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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County woman was arrested for DWI over the weekend twice in just a matter of hours.

Southport Police pulled over Veronica Wynita White, 39, for speeding just before 2 a.m. Saturday. According to an arrest report, the officer smelled alcohol on her and said White struggled with field sobriety tests. The report says she blew at .14 blood alcohol concentration at the Brunswick County Jail, where a magistrate revoked her license for 30 days, records show.

A jail spokeswoman says White was released to a responsible party, but Boiling Spring Lakes Police pulled her over at 4:45 a.m. White again was charged with DWI. According to jail records, her blood alcohol level was again over the legal limit of .08. She was also charged with driving while her license was revoked.

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  • Okie

    The story says,”A jail spokeswoman says White was released to a responsible party”. Who determined that it was a responsible party? Obviously, it was not. The Brunswick County Jail was not a responsible party, either. The drunk should have at least spent the night in jail and sobered up before getting turned loose.

  • kzpony

    You must be kidding. She got off for blowing almost TWICE the legal limit with a hand slap, got released to a “responsible party” and THEN got behind the wheel again only to be pulled again for BA over .08? Thankfully, no one was killed during that time!!!! When are we going to wake up and take these drunks off the road? Magistrate, what were you thinking? Better yet, the story can’t end there! What happened to her next? The story doesn’t say. Was she incarcerated with no bond?

  • Guest12

    Wow. arrest her for driving drunk risking our lives , take her to jail, Take away her driving privileges and then set her free! Two hours later she is even more drunk and still driving. Thank goodness it was 4 am when most of us and our children are tucked safely in bed. She proved to all she has no respect for the law and didn’t appreciate her chance free from jail . suspending her license didn’t mean anything to her , as it doesn’t to most drunk drivers who go on to kill our loved ones
    Question is, when is the court system going to realize this and lock these people up long term on first offense? Why do they set them free as if what they did isn’t serious? Where is she now? Still out driving drunk till her court date? :-/

  • Guest Mechanic

    Prisoners cost the county. Those who are set free only to be arrested again generate more fines, court costs, attorney fees, driving school fees, rehab costs……..see where it is going? Just follow the almighty dollar. Nobody cares about the safety of the public, it is all about the money. I know of someone personally who has been caught multiple times for DUI. They always get off, but it costs them a lot to do so.

  • taxpayer

    “You can’t fix stupid”


    and im pretty sure all of the negative comments about someone you dont know come from people who have never made mistakes. so lets not be so quick to judge. no one got hurt and that is the most important thing! so lets stop with the what ifs and move on. like i stated earlier there is a young mentally ill man who has been missing in brunswick co for 2 weeks. where is the outrage and comments about that. that is real news. people get arrested every day for dui.

  • Guest1851658

    Yes, and people go missing every day. You have got to be some kind of a nut, playing down a driver who has been caught DUI twice in just a few hours. MISTAKE? you got to be putting all of us on. This was not a mistake. it was a flagrant, in-your-face, absolute disregard for the safety and well-being of everyone else who happened to share the road with this woman. Guess you both run in the same circle.

  • guest123

    You think negative comments can only come from people who haven’t made mistakes and we should not judge drunk drivers? Wow, do you live in a fantasy world? Have you read of all the innocent people just around here who have been murdered by drunks in just the past year? habitual offenders most often without a license or insurance. Set free over and over again until they kill our loved ones ! Some of us are sick of it and believe they should get jail sentences first offense to teach them a lesson BEFORE they kill! To defend them you must either BE one or love one! Wait till one kills your child or someone close to you and tell us your thoughts on drunks out driving illegally on our roads then!
    and yes, we care about the missing man and hope he is found alive and well. It’s just he is not out there trying to kill us!

  • Guest2020

    Drunk driving is not a mistake. It is a choice. With this kind of behavior, it is only a matter of time before she hurts or kills someone because she cannot refrain from imbibing when she knows that she will be driving.

    This website posted a story a couple of weeks ago regarding the young man who went missing. But his story doesn’t diminish the importance of this one. If you are concerned about the lack of airtime the missing young man has received, maybe you should get on the horn and start making phone calls and stir up more interest instead of just complaining about it on a message board.


    So do you want WWAY to put a banner on their website everyday that reads “HE IS STILL MISSING. THE WEBSITE IS CLOSED TO ALL OTHER NEWS UNTIL HE IS FOUND.”
    Also, I guess you live by the philosophy of “no harm, no foul.” Well if she would have killed someone it would have been too late. Get her drunk stupid A$$ off the road before she does. Obviously she is not smart enough to make sensible decisions.


    Its a young man missing for almost two weeks and this channel would rather talk about someone getting arrested for dui? Thats not news! Thats gossip! What happened to responsible news reporting?

  • guesty

    Being arrested for DUI twice in 3 hours is news. Here is a hint, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • QuietOne

    And let me guess… this lowlife is back out on the street today even though she shows ZERO respect for the law and the safety of our community. Yeah, suspending her license worked so well, now it’s DOUBLE suspended, right?

  • Guest5689

    I personally have called on a Drunk Driver….MULTIPLE times…..only to see him back on the road again…he has had at least two vehicles seized…..he goes to court…pays a fine… gets probation and starts driving again….he even drove his to his probation office with his license revoked!!! The Courts have a revolving door


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