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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington police are investigating after Marine Cory Lee Reese, 22, was hit and killed in the 200 block of Rose Avenue early Sunday morning.

Police say the driver, Jackson Ruelle Davies, 19, was heading south toward Wrightsville Avenue when he hit Reese before running off the road and slamming into a tree and utility pole.

Ben Jones lives just down the road from where the accident happened. He says when he came home from work he was met with a frightening sight.

“There were about 30-40 cop cars out here as well as ambulance and fire department,” Jones said. “I believe that he was trapped in the car for a while, and it looked like they pulled him out and put him on a stretcher going to an ambulance.”

Davies had to be extricated from the car and was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. He is charged with DWI, and police say additional charges are pending.

Reese was later pronounced dead.

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  • Anonymous

    Ooookay calm down, Marie. Two young men’s lives are destroyed. Trust me, I get it! You are angry and want the blame to be placed and punishments given out. Going after blood is not the way to make this easier. Jackson is as much of a person as you, me and Cory Reese. He’s a kid who fucked up big time, yes. But he has rights and he will have his day in court.

    You are making it sound like Jackson drove after Reese and meant to hit him and meant to kill him. Do you think that someone who was intentionally run down by a vehicle would have been pounding on the windshield? Absolutely not. You may not know Jackson Davies, but I do. I know that he is not a murderer.

    There is no article or comment or shred of evidence that Jackson ran down the Marine with his car. Cory Reese was on the hood of the car and wouldn’t get off. Jackson was driving drunk. There’s nothing anyone can do to change that fact. Jackson will deal with this horrible incident for the rest of his life regardless of the severity of punishment given from the court.

    So, Marie, take a deep breath, stop jumping to conclusions and stop making up things that didn’t happen. If you were not there that awful awful night, if you did not witness first hand what went on at that house, then sit down and be quiet.

  • Truth

    After going outside to see why his friend was being kicked out, Davies was confronted by three men being rudely asked to leave. Stupidity kicked in and Davies head butted Reese. Realizing what he had just done he ran away with his female DD Kim. By the time they got in the car and had turned around the car was surrounded by at least ten frat brothers/Reese. The men were demanding Davies step out of the car to get beaten by them. Chants like “Your f*****d” “Your dead” ” We are going to kill you” were being made. Davies was pleading with his DD to drive his car away from the mob, but she was frozen in fear. After many failed attempts to make her drive she got out of the car while it was in park yet turned on. The mob took that chance to hold the door open while Davies was trying to shut it to lock himself in his vehicle. After being beaten in the face, and almost being pried out by his ear, and arm Davies threw on his seatbelt and tried to drive. Reese Jumped on the car, trying to prevent him from driving so that the mob could have their way with him some more, but in fear of his life Davies started to drive off with Reese on the hood. After driving about 1/8 of a mile Davies stopped the car in order for Reese to get off the hood, but he did not. Davies started driving again out of pure adrenaline. Not being able to see anything he ran into a tree causing Reese’s death.

    That is what witnesses have come forward and said. This article was published before any amount of truth could reach the public.

  • guesty

    Yea, he fled after he started a fight. What a hero.

  • annoyedcitizen

    Brooke- Frats kill or injure dozens of people every year-and do nothing but cover it up


    Maybe we should question why these death traps exist, not expect the police to do a job that should be done by regulation.

  • heseemewe

    I have lived in this neighborhood my whole life. I started out on Overbrook Road, then moved to Eastwinds off of Rose Avenue ended up on Ridgewood Heights. I have a RIGHT to tell you, that your comment back to me was shit. I have watched this crap for more years than you have been alive. I have watched newbie college kids get run down on the road and die. What I am saying is these frats need to be shut down. At one time they were “policed” by the colleges. They had a lot of rules that they were supposed to follow. A lot of the colleges used them to lure new young people to their colleges. But, since I know the area and have watched that college grow and turn into what it has become, I can speak what I KNOW. How much do you know about the college at all? I bet I could tell you things about our beloved college that would make even the major cringe to know of.My personal tax dollars that go into that place is crazy. I wouldn’t shed one tear if the place was torn down. It used to be a great college at one time. Ran by people who really cared about the young people. Not anymore. As far as the young man who lost his life It is sad. But, he was 22 years old and had no business being there. Marines are known for being hot heads and so are frat guys. As far as the ratio for girls being there, it is a known fact the girls outweigh the guys 10 plus to one fellow. It is open season on these girls at these parties and the guys don’t have to worry about getting one. Another reason for these young people to be shut down. As far as our “area” should be used to house college kids that’s crap also. It don’t do anything but make our neighborhood a crappy place to be. One reason I got out. Good Luck Wilmingtonians, the place is going down fast.

