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Rocky Point man sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to sex crimes with child


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A 20-year-old man in Rocky Point pleaded guilty Wednesday to indecent liberties with a child. A judge sentenced Reginald Dakota Faircloth to 12 to 24 months. Faircloth is also required to register as a sex offender for 30 years when released.

Faircloth was originally charged and arrested in July 2012, for statutory rape, sex offense of a child, the Pender County Sheriff's Office said.

Prosecutors say the female victim was 13 years old when the crime happened.

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He got off really lIGHT. I

He got off really lIGHT. I know a young man whos pulling at least 8yrs for having sex with his girlfriend


I dated him. I think that this is absolutely true. He tried to force me to do things that I did not want to do and I left him after that. When I told him no, he raised his hand at me and tried to hit me.

As the mother of four sons,

As the mother of four sons, I know exactly how old some of the girls look at 15 and younger. I have met girls that I would have sworn were at least 17 or 18 and then found out they were only 14 or 15 years,ample cleavage, short shorts, and even tattoos can make a girl look older than she really is....Way back when I was 13, I could pass for 16 years old fairly easily and did so, on occasion.
I'm NOT justifying the event, but I think that there is more to this story than the average person knows and it will eventually come out. IF he was actually her boyfriend, if the sex was consensual, and she was 15 (as some have suggested in other comments)and he was 18, then he should NOT have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
And YES, I am using articles like this as a teaching tool to explain to my sons the importance of knowing exactly how old a girl is before they get too friendly!

This is true and young girls

This is true and young girls lying about their age. They are out sleeping around but its the boy who gets in trouble :(

This guy is a punk. I wonder

This guy is a punk. I wonder if the ConfidenceKilla's confidence will be hurt once he's been taken advantage of a few times behind bars. He sure is pretty... he'll make someone a lovely girlfriend.

not all true

This article is a joke. She wasn't 13, she was 15. They dated a short amount of time and they even had a baby together. She told him she was 18 throughout them dating and the only reason why the charges were filed is because she fell pregnant and her parents filed. She was completely willing, and there was only a 3 year age difference with her real age.
I know this dude personally, and he's done some messed up stuff in life like stealing and everything, but he is NOT a rapist.
At the time of his conviction he was turning his life around so he could be a role model for his child, he was growing up to be an adult.
Now all of it is ruined.
Don't listen to this bogus story without knowing the real story. The age is false and it was, by no means, rape. The news is just twisting everything around, like usual, to make an interesting story.

His life isn't ruined not

His life isn't ruined not like my friend who got at least 8yrs when he turned 18yrs old and the case was the same. No rape. Its a shame they dont hold the girls accountable to

I agree I also knew him n I

I agree I also knew him n I Have seen the girl recently she is also pregnant again with another guy clearly avenue has issues

The law is the law! and we

The law is the law! and we all know what it states. Better start asking to see some I.D before the deed is done. and others shouldn't be so quick to judge because its not ALWAYS the guys fault. everybodies fast to point the finger straight to the guy and start throwing blame but don't stop to consider that there are in fact some young ladies out their who knows exactlly what they are doing and once things go south then its water works and he did this and he did that. i'm telling you...."hey girl, whats your name? CAN I SEE SOME I.D"?


I knew this dude, and don't get me wrong, he was weird as hell, but not a rapist. this just pisses me off being the second person I know being sent to prison over arguable motivation. the first being a decent friend of mine. don't get me wrong, the age difference is a little large, her being 15, not 13, but nothing that should result in years of prison, much less being registered as a sex offender for 30 years. just because the media has set personal age restriction views on it, doesn't give you the right to be an uneducated bigot on the situation.

Another thing...

Why would he plead guilty if he didn't do anything wrong?

Because they try to scare

Because they try to scare them into talking a lesser charge. Their scared if they dont take the offer that they could get more time

It's not the media that

It's not the media that determines what is criminal and what the sentence is for various crimes. It is the state legislature that does that.

