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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Early Sunday morning Wilmington Police got a call about a 4-year-old boy who managed to walk out of his daycare, but the daycare’s owner says there is more to the story.

Hasi Burns has owned and operated All My Children for nearly 5 years.

Burns did not want to talk to us on camera, but she said she is still shaken up.

Around 1:00am Sunday, Burns says she and another staff member were working the overnight shift when a child slipped out the front door.

Burns says the other teacher tried to chase after the child, but that the little boy was running too fast for her to catch him.

According to WPD a utility crew saw the child running, caught him and brought him back to the daycare.

Police say the daycare did nothing wrong, but the Department of Social Services was notified.

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  • Roseanna robertson

    Obviously there are several ignorant comments on this page! First and foremost…… Why do you think the parents don’t speak up? In case you haven’t figured it out yet the parents love hasi! I don’t work for all my children and my children don’t go there. I know her through other ways involving child care. As Cathy previously stated we also were her rivals. The parents don’t have any issues with Hasi. Let me tell you something about her. She believes in teaching morals, good responsibility, she encourages leadership, values life lessons. Hasi spends more time in her building inside the classroom then ANY OTHER owner of a child care center in wilmington! And as stated state consultants HARASS her because she stands up to them! Thank god I don’t have her consultants but ask the other child care centers who under them. In my nine years of working in child care I have NEVER seen two consultsnts to come in and due an annual visit. They will come in pairs to her facility just to try to shut her down because she stood up for herself. I have seen this first hand while working at another facility. They came in and we’re discussing hasi in front of me and the office staff!! First how professional is that? You are a state consultant coming in trashing another center and it WAS NOT for anything to do with how the center is ran but that the didn’t like her. I asked them what did she do? They said nothing really just that I don’t care for her and “that mouth.” WOW these are our state consultants ladies and gentlemen. People that are suppose to make sure these child care centers are operating at state requirements! They are bullies and I am glad she stood up to them. I hope she continues on with her legal case cause I will stand behind her. And FYI to the idiot that stated we should have more reports on the child care centers if you actually cares enough to do your homework about a center your choosing to send your child to the DCD website will give you EVERY licensed child care center violations and annual visits, complaints, actions etc. Hasi is a good person and I hope karma bites you all! She may be our competition but I’d send my kids there any day. She goes above and beyond for those children. The summer camp program that she has is wonderful and only in my wildest dreams. She sends them to all kinds of amazing field trips and invites a lot of people into the center to do activities as well. It’s something I could have only wished our corporate office would allow us to do. As for the rest of you such as the lady claiming her kid is autistic good luck honey because hasi doesn’t discriminate ony against parents. She will take any child into her care unlike a lot of facilities. When your ratios are high like that for any age group and your child has special needs you need to consider smaller groups. Do your homework the next time you want to comment on a child care center report. Incidents happen all the time that go unreported. That is up to the state consultant whether she wants to post it or not. She’s suppose to but big corporations like child care network don’t always go up there. Good luck Hasi burns!

  • Cathy Reynolds

    Do not believe a word this woman is saying. I know exactly who she is and I don’t even work at All My Children. This woman struggles to find a facility for her child not because of his disabilities, but because of her attitude. She is atrocious, spiteful and dishonest. If anyone is a scam it’s her. I shouldn’t even be commenting because this is our competition, but as someone who works within the childcare industry I think all of you are being mislead, none of this is easy but everyone loves to speculate. The owner of this center has actually fought the State on several legal issues. When the rest of us were too scared to say or do anything. If I get fired for writing this then I can at least say that I stood up for something that I believe in. The rest of you should do the same and actually do some research before you start throwing stones.↓↓↓

  • Cathy Reynolds

    Do not believe a word this woman is saying. I know exactly who she is and I don’t even work at All My Children. This woman struggles to find a facility for her child not because of his disabilities, but because of her attitude. It is atrocious, spiteful and dishonest. If anyone is a scam its her! ^^^^^^^

  • chrisron

    This woman is a small time scam artist. .she also discriminates against children with autism…as she demanded my 2 year old autistic child not return to her facility due to his condition. ..that she knew of previous to him being registered and taking our money….that by the way she refuses to return….dont take your child to this nasty facility around people that prey on the weak …,

  • Maggie

    The state has been out 14 times in 2013. why are they still operating a unsafe childcare? Why are the parents not speaking up? This is not the 1st time a child has walked away. Look up the childcare on the website & see all their major crimes

  • Concerned parent

    Honestly, this daycare should have been closed down years ago. Hasi and her staff are incapable of running a daycare center. This is just one more of the many incidents that has happened at this daycare over the years.

  • 5689Guest

    Need to follow up with DSS….this is NOT the first instance of a child walking (or running) away from THIS daycare since she has owned it.

  • jason

    If a four year old child can out run you then you shouldn’t have a job at a day care. Yes children are very unpredictable but you need to expect the unexpected when having a job at a daycare. Thank God that child was not hurt.

  • 10101

    Looks like somewhere in the job requirement they should include something like:

    … “and at the very minimum, you must be able to move faster than a four year old child.”

  • Linda Davis

    That poor woman. It’s crazy how your whole night can change in an instance. As a mother of two I can definitely sympathize, children can be so unpredictable.

  • Guest2020

    I just don’t see how a child could have gotten away if he had been under proper supervision. And as slow as I am these days, I can still outrun a four-year old.

  • Angel and Jeff’s Mommy

    If this place has such horrible supervision and its licensed,just imagine what goes on in the unlicensed daycares!!! Scary thought! Feeling very grateful I never had to put my children in daycare and trust the state regulations to protect my children! This is disgraceful and sad! Why aren’t there more stories on the news to warn and protect families before the choose a place like this? I think an in depth investigation and news report is in order. Please remember these children are our future and we must protect them and speak when they have no voice. WWAY were counting on you to be that voice. Thank you for reporting this important story! Please do a follow up and find out what action was taken to stop further dangerous circumstances to these young children.

  • Maggie

    why don’t you run a piece on childcare centers that refuse to run a good center or the safety of these centers that the state has to go out every 2 weeks because all the complaints against them. who is protecting our children???


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