  • Lilly

    I feel sorry for you people. Cory was my older sister’s best friend, and now he’s gone and his funeral is soon. We were just looking through pictures of them together in highschool. This wonderful person is gone. So let me ask you. Does it feel good to have your 5 minutes of fame? To see other people’s reaction? In the end this man is dead, and his family and friends are heartbroken because of it. I just hope you realize how hurtful words can be. Please be respectful, not because he was a marine, but because he was an amazing person with a life that was taken away too soon. We love you Cory.

  • Friend of Cory

    It is horribly offensive for you to equate fines and jail time with the LOSS of someones LIFE. Cory’s life was taken from him at 22 years old, and that is a horrible tragedy on its own. If you think that fines and jail time are equal to that, or that a monetary donation to Cory’s family will compensate for their loss, you need to reconsider your personal values. His family and friends will miss him forever and forever mourn this loss. Rest in peace, Cory. I love you dearly and hope your family and the rest of your friends are able to find peace.

  • anonymous

    Okay okay calm down y’all –deep breaths. As with anything there are two sides to this story. Making judgements and jumping to conclusions about what Jackson did or didn’t do and what Cory did or didn’t do is pointless and makes you look like a moron. Drinking underage doesn’t make you a bad evil person just like being in the Marines doesn’t make you a good person.

  • stayinjacksonville

    Let us not forget that this fine young marine was standing on the driver’s hood after being involved in a multiperson fight. Sounds like the marine would have been better off if he hadn’t have gone to a college party (I’m sure with 3-4 other males and zero girls) where he knows absolutely no one.

    As a veteran of the Wilmington party/bar scene, I would venture to guess that the marines were getting aggressive when they realized they would only be going home with each other. I’ve seen quite a few college kids get stomped when the alcohol compounded with sexual frustration and some of our “heros” got angry.

  • Austin Spivey

    If he chose to drink, then this is not a mistake. I feel confident he did not accidentally consume alcohol. It’s one thing to be a stupid kid, or even a troubled kid, but it’s another thing entirely to be a kid that choses to drive behind a wheel after drinking. This was preventable and can’t be written off as a youthful lapse of judgment.

    My condolences to the families affected. RIP soldier.

  • ann nony miss

    This unfortunate and untimely death of such a dear friend is heartbreaking but we will remember Cory. He will live on forever in our hearts with the memories of his warm but sometimes sarcastic nature, he will live on in the stories that people have to share and in pictures that will forever be archived on Facebook. This marine is never going to be forgotten and one day his “murderer” will be forgiven for the idiotic life choice he made that night. The thing is, yes, Jack committed a terrible offense against a wonderful person and his family but despite the anger we are feeling towards this loss, Cory would want to see us having a good ass time in his memory. So let’s remember the good times because punishing someone verbally who is already going to get what they deserve isn’t going to help us celebrate the life of a beautiful person. Smile because that’s what our marine always made us do.

  • Anonymous

    Watched this entire night play out first hand. The kid was thrown out of the “CLOSED EVENT” and refused to leave. He then stormed away and threw the DRIVER OF THE CAR OUT OF HER OWN CAR. Please keep in mind this was not DAVIES car. He knew the girl who drove the sedan but she fled the scene. He then raced down rose at over 60 miles an hour and slammed into the marine. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED to his family and friends. Davies is in no way innocent. I saw this first hand.

  • Marie Longet

    Not having all of the facts, on the surface, this is DWI and vehicular manslaughter. No one should be able to take a life, even if it was an accident, and get away with a slap on the wrist and a loss of their driver’s license if they chose to drive while under the influence. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but nowadays people seem to think you don’t have to pay for your mistakes. Someone DIED because of this person’s combination of immaturity and poor judgment. Driving while under the influence is a choice. No one else should have to pay for that bad choice. Had he himself died in the accident it would have been sad, but a direct result of his own choices and actions. In this case someone else died who was NOT a part of the driver’s bad choice. If the marine played a part in what happened then we will all find that out in time, but for now, with what we know, the driver must take responsibility for his actions and suffer the consequences. It’s the least he can do considering he killed another human being. What if the one he killed had been your brother or sister, your own child, your spouse or your parent?