I don't know anyone involved in this situation, but I do know that you can never truly know a person. A lot of child molestation victims were molested by people they and their families trusted. I personally know of two child molesters who fit that bill. I also know of a pastor who sexually assaulted a female parishioner and admitted it. She didn't go to the police and the majority of his congregation chose to support him instead of his victim.

You make it sound like he is set to spend several years in prison when in fact the most he will be there is two years. If he behaves himself it will most likely be the minimum of twelve months. The convicted rapist gets two years of prison at the most. The victim gets a life sentence.

Would you let your 13 year

Would you let your 13 year old daughter sleep with an 18 year old man?

I cant believe this

I know this person. And I cant believe he would do this to this young lady. He always had a gf that was old enough. Im not trying to stick up for what he did. But you know now a days you have to check ids just because young girls are developing much faster and and acting like young adults.

This grown man should be

This grown man should be ashamed of himself. I don't feel any remorse for a man who preys on babies... I don't remember people saying thirteens the new twenty....

I agree with all the

I agree with all the previous comments, a miscarriage of justice. Bad enough the prison time, but the stigma of thirty years registered as a sex offender! Why ruin a life? It really illustrates the continued decline and intolerance of our society. A pitiful example of the real nature of humanity. If we would begin to trust in our own innate capacity for goodness and compassion and stop relying on an eternity of bliss because Jesus blesses US, then maybe the human race could begin to become truly civilized.

I think that people need to

I think that people need to pay attention when reading the article.... The victim was 13 years old when this crime happen... And yeah there is something wrong with an 18 year old having sex with a 13 year old, not just legally but MORALLY.....

Yes, I agree people should

Yes, I agree people should read the article, including you:

The "victim" was 15 years old at the time.

Oh, sorry I think they

Oh, sorry I think they changed the text....I know it read the victim was 15 at the time in yesterday's post.

That's what you get for

That's what you get for being a smartass.


YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK. This guy was 18 and the girl was 13 at the time of the incident. THIRTEEN!!!!! There is NO excuse for that. NONE.

Actually, no she was not 13.

Actually, no she was not 13. She was 15. I knew them both. She told him she was 18 when the incident happened and the only reason why charges were filed is because she had gotten pregnant from the incident and her parents pressed charges.

I definitely don't feel

I definitely don't feel sorry for him..he is an idiot. He can't stay out of jail or stop having relations with CHILDREN. In my opinion he should've gotten a longer sentence but whatever.

not 15, 13

"Prosecutors say the female victim was 13 years old when the crime happened."

25-year-old girls

Sorry to be so provocative, but have you taken a look at the typical 15-year-old girl lately?

She looks years older, and she often dresses in a manner that suggests sexual maturity. I, too, feel empathy for Faircloth because I think the punishment is too severe.

After all, he did not assault the young "woman." He was 18; she was 15, but probably looked to be 18 or 19.

There's a lot of serious moral complexity here. What was there relationship? If the truth were known, we would probably learn he was dating her.


If he raped her then guilty as charged and shame on him. BUT if it was his girlfriend then shame on her and her parents and shame on the judge. If it was his girlfriend then our justice system is a joke. The sad thing is our media is worse because they make things sound worse so people will read the news and they pick and choose what part out of a story they will post. Sad!!

You dont know what happened.

You dont know what happened. He could have touched her against her will. Either way she was just a child and believe me you would feel differently if your daughter was this girl. Unbelievable!

this is so misleading

You people are clueless. She was 15, not 13, and he was 18 and she was his willing girlfriend. She just decided to use that few month long gap between their age that made the difference between legal and not to her advantage when she got pregnant. If my parents have a 10 year gap in age please tell me how two and a half years makes him a criminal. Its the girl who should be jailed for wanting to dp this to him.


So sad that his life is ruined and now will be registered as a sex offender because of this. She was his girlfriend, she got pregnant, and charges were pressed. They have a child together. Now he won't be able to go to his child's school events or spend time with the child in any children environment. It'd be different if he actually raped someone, but she was willing. I personally don't think I could ruin someone's life because my child willingly had sex with them, especially only 3 year difference.