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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — A Southport police officer charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of a Boiling Spring Lakes teen will not be getting a paycheck as he waits for his case to be heard.

Det. Bryon Vassey was placed on non-disciplinary suspension without pay, City Manager Kerry McDuffie said. That went into effect Tuesday.

Vassey had been on paid leave since Jan. 5, when he shot and killed Vidal 70 seconds after arriving at the teen’s home.

Vassey’s attorney has said the detective had no choice but to shoot Vassey, who he says was trying to stab another officer with a pick as the officer and a sheriff’s deputy tried to subdue the schizophrenic teen.

Earlier this month a grand jury indicted Vassey, who is out of jail on bond. He is due back in court in April.

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  • Mike Johnson

    He wasn’t CIT certified and was not equipped for the call. Off duty detectives with a hangover should not be disrupting stable situations just because they want to get in on the action.

  • Ron

    First of all I have been on top of this for the whole time. No where has it mentioned this was a drug house. Get your facts start. Second, you call this a Good cop doiing his job. Never mind the fact that he was told not to enter the house, they had it under control. Never mind the fact that as soon as he KILLED this teenage, he radios in that he was defending himself. three days later , ( after talking to his atty) he was protacting a fellow cop cause the teen was trying to stab his vest. Now the atty wants you to beleive the teen was stab the fellow cop in the head with a pic (not screwdriver). Never miond that one of the cops had to go to the doctor for hearing loss from a gun being shot close to her head.
    You seem like the type of person that think Hitler was just a guy that was misunderstood.


    Well Ron you are not doing a good job hope you aren’t getting paid. Where does it say Bryon had a hangover? Second he did his job and did it well. People like you are so quick to judge his actions you wasn’t there nobody can say anything until you have walked a mile in his shoes. It’s sad when they have wasted the tax payers money for 30 plus calls to this house in the last year. So with that being said his parents was not doing their job either if so they would be able to handle a 90lb kid no parent should never have to call the police when they raise their kids well. As far as drugs go something was going on. The stepdad or dad should not had any problem putting a kid in his place as big as he is.

  • Ryanpm40

    “When they raise their kids well”. Are you freaking serious? Do you realize that skizophrenia is a serous mental disease? He was unstable, and it wasn’t his fault or anybody else”s. He had a disease.

  • Guest000000

    He is free to seek employment elsewhere until his case is resolved. I see that Surf City Wal-Mart is hiring.

  • Just a Question

    Just a question folks.

    A normal citizen is charged with robbing a bank cannot be fired because he is considered “innocent until proven guilty”, correct? If a business did fire him, we would all be outraged.

    So, why is it that an LEO is suspended without pay, taking away the chance to provide for his family AND HIS DEFENSE and no one is outraged. Folks there has been no trial and no conviction, only speculation by the media. How about we act like “innocent until proven guilty” and stop trying to be judge and jury.

    We the public nor the media knows all the facts. Consider if this where your brother, son, husband, father or friend? Would you not want them to have fair trial and be treated as any one on American soil is treated “innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers”

  • Scandallist

    Bryon Vassey is being charged with a crime committed while on duty. If you worked for a bank and were indicted on ebezzling, you would not get put on a paid suspension and would certainly not be allowed to continue working at the bank until the trial was over.

  • Dale preisach

    If a law enforcement officer is put on suspension without pay, after cold bloodedly killing a teenager, would you want him to be able to stay on the job and “protect and serve” your children???

  • steven gibson

    Every one is guilty insted of inacent first. They want to pin some thing on any one any time they can. Never do they consider the lives of any one else.The kids that are destroyed by their policeys. Unless mabe if its their own kin. So why should he be treated any diffrent then any one else. I say Guilty as charged. To shoot a 100 pound child. Just makes me sick. I deal with grown drunk people every night. for over 8 years. Ive never seen a time once that I would need to shoot any one. And belive you me ive thrown a few people off the bus. lol I seen this kids photo. I could have disarmed him with out a tazer much less shoot the poor child. You could have used a slap stick. couple of good wackes and he would have dropped that screwdriver. Usen a gun at a knife fight. Thats just to much. And they are to fast to deploy a tazer as well. What ever happend to old fashon a** wippings or football tackles?

  • devoted2truth

    Just a Question,

    Obviously you did not take the time to listen to the District Attorney’s press conference on why Detective Vassey was indicted. If you had, you would not be asking the question you did.

    Mr. Vassey will have his day in court. He is “innocent” until proven guilty. There were enough factual details in the Grand Jury, including a rare but not unheard of situation where the defendant testified on his own behalf, to warrant the manslaughter charges.

    So while we do not know all the facts, there was obviously enough for the charges to be filed.

  • christopher P

    Lol. No amount of flawed reasoning can justify shooting a mentally Ill child. There are tasers in existence. Small town officers should be trained to use them. This man should be charged and sentenced to the full extent of the law. And by all means if you feel he is being unfairly treated. Send him donations. I am sure you will be the only one doing it.