  • Coleman

    I’m a friend of Cory’s family in Richmond. Let’s try to remember to keep our focus on this great young man that we lost too early. His family is just crushed. His younger sister adored him, his brothers deeply respected and admired him, and his parents loved him and were so proud of him. Let’s remember this part of the story, and keep our thoughts with them. There will be plenty of time to deal with Davies.

  • C

    We all lose people to drugs, alcohol and reason we wish never existed but you people arguing and bitching about this isnt getting anywhere. Just because this kid made a mistake, doesn’t give you the right to judge him. There are PLENTY of people in the military that drive drunk and do horrible things, that being said i do support my troops, but they can be awful people too. I feel bad for the parents of the marine, but guess what…they arnt the only people who lost someone they loved. This kid needs to live with this mistake, pay his fines, maybe serve jail time, but in the end, your judgements and opinions wont even matter. Instead of wasting your time on here, and if your so concerned with the family of the marine then go donate to the family that lost the marine, dont sit here and bitch.

  • Melissa of Apex

    yes the news gives out facts. but the reason he wasn’t charged with murder or manslaughter? I live in jacks, or Jackson’s, town. he’s a great kid. makes mistakes but who doesn’t. he didn’t “kill a random marine” because he was drunk. my friend was his DD. the 22 year old marine and about 5 others jumped and robbed jack. he jumped in the car and told the dd to drive. she was too scared. he said let me drive and she jumped in the backseat. as he was going to drive away, Corey jumped on the roof of his car and wouldn’t get off. jack didn’t know what to do. corey then went on the hood of the car banging the windshield causing jack to run off the road and crash. but hey the news doesn’t tell you that side of the story do they? make it sound like all jacks fault. as if he isn’t in enough emotional and physical pain right now.

  • Derek

    This ‘kid’ posted a picture to twitter shortly before the accident. The picture was taken from the passenger seat with Jack behind the week guzzling a large bottle of Vodka. Idiot and now someone is dead.

  • Guest2020

    Drunk driving is not a mistake. It is a choice. There seem to be other factors involved in this case that is more than drunk driving, but that does not change the fact that drunk driving is a choice. Wearing a blue sock with a black sock is a mistake. Playing the wrong card in a game of gin is a mistake. Consuming alcohol or drugs, knowing that you will be getting behind the wheel of a car is not a mistake. It is a choice.

  • annonymous

    RIP Corey, what an amazing man you were. Justice will be served and the true story WILL come to surface. In no way will anyone let this kid get away with this

  • Marie Longet

    If the girl was in the car [back seat as you state] then why was she not hurt in the accident? According to the news the driver had to be extracted from the vehicle after the murder and subsequent crash, with no mention of a passenger in the back seat or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Marie Longet

    How very sad if true, and what a waste of two lives.

  • Marie Longet

    You seem to have a great deal of information and excuses for why this marine was run down and murdered by this 19 year old who was consuming vodka while driving. Were you there when the vehicle hit him and then ran off the road?

  • K

    I don’t know that anyone is judging the driver as a person, they are simply saying that drinking and driving is wrong and that is it disgusting that someone has lost their life for no reason that makes sense. That is not hating Davies, but hating the idea that anyone would get into a car and drive drunk, forever altering the lives of Cory and so many close to him. It scares me that so many are calling this a mistake or are talking about how many people they know who drive drunk, which somehow makes this okay. “It’s just a common thing to do, people do it all the time” is the tone I’m hearing. The message needs to be heard loud and clear that this is not a mistake, but a criminal act (every time you do it, not just when you kill someone) and we all need to agree that it is inexcusable. It is selfish to put your own family and other people’s lives at risk and that’s what you do when you drink and drive. I feel sick that Davies has done this to his life and to his family – what a terrible waste – but to insinuate that him paying a fine, doing jail time and feeling bad is somehow even close to what Cory and his family will experience for the rest of their lives shows no grip on the reality of this kind of loss. The driver’s family has their son, can hug him, can share a life with him (maybe, not the life they planned), but Cory’s family will never share another moment with him. Maybe it’s just youth, but when you have a child of your own and think back on this, I guarantee you will realize you would much rather you child be in the driver’s position (hurt, facing jail time), than Cory’s. Prayers to Cory’s friends and family. I am so sorry.

