City Council now accepting bids for golf course

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Submitted: Wed, 02/19/2014 - 4:35am
Updated: Wed, 02/19/2014 - 4:59am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington City Council voted to start accepting bids to renovate the Municipal Golf Course Tuesday evening.

The City Council discussed options for paying for the project to cover construction costs, as well as the anticipated loss of revenue while the course is closed.

The Council discussed using money from the golf course Capital Fund, leftover parks bond funds, and money from an increase in greens fees.

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1 Comment on "City Council now accepting bids for golf course"

2015 years 8 months ago

I hope with the work that is to be done at the Wilmington Municipal Golf Course that evergreen trees of some variety can be planted along Pine Grover Dr. Just about every vehicle I have owned have had dents (golf ball size) where balls from the #2 green were hit and came out over the road and damaged our vehicle. Plus a van we owned for years had a badly cracked windshield from a wayward ball hit from that same green. And that is not only pertaining to me but also others from our area that all but have to use Pine Grove Dr. to get to Oleander Drive unless we want to drive many miles out of the way. To his credit when the present golf course manager took over he did plant some Leyland Cypress trees along the south side of Pine Grove Dr. at the #2 green. However I don’t know if the watering system didn’t reach the newly planted trees, as Leyland Cypress usually are easy to get established, all but one of the Leyland Cypress planted died. Since the Leyland Cypress grow to a very high and thick size they would have been perfect for a straight driven ball but the balls that go up in the air and come down would not have benefited that much such as the one that cracked our windshield. Not only have we had this happen to our vehicles but others in our area as well have suffered dents. And in fact my daughter’s best friend many years back, her family was going “through” the golf course on Pine Grove Dr. and a ball came out and totally broke out their windshield almost causing the Father to wreck their car. Luckily he kept it under control and was able to pull over to the side of Pine Grove Drive.
It continually amazes me that a city that supposedly is becoming more and more cosmopolitan in size like Wilmington, still has a heavily traveled road such as Pine Grove Drive going through the middle of a city golf course!
My daughter now a lawyer in an up north state said if anyone ever had enough damage that would warrant taking the city to court for anything incurred from a ball flying out on the Pine Grove Dr. should be able to win the case. God forbid that should be a death. When my windshield was broken years back I did stop and tried to find out the name of the player on the course that hit the ball from the #2 green that caused the damage as HE definitely could be held responsible. At the time I had my two granddaughters in the van,ages 3 and 2, but by the time I was able to turn into Hugh McRae Park and turn around and return the group of players had moved on down the course and I was not going to take the two small grandchildren out there and put them in danger to confront the responsible player. So I went to the green’s manager but he would not give me the players name saying all I had to do was turn it in to my insurance company as the player was not responsible. Then of course when our daughter later graduated from Carolina School of Law found out he indeed was! So you’d better believe from now on any damage incurred on any of my vehicles and I encourage other drives that receive damage from flying balls to their vehicles to take it to court!
An easy remedy would be for more safety features be installed for passing vehicles. Even if it was the very high nets as once was on the side of the hitting range that use to be on south College Rd.
Is it going to take a death to make this area a safer area?