smallest # of teachers and ignores the rest that have been suffering like your husband was. You of all should be able to relate to why this is like a slap in the face to teachers. Imagine your husband making the same salary for years and now the new guy who just started (who will eventually replace him and make him expendable) is already making what took him 10 years to earn. That is what this “pay raise” does.

    And FYI I’m not a 10 year veteran teacher. I would qualify for this pay increase but it doesn’t blind me to the fact this is unfair to those who have been teaching much longer than I have.

  • A teacher says:

    You are trying to compare education from your generation to this generation. Two completely different times. You can’t teach the same curriculum from 30 years ago, it’s a completely different world out there. The jobs your generation depended on being there when they graduated are not there anymore. This curriculum teaches the same core but with an entirely new set of 21st century life and career skills that your teachers weren’t responsible for.

    Those people that would gladly take my pay for the job would likely not make it a whole year in a classroom. You still don’t understand there is way more to being a teacher than getting days off in the summer. Until you walk a mile spare me what you think we should earn. There is nothing stopping those people from getting degrees and becoming teachers. Since you know it’s soooo easy to get a degree and teaching is for low iq people. Anyone can do it.

  • A teacher says:

    Wayne I have no obsession about concealing that information. I make exactly what is listed on the DPI payscale and my county supplement was announced at the beginning of the year via a press release. Take the foil hat off there is no conspiracy by teachers to conceal our identity and pay…It’s all public knowledge even if it’s not on that website. Every school you work at has your name under faculty and staff and on that school’s report card there is a percentage of the faculty’s years of experience thus their pay. Administrators are required to keep within certain guidelines so that the school has a diverse faculty with new, experienced, and advanced degree teachers.

    And why did I take the job? Because I actually love what I do, feel like I make a difference every day, and know that I’m doing good in this world. That’s why. But bills are bills, student loans are student loans. Teachers who pay their way through college like I did will not be able to support themselves on a teacher’s salary. Everyone should have a problem with that. If there are other state employees that go to school for 4 years and whose salary when they get a job does not allow them to get out of debt I have a problem with. Do you get the idea here? I could care less about people seeing what I make, the more transparency the better. You want my name on that list I have no problem with that. My salary is already listed publicly by DPI and again all supplements and bonus money is also part of the public record.

    I make roughly 30 grand a year, before taxes, retirement, medicare, etc.. so take roughly a 1/3 of that out and that’s what I take home. I work waiting tables on the weekends and during the summer to provide more than just the very basics for my family.

    Finally if your child’s teacher is a joke it is your right as a parent to enroll her at a different school, or if transportation is impossible to move her to another teacher. Take a more active role in her education instead of complaining and pointing fingers at the teacher. I don’t know that teacher but I can assure you with the new teaching standards we are being held to he/she will not stay employed for long if she truly is a joke as you claim.

  • A teacher says:

    Let me ask you a question, this school system you and your husband grew up in, was it in North Carolina?

    Did you have children with drug addicts for parents in your class? How many were Hispanic and spoke little to no English? How many had parents in jail and were removed by DSS? How many were ADD or ADHD? How many were sat in front of a TV the first 6 years of their lives? I could go on…

    And as for the tests not changing… maybe you haven’t been paying attention the past few years. With NCLB the push for standardized tests was to control how much $ schools got from federal funding, which promoted teaching to the test. That obviously was counter productive so the next brilliant idea was to allow states to opt out but to require those states to put in a teacher evaluation system that includes test scores on guess what…MORE standardized tests called MSL’s and common exams. Pat’s plan is to reward the top 25% of teachers with a raise and 4 year contract. Guess what those teachers are going to do? TEACH TO THE TEST! Do you see the problem here Guest?

    Why would you want good teachers to not teach your children? I don’t understand your logic there. Bad teachers settle for low pay because they can’t get hired elsewhere. Good teachers can and will if the state doesn’t pay them competitive wages. If those hard working people you speak of want more days off they are welcome to spend the money on a teaching degree. Then they can spend those wonderful summers off working a 2nd or 3rd job to pay off their student loans because they can’t afford to on their teaching salary.