  • Derek

    I know the facts. The facts are he killed someone. A 22 year old is dead because of him.

    The bottle in the picture appears not have a cap on it. Since when is even ‘pretending’ to drink and drive, and sending an image like that out over a social media forum funny???

  • Guest2020

    Let’s vilify the victim and hold a drunk driver blameless. That will solve all of society’s problems.

    Since you like assumptions, shall I assume that since you are a veteran of the Wilmington party/bar scene, that you have a bunch of dead brain cells due to alcohol consumption? Should I just call you a lush and accuse you of simply standing up for your fellow drunk? If drinking is your activity of choice, maybe you’re just a no good sot who has no positive benefit to society and we would all be better off if you just stay in your bars. I am glad I don’t live in Wilmington. I would really hate to be on the road with you. There’s no telling when you’ll be driving drunk.

  • justafriend

    The bottle in his hand was not opened and he was just a teenage boy joking around not trying to hurt anyone in the picture. There was no alcohol in his system in that picture. Know the facts before you say anything.

  • Anonymous

    As some one who is very intimate with the REAL details of the story please read. There was a party at the fraternities house, jack and his friends were requested to leave, at the front of the house an altercation occurred and jack ran with his DD to HIS car as many members of the frat chased him. The DD got in the diver seat and jack in the passenger seat. The frat caught up but the doors were locked. the began banging on the window and yelling threats trying to get to jack. The DD had a panic attack and refused to leave. Jack told her to get out and when she got out he jumped into the divers seat and while the doors were open the members of the frat were punching him and trying to pull him out. as jack started to move forward the marine jumped on the hood and windshield in order to stop him from leaving. jack drove off with him on the hood but due to the fact that he couldn’t see because of the marine banging on the window he crashed. This is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. My heart goes out to Corys family but these facts will all come out in court, please reserve judgment.

  • heseemewe

    It is called house hopping down Rose Avenue and Ridgewood Heights Drive. The newbies each semester all get together with the frat houses and put on these parties. There is a lot of underage drinking and drugs being done at those houses. The cops get called and come and try to break it up and it takes forever. We are not talking about 20 kids we are talking about hundreds of kids in one space. I have seen a backyard so full you can see steam rising in the air. It is horrible and the college does nothing!!! They turn a blind eye to the mess. Outta sight outta mind for them. All they care about is the money mommy and daddy are giving to them. Those parties have been going on as long as I have lived on Ridgewood heights (7) years I was there. I have since moved and am happy not to be around. Having to police your yard til all hours of the morning is crap. Kids throwing up, taking a pee, passing out. I have found a boy on my lawn in the morning and gave him a rude awakening with cold water. Think it is past time for UNCW to give back to the neighborhoods around them who has had to put up with the immature kids from UNCW. Sorry for the life that was lost and sorry for the other life that is forever ruined by a drunken mishap.

  • Speechless

    While I am not a member of the Wilmington “party/bar scene” I do know this young Marine and know that he was visiting a lifelong friend who is a member of the fraternity. Jack on the other hand was not invited and was not welcome. Your facts are wrong and your rationalization for this kids behavior is wrongheaded. This young man lost his life and you jump to the conclusion that he picked a fight because he was sexually frustrated? That is wrong on so many levels and is an insult to Cory, The Marine Corps, and the Marine’s family. Crawl back under your rock.

  • p

    there you go. Just a normal night at a frat… You guys are terrible for knowing the truth but yet threatening kids, lying, and letting their “Friends” memory be be slandered. YOUR MAKING HIM LOOK BAD. You are grown men and yet you beat up a little freshman. Why was a 22 year old marine beating up a skinny little 19 year old? quit acting like you guys were wronged. Obviously theres more to the story than a simple hit and run. RIP homie. hope your “friends” can get themselves together.

  • a

    I agree with homie up here. obviously our countries finest picked a fight he couldnt finish.

  • Brooke

    I found this comment to be particularly silly. First and foremost, a man lost his life where you chose to live and your experiences there are quite insignificant pertaining to this incident. Secondly, you should have taken note of your surroundings before moving into that area. The areas around UNCW are known for housing an abundance of college students, as they should be. What exactly is UNCW supposed to do? Students pay to attend their institution not to have them police their lives. That is the job of the police who you said frequent the area due to parties and what not.

