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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say witnesses told them a fight led to a car crash on Rose Ave. that left a Marine dead and another facing multiple charges over the weekend.

Witnesses told us it all began with a fight at a Sigma Nu party just down the road. They say Marine Cory Lee Reese, 22, jumped on the hood of Jackson Ruelle Davies’s car, and Davies, 19, took off. Witnesses say Davies then lost control of the car and slammed into a utility pole and tree.

“I was walking outside and I saw a car, and a man on top of the hood, and the car was speeding and I heard a car wreck,” a caller told New Hanover County 911.

A single rose and a cross now sit where Reese’s body ended up. Witnesses say it was a bloody scene.

Emergency workers had to cut Davies out of his car before taking him to the hospital. There is no word on his condition.

We tried speaking with Sigma Nu representatives, but they have not returned our calls.

We went looking for where the party happened, and found investigators sitting outside a home. We knocked on the door, and were quickly asked to leave.

Davies is charged with DWI. Police say he could face more charges. Records show davies also faces charges in wake county for possession of alcohol.

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  • annoyed

    Sigma Nu also has a history of armed standoffs with the police in other communities. As a frat it is out of control, and the national branch does not respond to community inquiries.

  • average joe

    Don’t recall seeing any Greek letters on any of the party houses in this area that has become a dangerous party area on most Friday & Saturday nights. Cars parked on street, people in street taunting drivers, underage drinking, greatly exceeded legal auto parking per “residence”. Might even find some violations of safe number of people per “residence”.

  • heseemewe

    I lived on Ridgewood Heights Drive off of Rose Avenue for 7 years. These college age kids do what they call house hopping. There will be numerous houses involved in one night. Go there the week of newbies on campus and Rose Avenue along with Ridgewood and other surrounding roads will be full of them. Since the young man was killed at the frat house on Wrightsville Avenue this is the new place to throw these parties. A lot of these kids are not of legal age. I had to police my own yard while these parties were going on. The kids would stop to take a pee or throw up in the yard. They would ride on the hoods of other cars to get to the next house. These parties last way into the next morning.I even woke up to one laying flat on his face in my yard where he passed out at. He got a rude awakening with cold water. I think the college should be held accountable to some of this. They know this is going on and yet they say nothing to these kids about it. The campus police ride the road all the time and say they have a right to police off of campus. Sooo, ok if that is true stop these parties. We are not talking about 20 kids we are talking about over 150 at a time. I have counted them before. Ridgewood is a dead end road. easy to see who is coming and going.

  • Guest2020

    Here is UNCW’s stance on underage drinking–as long as you don’t do it on campus or get caught by the police, then it is okay with us.

    Do not, I repeat, do not ever expect UNCW to do the right thing on this.

  • nofaithnlaw

    You may not see the fraternity letters the house, but it has been one for quite some time.

  • heseemewe

    Find out who owns the home. Bring a civil suite against them. For not having peace and endearment in your home dwelling. It will hold up in court and the owner will have to kick them out. Been there done this.


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