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White, Rouzer trade barbs during House Majority Leader Cantor’s visit


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With the primary election just a few months away Woody White and David Rouzer are hitting the campaign trail, and Rouzer is bringing in a heavy hitter from Washington to help generate interest.

"I think that we're going to have a very good year as Republicans in November,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Before you cast your vote in November the G.O.P. will have to determine a winner in the May primary: David Rouzer or Woody White. Majority leader Eric Cantor has already chosen a side in the fight.

"David Rouzer is a priority of mine and he is a priority of our leaderships because he is a common sense conservative, and he understands the need for a smaller government, and to cut back on wasteful spending,” said Cantor. “He understands that we need an America that works again."

According to challenger Woody White, politicians like David Rouzer are a part of the problem as a Washington insider who he says cares more about the party than his constituents.

"He's going to do what he's told to do, and that's why they want to hand pick him, and that's why they have come down here and want to poke an eye in the people of the 7th District and choose who they want up there so they can control him,” said Woody White.

"He can talk about Washington Insider all he wants,” said David Rouzer. “He's just envious that I have the experience to get there and do it on day one and he doesn't."

White didn’t stop at Rouzer, but also questioned Cantor’s voting record as the House Majority Leader including a recent decision to support President Obama and increase the debt ceiling.

"He and the Republican leadership maneuvered this vote quickly without any notice, did it cleanly, and left town,” said White.

Rouzer says he would not have supported the debt ceiling raise, but he and Cantor have worked on something everyone in the 7th District can support.

"When we get back up to Washington we will be taking up a reform bill so that the residents of this area will have affordable flood insurance while maintaining the soundness of the flood insurance program,” said Cantor.

Cantor says he is breaking the mold and endorsing Rouzer as a primary candidate because he is a close friend.

White says he wouldn’t have accepted Cantor’s support even if he had offered it.

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I will definitely be voting

I will definitely be voting for anyone over WEASEL Woody White and any of his friends running for an office ,such as, Brian 'Skip' Watkins. So if that leaves Mr. Rouzer than he has my vote.


Are these, honestly, the best candidates that the GOP can offer? No clue about the Democratic contender...but this is just pathetic in every sense of the word. White is a homophobe...and Rouzer couldn't win even though his granny said that he was a nice boy.

Please, oh please give me a decent candidate to support.

only good republican are

only good republican are the dead ones

Great way to make friends there

Call people names rather than win on issues (it's a good bet you're a liberal Dem).

Pretty Stupid Statement

That's a pretty stupid statement there isn't it (live in the city)? Oh BTW the Dems have a fine choice running for this office huh?

Little Dean?

Is that you little Dean, with your tired out garbage?

It's funny to hear these two

It's funny to hear these two got at each other.

"that's why they have come down here and want to poke an eye in the people of the 7th District and choose who they want up there so they can control him" -Woody White

I guess he doesn't remember doing that to the people of New Hanover County be trying to get rid of a duly elected official.

I think NC would lose with either of these in office. Woody is just an ineffective idiot and Rouzer is just an establishment Republican.


if the best the Dems can come up with is Barfield, the district might be better served by sending Berger to Congress.

Gets him off the City and County streets.

Frees up local court dockets.

He should fit right in with the other DC misfits.

In the election for this

In the election for this office we are darned if we do and darned if we don't. I hope there is a viable third party candidate.

If the shoe had been on the

If the shoe had been on the other foot, Woody "Mr. Amotion" White would have gladly accepted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's endorsement, who the heck does he think he's fooling?

Not to be outdone

the White for Congress Committee announced upcoming fund raisers featuring appearances by Jonathan Barfield and Brian Berger.

On a serious note, Rouzer notes his prior work experience in Washington will allow him to be far more effective on Day 1. And likely, if the Republican Majority continues, he should garner at least 1 significant committee appointment which has direct impact on NC and the District.

I have yet to hear Woody voice any specific area in which he is uniquely suited to serve the district constituents.