  • Kassie

    Marines are known for their ridiculous behavior around here, as are frat guys. Maybe he should have reconsidered being so violent and taking it to the extent of jumping on the hood of the car. Who he was visiting and why he was acting out are insignificant to this incident. It is sad that he lost his life but every action had a reaction. None of my personal experiences with Marines have been positive in the slightest. Of course the boy shouldn’t have drive drunk but given the situation, I’m not sure what else those frat guys and that marine expected him to do. This incident is full of ignorance and bunch of BOYS who obviously can’t handle the effects of alcohol.

  • It wasn’t his choice

    here is the thing though. It wasn’t his plan to get behind the wheel and drive. he had a DD if you have read any of the other posts. Not only did he have a DD but he was beating threatened, and beat up in the process. In that instinct he fled and it was the only thing he saw he had the option to do.

  • SallyB

    As a student at UNCW I have never once heard them give out any impression that underage drinking is okay. It’s a personal choice that has consequences. UNCW need not do anything. That’s what we have the Wilmington PD for right? That comment was simply ignorant.

  • Michael

    Before everyone starts slamming this kid. Lets sit back and think. Thousands of people drive drunk every night, some with out even knowing they’re drunk. Some make it home safe, some get caught and a few have unlucky incidents like this. It’s horrible what happened and yes jack should and will be punished. Those of you saying he’s going to appear on the news again for a DWI. Really? He took an innocent life you keep saying. Won’t you think that would cause him to possibly never drink again? Yes he could continue or become worse but I know jack and hell probably never drink again from this. The full story hasn’t even been released yet. So before y’all start stating your opinion followed by your rude and harsh comments, take a second to think. I can garantee you’ve driven drunk before, your parents and your kids. The court will give him the punishment that the PROFESSIONALS thinks he deserves. Stop stating your unprofessional opinion because one day this same article could be about you or a loved one. Just let the case settle then you can slam him if you want.

  • guestme

    I read this and all I hear is…”but Mom, all the kids are doing it. Why can’t I drink and drive like Jack and his buddies? Come on Mom, ALL THE KIDS ARE DOING IT so it must be okay, right???”

  • Notsureifsrs

    “Yes he drove drunk many of times..”

    That’s all I need to know about this piece of trash’s character. He just snuffed out a Marine who’s actually doing something with his life. Incredible you people want to defend him.

  • guestme

    “Yes he drove drunk many of times but has never done anything like this.”
    You are admitting he has driven drunk MANY TIMES, but since he managed not to kill anyone the first 20 times, they shouldn’t count???? WTF? Your friend is not only very, very stupid, but very, very lucky prior to now.

  • QuietOne

    I’ll bet the prosecutor would love to hear about how many times your friend has driven drunk without killing anyone. He/she may even want you to repeat this statement in court. Aren’t you sweet for letting the world know what an awesome, habitual drunk driving friend you have. I’m sure he appreciates it, too.

  • guesty

    But it isn’t his first alcohol charge. He currently has court in Wake county for open container in a vehicle and underage possession.


  • Another Mike

    Yeah, it’s real terrible for Jack’s mom and dad. They have to pay for their kid’s stupidity, replace the car, probably see their insurance rates go up. What a shame. The parents of the Marine, on the other hand, will never get to speak to their son again, watch him go through life’s triumphs, have kids (for them, grandkids), all because some 19-year old idiot who’s driven drunk before chose to drive drunk again.

  • Guesttoo

    When you choose to bash someone else’s credibility, you should double check your own. Using proper English is such an elusive endeavor.

  • AnAmerican

    Woah tere, put down your pitchfork for a second man, you’re starting to sound a bit crazy. Attacking lawyers for defending people is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Lawyers keep idiots like you from hanging people before you evern get your facts straight. The beauty of America is that EVERYONE is due their day in court, and a right to an attourney. Its what seperates us as a country of (mostly) civilized people. Defense lawyers get so much undeserved shit for just doing their job and providing people their constitutional rights.

