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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council has formed a committee to work on a transportation bond initiative that could help ease traffic congestion here in the Port City. But at what price?

“We have not identified a cost for any of the projects,” Wilmington Transportation Planning Manager Mike Kozlosky said.

As state funding for area transportation projects continue to dwindle, Wilmington’s transportation needs continue to grow. That has city council members talking about a potential bond referendum to help ease traffic woes in the city.

“When we have done surveys, one of the number one things that people say is that they want is their streets refurbished and sidewalks and things of this nature,” Wilmington City Councilman Earl Sheridan said.

Sheridan says even though the city raised taxes a couple years ago, it still does not have the money to fund all the necessary projects.

“That helped us some to do some projects when we did make that raise, but there are still projects that are still transportation needs that need to be done,” Sheridan says.

Kozlosky says the city has identified several transportation needs including the N. 3rd St. bridge replacement as well as adding new bicycle paths throughout the city.

Sheridan and council members Laura Padgett and Kevin O’Grady will make up a three-person committee to work on the bond issue. Sheridan says the committee will evaluate the projects and then finalize a list.

Council will have to decide on those projects by the end of April to get a referendum on the ballot in November.

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  • SurfCityTom

    number 1 on the list of priorities is removal of bike trail and jogging path projects.

    when you have a finite amount of tax revenue available, you need to look at where the dollars are spent.

    Of course, if you apply that premise, you would not be planning to spend $800K for storm debris removal. Any property owner, who sustained storm damage to their property, likely has insurance which would cover debris removal.

    That $800K could be better used to fill in a few potholes.

  • Guest2020

    If they quit wasting money, they might have the funds for what the city actually NEEDS. Selling the land for the convention center’s hotel below market value and buying land for a park won’t increase the funds NEEDED for the infrastructure. And they thought they could afford a stadium.

  • Dirk Ziggler

    Beautification of secondary roads, sidewalks, & bicycle paths? Are you friggin kidding me? Is our councilman Sheridan THAT far in the dark? Of course. I mean traffic has gotten completely gridlocked at oleander & a college. It used to be horrible turning left while driving west off oleander onto s college, HOWEVER that being said, it isn’t half the nightmare that’s been created now by dual turn lanes. Mayfaire to Dawson street: 5:00pm to 5:29 pm. Almost 1/2 hour to drive 9 miles. Traffic snarled at cookout. Whose the genius that allowed thst cluster muck? Yes typical politicians money IS needed for roads… It’s needed to fix this traffic mess your emotes and planners have created. Start with s college & oleander then pave shipyard blvd before you add another frighin bike path. Thraddic WAS bad, now it’s horrible. This ain’t LA…

  • taxpayer

    No More Debt…No More Debt!

  • taxpayer

    with O “Let’s tax-em” Grady and the rest of the tax & spend libs on City Council, they’ve never met a tax hike idea they wouldn’t vote for. Fortunately, it us, the taxpayers and voters, who hold the power by saying “No” on election day.


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