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DELCO, NC (WWAY) — The ice has melted, and temperatures have once again risen to bearable levels, but the storm is not over for those still without power.

The crippling ice storm may just be a bad memory for many, but for some the nightmare continues as power outages continue in Wilmington and surrounding areas.

Brian Bennett lives in Delco. He was just one of many still without power following the ice storm that paralyzed the East Coast.

Bennett says his power came on once Friday for about 30 minutes, but other than that he and his family have been stuck in the dark since Tuesday.

“Our neighbors have power,” Bennett said. “It’s kind of depressing if you go outside, like at nighttime, and you see lights all around you except for at your house.”

Luckily, Bennett’s power was restored soon after our interview. He was one of the last homes in his neighborhood to get power.

Duke energy progress says even if power is restored to a certain area that does not always mean power will flow to all homes.

Damage to meters or equipment means it could take longer to get power restored.

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