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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A 15-year-old accused of stealing a cell phone at a high school basketball game last night now faces gun and drug charges after deputies say he brought both on school grounds.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says it happened at the New Hanover High School basketball game, where deputies began questioning the teen about the stolen phone. That’s when Brewer says deputies smelled the odor of marijuana on the boy.

Sgt. Brewer says the teen told deputies he did not have the phone he was accused of stealing, though Brewer says they could see a phone sticking out of the teen’s pocket. Brewer says the teen then became uncooperative with deputies, so they detained him.

Deputies say they found both a pistol and heroin on the teen, along with the cell phone he was accused of stealing. Sgt. Brewer says the teen only faces the drug and weapon charges, though, because the victim of the theft decided not to press charges.

Investigators have not released the boy’s name because he is a minor, but Brewer says the teen is a suspected gang member.

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7 Comments on "15-year-old arrested at New Hanover HS game on gun, drug charges"

Not Delusional
2015 years 9 months ago

You are missing the point completely if you think this isolated incident has anything to do with the principal of the high school and his/her supposed relationships with the students. We should be tipping our hats to the men and women in the police department for great police work and catching this delinquent before he could inflict harm instead of wagging our fingers at the the school board, teachers and superintendent. Mr. Finn left New Hanover, and stated in his resignation letter he was grateful for his new position. He said, “it allows me to take much better care of my family as I continue to pursue my doctoral degree.” Mr. Finn goes on to say, “A more suitable situation could not be asked for….”

He moved on for his own reasons. They say that on average, today’s workers will switch jobs every three years, just look at Mr. Finn’s resume, and you’ll realize he is above average. He knows when to get while the gettin’ is good. No way he would have stayed to see the results of the working conditions survey, which the state will hold in March. Finn moved on, and so should you.

2015 years 9 months ago

It’s unfortunate that some community members and parents have no real idea of what NHHS suffered under the former administration’s tenure. Teachers “hated” what went on at the school because the practices in place were unfair and unethical, and they chipped away at the tradition that separates Hanover from so many other secondary schools. The grave situation with the student who possessed a gun at New Hanover’s game has little to do with a school’s administrators and more to do with the society in which we live, which is sickening on many levels. Additionally, the information recorded here about the declining state of the school since the recent leadership change is wholly inaccurate. New Hanover High School is a place where students are safe (although if you deem it unsafe, why do you continue to send your child?), where the faculty is once again a family, and where people truly respect and rely on one another. They are no longer pitted against each other, banished to single rooms or floors for imagined intrusions, or afraid to speak their minds for fear of retribution. The current principal, a man worthy of trust and respect, has rescued the school and has, in the month that he has been working, reinstated rules that had been previously ignored and brought order to the chaos that the faculty and students were left with. There has always been and continues to be a clear mission at New Hanover, and this mission includes, first and foremost, the safety and well-being of everyone it serves because then and only then can the students meet their goals and realize their potential. The new administration, the faculty, and the staff now only look to the future because that’s how real progress is made. And it’s time for everyone to move forward with them and to acknowledge all that is wonderful about New Hanover High School because that list is incredibly long and quite remarkable.

Head shaking
2015 years 9 months ago

A gun at this game. A gun at an earlier game. Fights every day. Media center furniture smashed. Trash in the hallways, teachers reporting to resource officers that they feel unsafe, students reporting that they can’t get down the hallway without gang members harassing them, students having sex in the school. My child will not return to this school next year. She can’t even leave her classroom to get water or use the bathroom without seeing large males with their backs against the wall when they should be in class. Where was all of this last year and the year before? It was eradicated by a principal who did what he needed to do to make the school safer. But some teachers hated him. The school board and superintendent who wanted Mr. Finn gone now have to answer for the out of control high school they created. Hate him or not, he had the school running safe, but our leaders chose a handful of teachers and their complaints over backing a solid principal. Where are the critics now? We raked Mr. Finn over the coals for wanting honors weight training classes and playing favorites. We made him pack his bags for Georgia without having a plan in place to replace him. Nobody is perfect, but he held the trouble makers in check. So who are we to hold accountable for the school sliding back to what it was a few years ago? I guess we got what we asked for. Voters need to respond at the polls in November.

2015 years 9 months ago

several things should take place.

Get Social Services into that household; what are the conditions; where are the parents? How many other youngsters are living there?

Move them all into foster care until this review is completed and a decision can be made re their long term habitation.

2. Time for WHA to put up. Out of housing they go with no return ever. Set a stern example of what will take place; enforce it; and perhaps a change will take place.

2015 years 9 months ago

We paid for a court appointed attorney, and then he went back to public housing, and lived happily ever after. Maybe to age 18 or 19, when the sword that he lived by does him in. Boy, turn your life around while you still have a chance.

2015 years 9 months ago

Add to it – this poor misguided thug wannabe should be charged with stupidity! The ending could have been alot worse. Stealing someone’s phone – what if that person would have had a weapon?

Lock his little sorry butt up and when the parents come around whining about their good boy, put them in there with him

2015 years 9 months ago

Where in the hell is the mom and (less likely) dad in this scenario? This fails every parenting test known! This is learned behavior…but who is the teacher? Guardian?

The kicker though is reading that that the minor *only* has to face drug and weapons because the theft charge was declined. ONLY? At 15!!!


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