Admitted rapist sentenced to prison, deportation

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Submitted: Fri, 02/14/2014 - 6:07pm
Updated: Sat, 02/15/2014 - 12:11am

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Investigators in Pender County say an admitted rapist is heading to prison and then back to his home country.

Pender County Sheriff’s Det. John Leatherwood says Nazario Rojas Bautista pleaded guilty today to second degree rape and second degree sexual offense.

Bautista was originally charged and arrested June 6, 2013, for assault on a female. Leatherwood says his investigation led him to charge Bautista three day later with first degree rape, first degree sexual offense, strangulation and assault on a minor.

Bautista, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. Before he is released, he will be deported to Mexico.


  • ang says:

    With another charge of rape or even murder.

  • taxpayer II says:

    Don’t forget free college tuition, free healthcare, probably no car
    insurance and he may even get an “Obama phone” at the taxpayers expense. Seal the DAMN BORDER!!!!!!

  • PublicAvenger says:

    He’ll be back in less then three months, under another name, collecting food stamps.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    Where is Eric Holder. This man is being denied his right to vote Democrat.

  • guest00000 says:

    Just when I think that Erlkoenig can’t possibly say anything stupider than the last thing he said, to my delight, he proves me wrong. Illegals DON’T VOTE. This is a lie fed to you by your sore loser Repubican buddies and right wing media to explain how it’s possible that a Democrat is President. “It has to be voter fraud, how else did we elect a black guy?” Here it is Erlkoenig, he won because idiots like you are in the minority. An illegal is not going to risk being found, captured and deported to cast a ballot. For the party of “personal resonsibility” you guys sure do spend a lot of time blaming others (illegal immigrants, women, non-christians, etc.)for YOUR PROBLEMS.
    Now…back to the main issue. Make this man pay for his crimes and then deport him.

  • jj says:

    Can’t deport him. He now has papers and is legal.

  • taxpayer says:

    or however long he serves…we taxpayers are providing him with 3 hots and a cot…plus cable.

    Why not simply deport him now? He’ll be back anyway.

  • Sober1 says:

    I will pray for this loser, not to rape anyone else ever again.
    I will also pray for him to stay in Mexico when he is released from prison and not rape anyone there either.

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