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ONLY ON 3: 4-year-old boy walks away from day care


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Early Sunday morning Wilmington Police got a call about a 4-year-old boy who managed to walk out of his daycare, but the daycare's owner says there is more to the story.

Hasi Burns has owned and operated All My Children for nearly 5 years.

Burns did not want to talk to us on camera, but she said she is still shaken up.

Around 1:00am Sunday, Burns says she and another staff member were working the overnight shift when a child slipped out the front door.

Burns says the other teacher tried to chase after the child, but that the little boy was running too fast for her to catch him.

According to WPD a utility crew saw the child running, caught him and brought him back to the daycare.

Police say the daycare did nothing wrong, but the Department of Social Services was notified.

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This woman is a small time

This woman is a small time scam artist. .she also discriminates against children with she demanded my 2 year old autistic child not return to her facility due to his condition. ..that she knew of previous to him being registered and taking our money....that by the way she refuses to return....dont take your child to this nasty facility around people that prey on the weak ...,


why don't you run a piece on childcare centers that refuse to run a good center or the safety of these centers that the state has to go out every 2 weeks because all the complaints against them. who is protecting our children???

Imagine what goes on at UNLICENSED DAYCARES!

If this place has such horrible supervision and its licensed,just imagine what goes on in the unlicensed daycares!!! Scary thought! Feeling very grateful I never had to put my children in daycare and trust the state regulations to protect my children! This is disgraceful and sad! Why aren't there more stories on the news to warn and protect families before the choose a place like this? I think an in depth investigation and news report is in order. Please remember these children are our future and we must protect them and speak when they have no voice. WWAY were counting on you to be that voice. Thank you for reporting this important story! Please do a follow up and find out what action was taken to stop further dangerous circumstances to these young children.

All my Children childcare

The state has been out 14 times in 2013. why are they still operating a unsafe childcare? Why are the parents not speaking up? This is not the 1st time a child has walked away. Look up the childcare on the website & see all their major crimes

Horrible daycare center

Honestly, this daycare should have been closed down years ago. Hasi and her staff are incapable of running a daycare center. This is just one more of the many incidents that has happened at this daycare over the years.

I just don't see how a child

I just don't see how a child could have gotten away if he had been under proper supervision. And as slow as I am these days, I can still outrun a four-year old.

Need to follow up with

Need to follow up with DSS....this is NOT the first instance of a child walking (or running) away from THIS daycare since she has owned it.

If a four year old child can

If a four year old child can out run you then you shouldn't have a job at a day care. Yes children are very unpredictable but you need to expect the unexpected when having a job at a daycare. Thank God that child was not hurt.

Job requirements

Looks like somewhere in the job requirement they should include something like:

... "and at the very minimum, you must be able to move faster than a four year old child."

That poor woman. It's crazy

That poor woman. It's crazy how your whole night can change in an instance. As a mother of two I can definitely sympathize, children can be so unpredictable.