  • Guest2609

    It is obvious by what you have written that you have no credibility whatsoever. Please go back to school and learn how to spell and speak. Lawyers are money hungry individuals that will do anything to earn a buck, including representing people like this individual and try to have the charges reduced. There is no excuse for drinking and driving and there is no excuse for the inability to write and speak proper English.
    What could this person possibly say? What could his argument be in this situation? He was given a breathalyzer test after the accident, it showed that he was too drunk to be driving a vehicle.
    This poor marine served this country to allow the freedoms that so many of us take for granted. However he did not serve this country to allow us to drive drunk and kill people, including himself.
    And when did it become my constitutional right to get so drunk and drive a vehicle. If I am so stupid to drink and get behind the wheel of the car, then I must face the penalty that goes along with a DUI.

  • guesty

    That is a perfect analogy

  • guest000000@yahoo.com

    I enjoy lawyer bashing as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is guest2609), but the truth is: Lawyers are like plungers, everyone thinks they’re gross and icky, but the second you need one there’s not a more welcome sight in the world.

  • None

    How can you try and blame this on a fraternal organization by any means? It was a tragic accident and someone is to blame but it is by no means the fault of a student organization whether or not that is where the driver got the alcohol. The driver chose to drink, the driver chose to drive. It is the driver’s fault the accident occurred and even IF a he had at some point been present in a fraternity house a fraternity is not at fault here. How dare you accuse student organizations of partaking or condoning this behavior with absolutely no link to them at all.

  • Guest2020

    You’re kidding, right? UNCW tells its incoming freshmen that they do not have an issue with underage drinking as long as they don’t do it on campus and as long as they don’t get caught by the police. Don’t expect them to do anything about it.

  • dickerson

    Find out who bought and served him the alcohol and charge them too. If it was a frat house the college needs to shut it down. What a waste of an innocent life, a man serving his country and a PUNK who does nothing for it killed him.

  • anon123

    Had your friend not drank underage and then decided to drive drunk this might be a different story.

  • Guest1234321

    Had the marine not jumped on the windshield of the car and refused to get off, this might also be a different story. Didnt hear that in the paper did ya?

  • Thomas

    Almost every kid these days drinks. Sorry but that’s America. Crazy thing is if he just shot him it would probably be self defense in the courts eyes…like Zimmerman. A 4000 pound car will win against a 175 pound person any day of the week, I’m not saying he deserved to die but come on, he wasn’t a saint by no means. How many people does it take to beat up a 19 year old.

  • Reality

    Yes, people make mistakes but you can’t apply that here. Saying
    something you don’t mean is a mistake, missing an appointment is a
    mistake, getting behind the wheel drunk and killing someone is a
    seriously massive mistake that can’t be lumped in with smaller ones.
    Most people haven’t killed someone with their car while drinking.
    That’s what allows them to judge and rightfully so.

    These big mistakes need harsh punishment because they’re completely
    preventable and have terrible conseqquences. He apparently has driven
    drunk many times before, has other alcohol charges and is only 19?
    Maybe if the consequences had been more harsh my friend Cory would
    still be here.

    Get out of here with your edgy “oh thats just life ya live and learn”
    bs. This kid needs severe punishment. Oh and you “knew” Cory? If
    that’s even true I’m ashamed he had a friend like you.

    I’m not saying we need to grab pitch forks and torches and lynch the guy but acting like this is just another little mistake that everyone makes is beyond stupid.

  • anne

    No anonymous. Yes we all make mistakes but driving and drinking is not a mistake. It was a choice he made and it cost someone their life. He has no excuse and he needs to pay for what he does. I don’t care what kind of good guy you think he is.

  • anonymous

    People make mistakes. It’s life. Ya’ll act like you haven’t done anything wrong – give me a break. Murder and manslaughter are two different things. Get yours facts right. I knew Cory myself. Give the defendant some time, probation and no license – case done.

  • guesty

    A mistake is deleting a file you need, not setting your DVR, not paying a bill on time (and these are all negligent acts) but committing a criminal act isn’t a mistake, it is an active choice one makes. Don’t try to down play that fact.

  • Guest2020

    Putting on a black sock and a brown sock is a mistake. Using salt instead of sugar is a mistake. Choosing to drink then get behind the wheel of a car is not a mistake. It has been reported that there is more to the story than just a drunk driver hitting a pedestrian, but drunk driving is not a mistake. Drunk driving is a choice and should be punished more severely than it is.

