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By Ashley Withers

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers are likely in for another rate increase next budget year.

The authority board finance committee held a special meeting Thursday morning to discuss options for the increase, which CFPUA staff members said will help cover “variable expenditures” such as electricity.

The authority board moved to a uniform rate structure in May. Under this structure, the cost per thousand gallons is $3.42 for water and $4.21 for sewer for both residential and non-residential customers. CFPUA officials said this was the actual cost of the water and wastewater.

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  • Guest2020

    Given that no one alive today was here in the 1700s, they certainly cannot remember that far back. He said he learned of a group of men from the 1700s. There is a difference. I’m sorry you have a problem with people standing up for themselves. But if every person laid down and just took what was given to them, we would be speaking the queen’s English instead of our southern drawl.

  • guesty

    No, we don’t have either a 200 a month cable or cell phone bills. All our vehicles are paid for free and clear. The difference is if we decide to cut off cable, so be it. Or we could switch to satellite. But with cFpUa you are stuck with them. You are not allowed to switch back to a well and septic system.

  • Fixing Stupid

    All you people on here acting as if this were the worst thing you’ve ever seen. “Oh I remember back in the 1700’s…” What a load of crap! “Vote them out”…”Bunch if criminals”…”I complained to the utility Commission”… When you people start looking at your selves and your constant bashing of everyone else, you will see that most pay 200 a month for cable and internet, 200 a month for a cell phone with all the latest data, most likely have car payments that you can’t afford. Yet you still find a way to manage. You get up in arms about paying to take a shower, wash your food, flush your toilet, make your coffee. Those luxuries cost money too, and you’ve been getting a bargain for decades with no re-investment placed in the utility that serves you. I say CRY ME A RIVER!

  • Mike from CFPUA here. The price you pay for the water you drink is .4 cents a gallon. Four-tenths of a cent a gallon. Our proposals amount to an increase of $2.70 a month – less than one gallon of gas – for an average customer who uses 4,500 gallons of water a month.

  • portcity

    I’ll be seeking a pay raise next budget year also. I really think it will happen this year…

  • ThankGod

    Thank God for well water! They raise their rates more than the insurance companies. Pretty soon at the rate they are going you will be able to buy an oz. of gold cheaper than an oz. of their water.

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