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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The race for New Hanover County Sheriff has a Republican in the running.

Private investigator and radio talk show host Marc Benson filed today. Incumbent Ed McMahon and his predecessor Sid Causey have filed on the Democratic side.

Benson says his focus as sheriff will be to allocate resources to unincorporated parts of the county, improve the school resource officer program and to stop gang violence.

“What I intend to do as sheriff is to aggressively go after gang members,” Benson said. “We know who they are. We’re going to park in front of their house if we have to, and we’re going to make sure that they’re not going to bring harm to the rest of the public.”

If elected, Benson, a former deputy, says he will continue to host his Blue Line Radio talk show to answer candid questions from the public.

Benson lost to McMahon by 22 percentage points in 2010.

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  • Citizen Jason

    Do Marc Benson, and Ricky Meeks, ever get tired of being Marc Benson, and Ricky Meeks? They both seem to show up at every election. Neither is qualified. Neither ever come close to winning. But they always pop up, every for years. Making complete jokes of themselves. Some people will do anything to see themselves on the news.

  • Erlkoenig

    Like commenting disparaging remarks on a news site?

    Go Marc go!!!!!

  • Old Guy

    Dear Citizen Jason,
    You are an idiot! Apparently you do not know either of the two real citizens you speak about. Just shut up and comment on something that you actually know about. Marc comes highly educated and experienced! As to Ricky Meeks he deserves some respect because he not only supports every political candidate but all of the boards and commission within the City/County. This man attends every meeting and knows a lot more than you will ever know. So “Citizen JASON” crawl off of your high horse and get involved like these two do all the time. I’ll bet you don’t even vote but just complain about everything that comes your way or at every whim. Grow up and get informed!

  • Tom Bentley

    Citizen Jason, you are unfortunately very ill-informed. If you work with Marc Benson, or did any research, you’ll see that he’s the most-highly qualified candidate running, and he is running again (probably) because he is the TRUE law enforcement professional in this group, and can’t bear to see the corruption and travesty that IS the current sheriff’s dept., any longer! I can’t outline Marc’s qualifications exactly, but I know he has: many years in law enforcement and moved up the ranks to handle many different areas, including criminal investigations, firearms training, FBI Academy experience, and much, much more. Marc advises many groups and organizations from his many years of experience, and was a superior to Ed McMahon. Anyone who has personally worked with Marc knows what you do not know… Marc is a tireless advocate and does extensive pro bono work to help others. The citizens of New Hanover county will unquestionably be safer with Marc at the helm. Wake up, voters… Ed McMahon is a puppet of Causey’s… enough of the corruption. When McMahon jumped from the Republican party to the Democrat….didn’t that reveal his character?

  • Daniel Crouch

    Benson running againnn??? Maybe he will win more than one precinct this time. Neither Benson or Causey would be good for New Hanover County as Sheriff. Causey already had his chance and we saw how that went.

  • jj

    Citizen Jason why do you think Marc Benson is not qualified? He is as qualified as the other two that are running.

  • Jasper Fant

    I’ve voted for Benson every time he has run. He would make a great sheriff. I have an idea for this election. Marc if you’re reading this, why not switch parties and run as a Democrat, McMahon and Causey will split the vote, the turn out for you will be tremendous. You can change parties after you’re in office. Signed, Jasper Fant, Reagan Democrat who is still in the party that left me.

  • guest45

    Pay attention Mark, some good advice here, the old switch and bait has done well for a few around these parts, would love to see you win this one.


    Marc would be the best choice for sheriff he is a no BS guy. He WILL cleanup the Dept and he speaks you can bank on it. People you want the best vote for Marc, get the old boys OUT. See you on facebook Marc…wink wink

  • Cameron

    I am a native to the area and have been active in the community in various ways. It seems most everything is associated with the local economy is effected by crime. The taxpayer money spent in the emergency rooms treating the needs of gunshot victims, drug overdoses, child abuse and neglect, the safety of our schools, the security of our communities, businesses, the cost to try and prosecute criminals, the jail, the number of car accidents, gang activity, all this making Wilmington less and less of a desired vacation destination and a location to develop business interests.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know out leadership in law enforcement has failed us and we need a replacement.

    Is Marc Benson the best candidate? I think so. He retired from law enforcement after serving us for 24 yrs. His radio program has brought attention to various crimes and acts of corruption that has resulted in arrests and elected officials being removed from office. He has been extremely open and forthcoming. Never has been one to back down from a fight. The people I know that know him and appreciate him have either worked with him or have been helped by him.

    All three prior attempts to become sheriff have been a race against a sitting incumbent and each race he has been out spent 20:1 by his opponents. I offered Marc money once for his campaign and he refused me even though I’ve personally known him for a few years. He helped my son once when he was in a difficult situation and Mr. Benson felt that accepting my money could in some way be payment for helping my family. He was gracious, smiled and handed me back the check, then said, “I did what I did because I believed your son, you don’t have to thank me. Let me have that blessing of being able to give something to others, you keep your money and hand it to someone whose life it can help. I don’t need to be sheriff if I need money to be sheriff. I just need your vote.”

    I’v had one of his bumper stickers on my car forever, that is until I recently sold it. I’m proud to know him and you can find me if you want to talk, I’ll be in the house with a dozen or more Benson for Sheriff yard signs in my yard.

    Marc Benson, the guy bad guys love to hate.

  • Lee P

    I want to hear what he has to say. WWAY gave time to the democratic runners to talk. I think McMahon showed more class and integrity and Causey stabbed an old Friend in the back. It was very obvious Causey didn’t have the facts.

  • Hogfather

    Marc Benson is a sun-drop fueled blundering moron end of story!

  • Local LEO

    I am a current local LEO…I don’t know if Benson is the right man for the job or not but something needs to change. Just look at the last several promotions. If you want to get promoted under the current sheriff you have to be either a female, have a relative high in the chain of command or working somewhere else in city/county government, or willing to donate a lot of money to the sheriff’s re-election campaign. It has gotten out of hand bad.

  • The Unknown Truth Teller

    Marc / Ricky:
    This has been going on for 20 years. Don’t you think it’s getting kinda old ?

  • Citizen Jason

    I guess all the voters, over the last 20 years are also “idiots”. My bet is, nobody has ever seen “Old Guy”, and Marc, in a room together, at the same time.


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