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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A former employee is accused of stealing from a Pender County church.

Investigators say Gloria Hardee took more than $100,000 from Riley Creek Baptist Church.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office says officials at the church in Rocky Point noticed something was not right with the finances back in July. To confirm their suspicions a short audit was conducted in July. It showed that there were misused funds.

The church says it fired an employee at that time, but would not confirm if it was Hardee,the church’s secretary and treasurer. A source close to the situation tells WWAY it was Hardee.

The church then contacted Wilmington Baptist Association to do a second audit in November.

Pender County deputies charged Hardee, 58, with felony embezzlement Monday.

Church leaders would not answer our questions because this is an on-going investigation, but they did issue a statement that reads in part, “The pastoral staff and congregation of Riley Creek Baptist Church continue to pray for all involved.”

Attempts by WWAY to reach Hardee and her attorney have been unsuccessful so far.

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  1. Mike D

    Several months ago another woman was charged with stealing about $60,000 from the American Cancer Society. How do these people sleep at night? They have to know they are going to be caught. These are not unintelligent people and the shame it brings upon them and their family is incalcuable. Their actions can’t be condoned and they deserve jail time but their actions are just baffling.

  2. 9743

    I agree with you, people like her and others that will steal from a church of all places deserve jail time but it won’t happen and the church won’t get a dime of their money back. She’ll come up with some sob story and a slick attorney and probably walk away with a suspended sentence or maybe just a couple hundred dollars fine but that’s OK because there’s a special place in hell for anyone who will steal from a church.

  3. Guestie

    “These people” ??????

    Did you just say “these people” ????

    Freakin racist

  4. Guesteasy

    To bad there is no such thing as hell. What a low life.

  5. Guest6858

    How do you know there’s no such thing as hell?

  6. live in the city

    ha ha ha ha i think its funny, she is a good church goes . more power to her, i always said the best place your money is your pocket . maybe now they keep their good hard money in their pockets,

  7. Believe

    you do not believe in hell???? You had better start reading your Bible… People who do such things like this is bond for this place, but everyone can be forgiven, but this should not be dropped… she needs to learn a hard lesson especially taking about from God’s house. The bad part is everyone suffers because of this.

  8. Guest Vader

    I am not sure I believe in a Biblical Hell as much as I think we are living in a Democratic and Republican created one right here in the USA.

  9. dickerson

    Some people have moved beyond myths and know the facts. Try it and free your mind.

  10. Guest6858

    If YOU freed your mind, you would realize that you are not all-knowing and have no clue whether or not there is a hell or a heaven. Get over yourself. And…of what FACTS do you speak? Please share them with the “myth” believers.

  11. 1492

    There are no physical facts to know one way or the other, so how could you possibly know what they are? Did someone visit you from the other side and fill you in?

    It’s one thing to free your mind and a totally different thing to just let it drift around untethered.

  12. deputy25

    why even the devil himself believes in God, Heaven, Hell. He has even deceived you? You better hope you are right when you die? you do believe that one day you will die and not come back as a bird or snake or something, right?

  13. Guest-o-matic

    …where the first hydrogen molecule came from? Try it and it’ll clog up your pitifully wasted mind.

    Spontaneously generational physics, perhaps?

  14. boldizar

    Your god and bible were made by men too afraid to accept the finality of death. When you die, there will be nothing. Accept it. You will never understand the natural world, when you cant figure something out you say a god made it, talk about simple minded.

  15. marie jensen

    wasn’t the subject of this story,the couple who stole 100,000 from the church? You people should get back to the point! And, on that subject,I heard they put in a pool and bought new tires for they’re rv also. jUST SAYING!

  16. dickerson

    The devil isn’t real. The only people that believe in the devil are christians. Do you believe in Zeus or Sol? Believing you will come back after death as a bird or snake is another false religion. When I die my body will rot away just like yours will, the end, all gone, done. I wont know it.

  17. zenobia

    Unfortunately, many older women, like my late aunt, start stealing because of a brain disease. It was too late that we found out what was causing my aunt’s problems. She stole everything she could lay hands on:


  18. Mandy

    This is probably not her first time. I believe in the ten commandments ( Thall shall not steal )The money she took came from all ages, starting with the little ones. You will have to answer to a higher authority than any court lady . I understand that she even wrote a check to her husband ( Joey Hardee, in the amount of $6,000.00 plus, and he even endorsed the check)He even works at GE, no little money there. I am sure they live in a big house with all the trimmings. People needs to live within their means. I doubt if the church will ever see a penny of this money back.

  19. hardeeharhar

    What a scuzball bible thumper. Bet she spent it all too.

  20. shorebound

    $100,000 is ALOT of money! The spouse should have become concerned as to where all the new stuff was coming from, and the bills associated with them were being paid off…………….Unless the spouse was a more than willing participant. This case may become more involved as time goes by.

  21. guesty

    Yes, he said “these people” meaning CRIMINALS. Nice try with the race card, but you fail.

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