Ice causing big problems on area roadways

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Submitted: Wed, 02/12/2014 - 4:24am
Updated: Wed, 02/12/2014 - 6:20am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The snowy and icy conditions are causing a lot of crashes all around the region. Some usually busy roads have been shut down or seen traffic grind to a halt.

Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway in Wilmington was closed between McCrae St. and the Burgaw exit for several hours after a 10-car accident earlier this evening. Dispatchers say the DOT is trying to salt the road to get it back open. It finally reopened around 11 p.m. Around 10:30 p.m. dispatchers confirmed traffic is being redirected away from the Isabel Holmes bridge because of the MLK issues.

On the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, other crashes caused traffic to come to a standstill this evening. Some drivers were stuck in their cars for several hours. Crews cleared the scenes earlier this evening. While the Cape Fear Memorial and Isabel Holmes Bridge are open, they are still very slick, and accidents continue as vehicles lose control.

In Brunswick County, ice has wreaked havoc with bridges and overpasses. Sunset Beach’s police chief says the bridge to that town is closed until further notice.

Brunswick County Dispatch says the bridges over the Brunswick River and Alligator Creek on US 17/74/76 near Leland and the Mt. Misery Rd. overpass over US 74/76 near Leland are iced over. At 9:30 dispatch said salt trucks are on the way to try to make those roads drivable.

Earlier in the evening the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said the bridges to Holden Beach and Ocean Isle Beach were closed. They later reopened, but the sheriff’s office warned drivers to only go about 15-20 mph.

At one point early this evening, a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said there were five crashes from the start of I-40 at N. College Rd. to the interchange with I-140. He said while deputies usually do not respond to traffic accidents, there were so many that they were helping Wilmington Police and Highway Patrol cover the crashes.

According to the Pender County Sheriff’s Officer, US 421 is open after a tree had fallen, blocking lanes near Blueberry road. Crews removed the tree before midnight and the area is open for your morning commute.


  • Scott says:

    I happened to be 3 cars behind the 4 car pile up on the memorial bridge tonight at around 5:45 PM. I have to say the response crews for those injured were fantastic, as the ambulance arrived within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it then took until 7:30 to get tow trucks there to clear the vehicles from the roadway. Seriously? 1 hour and 45 minutes to open the only roadway between Brunswick County and Wilmington, since 421 was already blocked because of another accident. It was shameful.

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    It would be a good investment for the county and or city to buy a few tow trucks for their own use, as well as in emergency situations. Of course, I suppose the owners of wrecker services would cry foul and be heard squealing over the school teachers.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I guess it is impossible to believe that the tow trucks could have been assisting others in other parts of the area. It’s not like icy conditions keep them busy or anything.

  • Scott says:

    Yes, I thought about that while i was waiting for 1 hour and 45 minutes. But then, when they finally arrived, they had all 4 cars hooked up and removed within 15 minutes. So, how many other accidents were they helping with before going to the bridge last night? How many others were more important for the tow trucks to address at that hour than the bridge that backed up thousands of cars for miles and miles into Brunswick County.
    Please understand, this not a comment on the tow truck drivers, who did a great job clearing a mess in tight quarters. I just do not understand why a greater priority was not put on getting them there faster.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I was being sarcastic because of the complaint about how long it took the tow trucks to get to the accident on the bridge.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Why is one accident more important than another? The tow truck drivers do their business on a first come first serve basis. Apparently, they had a number of calls before the accident on the bridge.

  • 4253 says:

    It certainly seems plausible to me that tow trucks might have been assisting others at that time.

    Also, when there are icy conditions, I personally would guess that those tow trucks would even be busier than usual.

    Why would you think otherwise? It sure looks like you got all of this totally backwards!

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