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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police arrested a man who they say was caught carrying a tire iron, trying to break into several vehicles early this morning.

Around 2:30 a.m., officers say they got a call about someone walking around the area of 4th and Orange streets pulling on car door handles. Police say an officer patrolling nearby soon spotted a man walking down 8th Street with a backpack.

That’s when they say the man, Justin Loeser, noticed police, and then threw a tire iron under a car. Loeser is charged with possession of burglary tools and attempted breaking and entering.

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  • T

    Such a Loeser haha

  • SayWha?

    Can’t think of a worse time to spell loser wrong (as in Loeser) than when you’re calling someone else a loser. :-)

  • DisGuestedly

    Hey, he’s got to get tattoo and drug money from somewhere. How dare we actually ask him to get a real job.

  • Guest-o-matic

    That burglar could’ve easily been shot by a drug dealer, being in that part of town!

  • Me342

    I’m pretty sure it was intentional, since they capitalized “Loeser”.

  • It was a pun, SayWha. I thought it was pretty good.

  • Patron

    Guess you didnt catch what his last name is, duh.

  • Phil

    He spelled it “Loeser” cause that’s the offender’s last name.
    Clever play on words and the very first thing that popped in my head when reading the story.
    Nicely done.

  • Guest2020

    It was a play on the suspect’s name.

  • thumpp


  • SayWha?

    I did miss noticing that his last name is Loeser. Looks like I’m the loser this time!

    And in a re-reply to “T”: Nice play on words! Wish I had actually noticed it the first time!


  • guesty

    Neck tattoo=POS

  • guestwhat

    Just wondering if anyone else notice, when commenting on these individuals. Most white’s are referred to as trash and blacks as thugs.

  • j

    He is a good guy that struggles with addiction. He has done so well, and he slipped. Give him a break. Educate yourself about addiction before you JUDGE people.


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