  • Ant

    he should hve been locked up, in all truth the other two cops should have turned and shot the officer dead… legally they knew they were in the wrong, we do LET ME REPEAT MYSELF.. WE DO NOT NEED PEOPLE LIKE BRYON VASSEY WALKING FREELY NOR EVEN MORE STILL EMPLOYED N EMPOWERED …. WHERE is this lil boys justice, as you said we were not there,where you? what did you do?or are you Bryon if so know, tick tock…

  • You have to be a police officer and probably a bad one. Innocent til proven quilt. He was proved quilty when 6 people witnessed him being subdued and then shot all bc a cop didn’t have time for that? You’re a disgrace. A cop in jail is never good. I hope he gets what is coming to him. Words cannot describe the anger I feel and sadness. My kids have to grow up in a world where the protectors can also be the predators. Damn shame

  • athina

    WHY would you believe the lies of the parent who had drugs in the house, literately busted two days prier? This house was a bad call right from the start. Vassey was doing his job !!!! If the other officers had it under control he would NOT ,I repeat WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DISBATCHED TO THE CALL!!!!
    Do you honestly think this was his first rodeo? Vassey has been in law enforcement for over a decade, protecting and manning the watch in one of the busiest towns in NC. He was put into a life and death situation, I’m sure if it was you, you would be thanking him for putting his life, career and now freedom on the line !!!!!! All law enforcement should be held to the highest praise, you couldn’t pay me enough to do their job!!!! But guess what someone has to….

  • Bubba

    I am so glad that someone was able to either talk the Chief into suspending Vassey without pay or ‘tell’ him to suspend Vassey without pay.
    In my opinion, Vassey should have been suspended after the Grand Jury hearing.
    It was obvious that there was substantial and sufficient evidence to bring an indictment against the officer; even after Vassey himself testified in front of the Grand Jury. That speaks volumes.
    I still believe Vassey should be given a fair trial and he is due his day in court. However, the evidence points to a situation that he was out of line by his actions and words (“I am here to kick a$$ and take names”, and “I don’t have time for this”).

  • Dominic

    Life or death scenario, I highly doubt it. From what I read, the boys brother called emergency services for medical help, then not long after Officer Richard head here comes on the scene *after* two others were already attempting to diffuse the situation, they tackle the boy and instead of trying to disarm a schizophrenic young man, shoot him. Close range to the chest. Where in the hell did that sound like A good idea??? Fry this dirty worthless sack of $#!+ and I can only hope the family gets some form of restitution, because it certainly won’t bring their son back!!!

  • haggler

    I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing again and again what Vassey’s paid attorney says. I’m MUCH more interested in what the grand jury says: INDICTED!

  • whit

    So far, I have respect for this department and the other officers involved, for not covering this up as is usually done. I realize this all may be a show for the public, and they have not intention of justice being served, but so far, so good. They need to hang this disgusting turd high and hard. I hope his life is nothing but suffering and pain from now on, and if he has kids, I hope he is eaten up with worry about what will happen to them. Hopefully, no one will dispense with them as readily as he did with this kid.

  • Benjamin O

    Let this indictment be a warning to all of you short-fused, trigger happy cops. We the citizens are not going to allow you to keep abusing us. Detective Vassey is going to be found guilty and sent to prison where he belongs. May god have mercy on your evil soul Bryon Vassey.


  • Beach Comber

    You do have the right to NOT call 911 when you have a problem….

    Just saying.

  • He deserves to feel the same torment the family of Keith is feeling. These out of control abusers of the badge and those desecrating Civil rights will be exposed. Together we are involved and will help stop excessive force, brutality and the murder of citizens in the U.S at the hands of law enforcement.

  • I am so happy to see some charges and hopefully some justice for the family. We live in a very sad society when a public servant has no time to help someone but would rather shoot put a bullet in them. I know there are decent law enforcement officials but we as Americans need to expose and prosecute these sorry excuse for peace keepers on the tax payers payroll.We need to wake up and realize and address this problem of brutality by police. Police are beating and killing children, teens, men, women, elderly, homeless, people in wheel chairs, mentally handicapped and defenseless kittens, dogs and even an instance when a person was shot and killed holding a puppy and yes the puppy was killed too.They are breaking our children’s arms, knocking out 100 pound women’s teeth, beating and shooting and killing people who are handcuffed. Wake up America because you don’t have to be a criminal to have your vehicle shot up with 100 bullets, you don’t have to be a criminal to be beat to death. It doesn’t matter what color you are or if your a man, woman or child. Something has to be done to hold these officials accountable. They deserve the same prosecution as you or I. Get involved,,, Help stop Excessive Force, Brutality and murder of citizens in the U.S.

  • Kevin Francis

    First before you hold up the goodie two shoes flag you put the badge on and you go out and do his job. That kid was attenpting to kill another police officer. He did his job and any one who wheres a badge would do it again and anyone will tell you a fellow Officer comes first not white trash like you.







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