  • Guest2020 says:

    My intelligence level is certainly higher than that of the average educator. I have posted my sources before that show that education majors do have lower IQs than almost all other majors. My financial status has nothing to do with my studies and frankly it is none of your business. My presence or non-presence in a classroom does not change the statistics. I have stated before that there are a handful of teachers out there who are excellent. Unfortunately, they are the exception rather than the rule.

  • A teacher says:

    Wayne what is your obsession with being able to see how much we make? It’s all public knowledge just google it! My name is on the school’s website, my base pay is on the DPI website, and any supplement from my county is announced in August through a press release.

    And as to why a teacher with an advanced degree should make more money is simple. It’s why anyone gets a Master’s or Doctorate degree…to make more money! It’s really that simple. It’s why anyone goes to college.

    There is a big debate in education on how to reward good teachers, and rewarding teachers with advanced degrees was one of the ways to do that. Pat’s proposal for rewarding the top 25% is poorly thought out and goes completely against what a professional learning community should be.

  • Guest2020 says:

    It is so nice to know that reading, writing, math, science, history and grammar are so obsolete.

  • Wayne says:

    May I ask you a question, “A teacher” ,
    What is your obsession with not wanting your name and your full salary made public by NAME, like other State Employees? It is about equality for all State Employees. Anyone can go to this website:

    On this site it says: “
    The State Personnel Salary database lists all state government employees and their salary, department, position and age. It does not include Public School employees, General Assembly employees, University System employees or UNC Hospitals employees. It does not include employees’ bonus, overtime, annual leave, longevity or summer pay.
    It is current as of February 4, 2014 and is updated monthly.”

    Only teachers whose pay is not listed BY THEIR NAME complains about not being paid enough! WHY?
    Why are you afraid to have your name and pay listed? You ask why I want to see what you make? Because if you can see what I make then everyone should be able to see your salary, so we can decide if you are underpaid. As a footnote, my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher is a joke. She has no business being a teacher. I will add that no-one is holding a gun to your head to make you become or stay a teacher. You knew the pay scale when you applied for the job. Yet, you took the job. Why?
    Lastly, you teachers have a quasi-union to represent you IE; “NCAE” and your total pay is not available for anyone to see, so of course you can say you are not paid what you WANT to be paid. Tell everyone your name and show us your W2 and let us decide if you are underpaid.
    I will close with this: You will receive more respect and appreciation from everyone if you tell the truth, and stop hiding behind a wall of “ we don’t get paid enough” Just tell the truth!

  • Hope says:

    The fact is that when you pay teachers some of the worst wages, you are going to get the worst educational system. The better people are going to go to make more money in other states. At the wages NC pays, you are not going not going to get teaches with Duke or Wake degree. You are going to get teachers with let’s just say “lesser educations”

  • 1234543 says:

    then by your own admission what we have teaching now is the bottom of the barrel huh???? the better teachers have already moved out of state, all the more reason to offer new hires more pay to get those better teachers back into our system, thanks for clearing that up for us “Hope”

  • Vog46 says:

    Your schtick is old. We have repeatedly shown you where it goes and how it’s divvied up.


  • Jared says:

    NC lotto money still goes to education. The issue is that the money that originally went to education is now being used to fund other areas and is simply being replaced by the education lottery. So there is no increase that has come about by the education lottery. Great idea, horrible implementation.

  • nc tax payer says:

    why doesnt anyone ask where 3 billion dollars that educational lottery has brought in, i never see any one asking. who pockets is all that money going in. everytime the ed. lottery commercial come on tv. they always talking about all the money the ed, lottery has brought in, please tell us where all that money going,

  • Guest2020 says:

    What about other state employees who haven’t received raises? Do they get left out simply because they aren’t teachers?

  • trash says:

    Let the teachers take care of the roads during these storms. We are out all hours clearing roads and get NO appreciation from the public.

  • Guest123 says:

    You call them cry baby teachers? Wow. Guess you don’t realize they are teaching our next generation. They should be making a whole lot more money then they are now. They have a hard and important job! I know I couldn’t do it. Have a class of over 20 children with no teacher’s aides anymore and be responsible for getting them to learn from point A to Z.
    More funds should go into our youth and meeting the needs of the educators . Why should they purchase supplies to teach our children with their small pay checks? Then you want to complain about the youth of today. Invest in them! It begins at home and then the 6 hours they spend in school each day.

