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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Justin LaNasa is back in the Republican Party and running for office again.

He switched back to the GOP in July, according to the New Hanover County Board of Elections, and today filed to run for the 9th District NC Senate seat Thom Goolsby is leaving.

LaNasa, who has run for several offices, became a Libertarian after blasting Republican leaders after he lost the Wilmington Mayor’s race in 2011.

LaNasa, and Army and Coast Guard veteran who owns a tattoo parlor in downtown Wilmington, will be joined in the Republican primary for Senate by Michael Lee and Michael Burns.

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  • OtherGuest

    Does he just arbitrarily change parties based on the seat he wants to run for?

  • GRR

    LaNasa, you can’t even decide what party you want to be associated with. I’m quite sure that Lee nor Burns will loose much sleep worrying about you in this race. Stick to your tattoo parlor.

  • suesue

    that man is nothing but a loser, i wouldnt vote for him

  • 1313

    Why does he always try to cover his tatts when he is running for public office? Is he suddenly ashamed of them?


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