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CHARLOTTE, NC (CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL) — Not to worry, filmmakers and TV commercial producers. North Carolina will have something for you after the state's existing film incentives expire later this year.

The question is what those incentives will look like, NC Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker says.

Plans are to have legislation ready for the short session of the General Assembly, with hopes that there will be no gap in state film incentives.

“I am encouraged and optimistic” about the film industry discussions, she said today in Charlotte. The N.C. tax credit, which provides a 25 percent tax break, will expire on Jan. 1, 2015, unless it’s renewed.

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  • Vog49

    In some form? This should be interesting

  • Vog46


    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    But I am not amused. First I am against all incentives – but particularly this one. If the Legislature passes this I will vote AGAINST the current crop of Republican representatives.
    Why? Well its un-necessary spending.
    Its a Big government intervention into the private sector.
    And it thwarts any concept of “free market”.

    It is in short a government entitlement program for corporations -many of them out of state. Anyone who votes FOR this is either not a true Republican, or is so blinded by the Hollywood light that they can’t see straight.

    Vog as in Vog46

  • Machiavel

    Since you are against entitlement programs, how about kicking out the banks, Walmart, and auto dealerships too? See, the film industry is an easy target because the Repubtards in Raleigh have told you it is bad. Push for real change, not just useless evangelical republican rhetoric. Leave film alone.

  • Philosoraptor

    Well Vog is here like clockwork, railing against incentives because he lives in LA and trolls every message board in existence to try to bring film back to California. Guess what, they are now beefing up their incentives to be competitive. It’s the real world, and productions will go where it is most cost-effective. Only question is, where is SurfcityTom to weigh in with his repetitive shtick? Are they the same person?

  • guestPopeArt

    Don’t worry, Cathy family, I’ve got McCrory and Decker standing by to make sure YOUR new studio in Atlanta will have all of our NC crew moving to the Peach state next year.

    We’ve got Duke Energy providing lots of clean-up jobs for the rest that don’t want to move!

  • Vog46

    I have no problem eliminating film incentives. Filming took place here before incentives and will take place after they are gone.
    The industry just named the top 10 large medium and small cities for filming – and guess what? States with NO INCENTIVES have many cities on those lists – proving that incentives are not the sole driver of film activity.
    As for Georgia – be careful here. They had a very serious public debate about their film incentives effectiveness before they passed the last change. Opposition to film incentives is building – even in Georgia. They have admitted to have studied them but, in accordance with Georgia law – they do NOT release the results of those studies.
    What is intriguing is that many state auditors studied EXACTLY what states gained from incentives and found them to be lacking. Auditors study actual results – the industry touts “studies” with estimates of future activity which are overblown, many times over.
    The baseball folks had the same problem and it’s called IMPLAN – which is what they used to develop their “estimates” of economic activity based upon ball park construction -the same IMPLAN used by the film industry. But there are problems with IMPLAN


    And this:

    The industry’s numbers are badly skewed by the mis-application of IMPLAN. State Auditors, on the other hand – count actual results – and in many states – those auditors are seeing a very big discrepancy between proposesals and actual results.
    Let them go to Georgia or Texas. My guess is that soon, many more states will be doing the exact same thing as they wake up to the fact that they are wasting huge sums of taxpayer monies.


  • jj

    NO INCENTIVES unless we get part of the profits from the movie. Iron Man 3 made off with 1 BILLION World Wide and we are giving them a tax Break.

    Robert Downey Jr made of 50 MILLION for his part in the movie. How much did the local people make for working on the film? Maybe 15 DOLLARS an hour and they want a tax Break.

    Let them go somewhere else.

  • Machiavel

    What is it to you? Show us how it effects you, and maybe there will be some validity to your comment. You can’t, you are just repeating the same tired old conservative rhetoric. You want to make a real impact? Stop going to Walmart and supporting the biggest public assistance abusers out there. Leave the film industry alone.

  • Machiavel

    So all of you that are against it. Show me how driving it to Atlanta is going to benefit the economy. Show me how it DIRECTLY effects you. I will say it now, you can’t. If there was no boon to the economy the industry would not be here in the first place, Nor would Atlanta seek to court it. Austin TX did what you are proposing to do, they cut all the film incentives. A planned studio about to break ground died and the industry pulled up stakes overnight. The industry has been a part of Wilmington for going on 30 years. Other than the typical “yankee invasion” rhetoric(which by the way is the same in the Triangle), how is the industry hurting Wilmington? Tell me one financial advantage you stand to gain when it leaves. Show me the money you would have if it was not here. Rhetoric can work both ways too, like playing into the stereotype of the southerner hating anything to do with progress. By the way if you want to hate everything that the film industry and “yankee culture” has done to the area, then don’t frequent restaurants, coffeshops, downtown Wilmington, or Mayfaire. Leave the industry alone and fight the real threat to North Carolinians, a government taken over by conservative zealots determined to drive the state into financial and cultural death.

  • Rxc

    Send them back to California. We need the jobs.


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