  • Cry Baby Teacher says:

    Let me see you come teach a class of 28 children and accomplish everything our state wants you to while working 60 or 70 hours a week, then you can talk about cry baby teachers. We are teachers, counselors, dietitians, nurses, and parents to those who have none. We give half our lunch, all our hearts, and sometimes even our lives to YOUR children. We don’t want to be rich, we just want to make enough to pay off our student loans and support our own families.

  • A teacher says:

    I’m sorry but how much money did you spend on a college education to spread asphalt and shuffle papers behind a desk in a courthouse? Teaching is a profession, not a job. They should be paid and treated accordingly.

  • Jared says:

    I agree with you about state employees needing a raise. But to call teachers cry babies is a punk move. My wife and I are both educators. You are telling us that we shouldn’t voice our opinion when we have to decide whether or not we can afford milk that week? Do not speak of what you do not understand. This raise will make it so that a new teacher will make more than my wife who has seven years experience and a masters degree, and puts in 50 hours a week while being 7 1/2 months pregnant.

  • Old Guy says:

    To all the residents of North Carolina,
    Now that our precious cry baby teachers are appeased the rest of the state employees that haven’t had a raise in seven years can have their turn. They have had to wait all these years because our precious teachers had to have their say. All of the state employees that take care of the court system the roads and the state laws need their money too. Most of them do their job even though they are behind in their pay 7 to 8 thousand dollars a year maybe more. So when all of you complain about your jobs and your pay think about the State Employees that are still waiting.

  • Guest2020 says:

    That’s not even counting the number of state employees who have lost their jobs over the past few years due to state budget cuts. I am sick of the teachers whining when so many are in worse situations.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Unless you have some type of employment contract stop complaining. If you do not like your pay do something about it. Work a part time job, start your own tutoring company, switch state jobs for a higher pay grade or leave state employment. If you put in half the effort into something positive instead of whining you be surprised what opportunities are out there. This is the problem with society today. Everything is owed to you. Take your teaching experience and use it elsewhere if you have to.I worked for the state for almost 18 years and used all the knowledge I gained to start my own business. Free at last Free at last. I can only imagine the reaction I will get now.

  • NC Tax Payer says:

    I completely agree!

  • bigaltheterp says:

    While Everyone Squabbles Over Money, Don’t forget that the Macks of Morgan Stanley, who have the largest house in New Hanover County are the ones who stole millions from Uncle Sam, you and me. Inform yourself,

  • Jared says:

    By your own assumption you believe that only 25% of our teachers are worthy of their jobs? So then let’s fire the rest, right? That way we can go from a 26:1 student teacher ratio to a 131:1 ratio. Makes perfect sense right? Oh it doesn’t. Ok, so how do we hire more teachers? Hmm, I guess the only thing we can do is give them more money… So we can get the people we want in. But that means we have to give teachers a raise…Wait…

  • Bearclaw says:

    I hope that experienced teachers get a decent raise as well. Let’s not forget state employees who have gone without raises for years too!

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …get raises and bonuses and they get them for screwing up! It isn’t “just” teachers and state employees lacking raises these days. A lot of people are taking cuts in pay and struggling just to keep the jobs they have!

  • skewlteacher says:

    Notice the word “new”- that means that if they raise the new teacher salary to $35,000 then a new teacher will be making $600 less than me and I’ve been teaching 10 years. What a slap in the face! What about teachers like me and others who are past the new teacher status and have had no pay increase? The state is going to have a major teacher shortage in the very near future, including me as what I chose as a career is turning out to be a nightmare!

  • 1234543 says:

    don’t forget, you veteran teachers are getting a raise, that is if you are truly producing and make the top 25%, if not, you are in the wrong profession, this time we need to be putting the students first, and if pay is keeping you from doing the job “you” applied for, you need to be gone!

  • fed up teacher says:

    The way this plan reads is the base salary increases for all teachers but teachers above those base salary stay the same. So all teachers with 1-7 years experience will make the same amount of money. Any teachers with more than 7 years experience continues without a raise. All this plan does is try to attract new young/inexperienced teachers and continue to drive away the current teachers in NC. Thanks for nothing Pat

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