  • Nat

    For those of you that have said there is a frat house on Rose Avenue, you are mistaken. In Wilmington, frat/sorority houses are not allowed hence what happened with the one on Wrightsville Avenue. Although, it may be a house where frat guys live. For the person that said UNCW should shut it down, they can’t… because it’s not an official frat house and if it was, it’d be illegal. I’ve lived on Rose Avenue for 20+ years and this is the first incident that I’ve known about with this obvious “frat house.”

  • Uncw boss

    There is soo much more to this story than is reported. I saw the whole aftermath play out and heard the story from the driver first hand while he was trapped in the car. The whole incident started from a fight that happened at a frat house on rose ave

  • Margaret

    Wait, friend of Jack…You’re saying you harassed a dying man, as he was trapped in a car? Who are you and have the police questioned you? If they haven’t they should speak to you soon, bothering someone when they are injured may constitute assault.

  • taxpayer

    The “incident” happened when the driver got behind the wheel. Had he not done that, the Marine would still be alive.

  • guest2609

    So what that it started as a fight at a “frat” house, does that give him the right to drive drunk and kill innocent people. I don’t care if the story comes out that the marine was walking and he was drunk, at least he was responsible enough to not get behind the wheel of the car.

    This loser needs to be locked up. I agree, the 1st time you are caught driving drunk, it should be mandatory jail time. These idiots get off, then are able to still drive their little mopeds. They shouldn’t be driving at all, they should walk, rely on public transportation or family members for rides.

    The attorney’s that represent these jerks are just as bad. Maybe one day they to will feel the wrath of losing a loved one to a drunk driver and think twice about defending someone with a charge of drunk driving.

  • anoynm

    This story is not showing all and a lot of you are super quick to judge. I know the driver personally and while he definitely messed up he’s not just some punk. I’m not saying that he got behind the wheel was okay but before you judge you should hear the whole story. Of course the news isn’t going to give the facts though.

  • jj

    The Whole story? What is the whole story other than he was dunk and got into a car and killed someone

  • guesty

    Another punk driving under the influence and has killed an innocent person. When will people learn not to do that? How selfish and stupid to drink & drive.

  • heseemewe

    I have lived in that area for years. I am sorry to hear of this happening. My heart goes out to the family of the young man. I say lock the other guy up and throw away the key. But, sadly he will not be punished enough to loose his license permanently. They will slap him on the wrist and send him on his way to drive drunk again. Mark my word his name will appear again on the news. Sad state we live in.

  • guest123

    Another one? Wow. unfortunately getting to be to common around here Why do we have so many alcoholics? I would venture to guess this 19 yr old drunkard most likely had already lost his license previously and was allowed to be free to drive again and kill some innocent person.
    Courts need to lock drunk drivers up on the first charge to give them a taste of what driving while drunk can cost them– EVERYTHING__ as well as what it eventually costs those they kill and the deceased’s family.
    Anyone caught driving drunk a second time needs prison time. I get sick of seeing attorney’s advertise they can get people off for felony drunk driving murders. Why would any decent attorney want to defend such trash? Oh, that’s right,, for money. which makes them losers too!

  • Michael

    I’m not justifying what jack did. But this will be his first DWI. Yes he drove drunk many of times but has never done anything like this. I agree, jail time should be given. It’s a horrible thing he did and My heart goes out to the marine and his family. Also for jacks mom and dad. But for what you said, this is his first DWI, and if he already had one he would not of gotten his license back that quick due to the age. Please read up on your DWI penalty charges before posting ignorant comments. I know this info from growing up with jack and being high school friends. And the DWI charges info from criminal classes in high school.

  • anonymous writer

    You really believe that people are too quick to Judge? It doesn’t matter wether this kid has never done a thing wrong in his life, he’s now a murderer. If the system was right, the driver should never see light outside a jail cell for the rest of his life.

  • You guys need to chill

    This is ridiculous. No one is coming up with excuses for this kid. He definitely needs to be punished, however there are a lot of good people in the world who make bad decisions. I’m sure all of you have a close friend who has driven drunk at least once. Is it right? No. It is not. They are lucky to not get caught. However, hating on this kid who you don’t know and is probably scared to death right now is not benefiting anyone. No one knows the situation and while no excuse is a good excuse to drive drunk, he could have been trying to get out of a bad situation to begin with. Prayers go out to the marine who died. While there is no explanation as to why he was walking around on the street at night, I feel bad for his family and am thinking of them.


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