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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — As we enjoyed gorgeous weather Friday, it is hard to believe we were battling ice just a couple of days ago.

But thousands of people are still off the grid for the third day.

“It’s just been a nightmare. It’s been terrible,” said Lynn Hulett. “I’ve been completely stranded.”

Not only is Hulett in the dark, but her car has been stuck in the driveway since Tuesday afternoon. A live wire is blocking her only way out.

“Now I’ve had to rent a car,” she said.

With that unexpected expense and a hotel bill for at least one night, Hulett said the power company told her she may have to foot part of the cost to repair the power line.

“I said ‘But it’s an act of God’ and the guy just shrugged.”

As Hulett waits for crews to restore her power, the clean up around the county continues.

Officials say plans are underway to pick-up debris.

“Place it at the curb in the right-of-way and all that material will be removed,” said Joe Suleyman of Environmental Management.

The County Commission says it will review how recovery efforts went during its March meeting. They plan to take a look at what went right and what did not so they can be better prepared if and when the next winter storm hits.

“Citizens expect and deserve our very best at all times, particularly in times of emergency,” said Chairman Woody White.

While Hulett waits for her nightmare to end, she is counting her blessings knowing that the damage could have been worse.

“I have a couple of huge limbs in the back that did fall and fortunately did not fall on my house. If one of them had, it would have gone through the roof in the back,” said Hulett.

Power companies say they are repairing lines to restore power to the maximum amount of people first.

Hulett said she is one of the only ones on her street without power and is embracing herself to go without for a few more days.

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2 Comments on "Storm clean up continues in New Hanover County"

2015 years 10 months ago

I don’t understand. Why is the homeowner responsible for any part of the cost of repairing a downed power line? I may own my home and the lot it’s built on, but I do not own the power poles or lines that run in front of it and through my neighborhood. If the same were to happen to me, I certainly would not feel responsible for having to foot part of the bill.

2015 years 10 months ago

The homeowner is responsible for the bill because the people that run the power companies are greedy.


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