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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County parents cannot catch a break as schools let out early today and canceled classes for tomorrow.

It was cold and rainy when administrators made the decision to send students home at lunchtime. Now the district will have to figure out how to make up another lost day tomorrow.

The early closures in Brunswick County forced many parents out of work and into the carpool line.

“We’re real concerned about it with seeing all the ice on the trees and stuff,” parent Carolyn Blue said. “We wanted to get here and get the children off the road and get home safe.”

Kids are not the only ones affected. Parents once again scrambled to get their children out of school before road conditions worsened.

“It’s been affecting us a great deal,” Jennifer Smith said. “It seems like they are home more than in school now, but I guess there is nothing we can do about it, because of the weather. I would rather be safe than sorry.”

Unlike moms and dads, many students say they are thrilled to have extra days off.

“I like it because I like being out of school,” student Veronda Blue said. “I like hanging out with my friends and not having to learn all the time.”

But others say they are not looking forward to making up those days.

“I think it sucks, because we get to make it up later on that we don’t need to,” student Shianne Koehnle said.

And while many adults were not pleased with the closings, one woman was overjoyed because it means she gets to spend quality time with her grandkids.

“It love it!” grandparent Michelle Lee. “Free day, no homework, no school tomorrow, the kids can sleep in.”

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  • Get A Grip

    Seriously? Enjoy life and get a grip. So sad you obviously have no loved ones to spend time with…just sad. The name Bob really suits you Bob. I take it Jane left you.

  • Guest2020

    They will have to make up the days, so they really aren’t falling short on time. So, ease up on grandma.

  • SayWha?

    What an interesting way of making your point Bob. :-)

  • Jenny

    I don’t think “Grandma” was down playing the importance of education, I think she was simply making the best of a situation that is beyond anyones control. She wants to spend time with her grandchildren, well shame on her (insert sarcasm) I personally feel bad for the parents who complain about their children being home, because they “get on their nerves” Take a deep breath and try not to take everything so seriously. The children will be making on the school they missed, so what’s the big deal? Personally I think children act the way they do these days because there isn’t enough family involvement.

  • Angry Bob

    This is a typical student comment and you can’t be angry with that;however, for Grandma not to prioritize education is a tragedy! What are we teaching our children? For adults to display such a hedonistic attitude only serves to manifest the decline of America. The golden age of our country has past and the future is filled with uncertainty. Take heed fellow citizens for the youth of today only emulates our attitudes. As Mark Twain said, “It is better to remain silent and appear to be a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt! “

  • Billp

    They better get the best education they can. They will need it.

  • Angry Bob

    Thanks for pointing out my grammatical error. It must be wonderful to be mistake free. However, my point is that adults don’t need to celebrate days off of school. It is asinine. Have a good evening.


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