Victim’s family disappointed with verdict for girlfriend who killed boyfriend

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Submitted: Wed, 03/05/2014 - 4:44am
Updated: Wed, 03/05/2014 - 4:14pm

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The verdict and sentence both came in for a Brunswick County murder trial Tuesday. While the jury convicted Julie Ann English, it was for a lesser charge. And, the victim’s family is more than disappointed by that.

Hugs and a baby picture of her son helped Nancy Kaylor deal with a draining and disappointing day.

“I’m not so much disappointed with the verdict, I’m disappointed with what they were allowed to be able to say in Michael’s behalf of what went on and what didn’t go on,” Kaylor said.

The mother of Michael Pate, who was killed nearly two years ago in Supply, told a very different story than the woman accused of murdering him.

“She would drink wine, do cocaine, she would throw stuff at him, she’d curse him. I know what happened in that home. She was as mean as a snake,” Kaylor said.

But, English said it was her boyfriend Pate who was that way. At her trial in Brunswick County Court, the 50-year-old testified that during their 11-year relationship, Pate was verbally and physically abusive, especially while drunk or high. On the night of May 27, 2012, English said she snapped after Pate hit her. So, she ran over him with a car.

“From their [the jury] point of view, this tragic thing happened in the heat of passion,” said James Payne, the defense attorney for English.

That’s why Payne said the jury convicted English of Voluntary Manslaughter and not second degree murder.

“What needs to be remembered is she was charged with 2nd Degree Murder and she was able to convince this jury that she’s not a murderer,” Payne said.

But, Kaylor said she isn’t convinced and probably never will be.

“There will never be no real closure to me as long as I live,” Kaylor said. “But, that woman, I pray in the name of Jesus that God with convict her for what she’s done.”

The judge sentenced English to four to six years in prison.

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8 Comments on "Victim’s family disappointed with verdict for girlfriend who killed boyfriend"

shawna hicks
2015 years 8 months ago

I agree with Mrs Kaylor (granny) Not so much disappointed with the verdict because it seems the jury did see that she did mean to hurt him. They caught her in some lies. They may not have had enough evidence to say she intended on killing him. But this was such a one sided case. Mike isn’t here to defend himself. So it hurt the family so bad that they were trying to portray Mike as a Monster. He was not a saint but he was one of the most loving people you could meet. He was loved by so many. They did not bring up any of the Many Many people that were witnesses to the years of this so called physical abuse. A woman can be an abuser also and Mike took a lot of abuse from Julie. All the kids seen Julie hit Mike, throw things at him, and freak out. She tried to run over him before “and ran over his foot” they did not put any of the kids on the stand ” his or hers” or some of the other people that seen this. The defense did not want the jury to see how mean she was or her common “snaps” That is what hurt the family. It may not have changed the verdict for the Jury to know more about Julies character but the family would have felt better that she couldn’t paint a picture of her being the victim.
Uncle Mike you will be missed!

2015 years 8 months ago

I served on the jury and am still struggling with the verdict we had to come to. Many of us believe this was second degree murder, but for others there were some gaps in the case that could not be ignored. I want the family to know how sorry I am that full justice may not have been served, we had to go on what the evidence they gave us could prove.

Jennifer Ashburn
2015 years 8 months ago

Guilty of voluntary manslaughter doesn’t negate the fact that she is a MURDER Mr. James Payne!! There was not one single person (including Julie English’s children) that testified to the alleged abuse that she suffered at the hands of my father. Naturally anyone who is convicted of murder would try to support their actions by claiming abuse. She was seen 4 times! 4 TIMES by a psychotherapist who gave her all the necessary diagnosis for the right cost. I am ashamed to say Judge Claire Hill is a disgrace to our judicial system. She had the nerve to claim she wanted a fair and impartial trial all while threatening to hold my family in contempt of court for crying, stating “It will not be tolerated”. She did not allow any character witness speak on behalf of my father who is DEAD and unable to speak for himself. She refused evidence knowing good and well it was incriminating to the defense. Evidence of verbal threats to kill my father, evidences that she had already ran his foot over prior to this incident, evidence of her abuse on my father witnessed by many. There were 4 people in that court room on Julie English’s behalf. My father’s friends and family pack the court room and never left. That speaks volumes to the man he was. Also, it was not the burden of the state to prove she intentionally killed my father. Neither voluntary nor second degree murder requires proof of intent. The burden of the state was to prove that the ACT that took my father’s life was intentional and they more than proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt through recordings of Julies own admittance. Every single law enforcement, fire personnel, criminal investigator and crime scene investigator said it was very obvious she ran him down in cold blood, of course off the record to our family only as once again Mrs. Hill wouldn’t allow their professional opinion. She did however allow James Payne to make a mockery out of her courtroom. Kudus to you Mrs. Hill on a terrible job!

2015 years 8 months ago

Ok I have been reading all the comments that has been posted. Well to start with Julie was a good person and so was mike. When you both are doing drugs nothing good is going to happen. Mikes kids are doing all this talking about how justice wasn’t done, its sad because non of you kids had much to do with mike and now that he’s gone your trying to say he was a great man. Maybe he was but so was Julie. I had been around when mike would get high and just start calling her names and wanting to push her around. There was many times I made the remark if a man ever man handled me as much as he does you I would hurt his ass bad. You think 11 years of this day in and day out. She left him a couple times but he wanted her back and said he would stop being mean to her. The night of his death yep they had been drinking and after everyone was leaving they decided they wanted to get high so they had some crack brought to them and after that is when everything went wrong. He thought she had hid some of the dope and started yelling and calling her names and then she walked outside to get away from it all and that’s when she got out of her car and he pushed and hit her in the face so she finally snapped and blanked out and ran over him. It’s sad that it has happened but both sides of the party’s are to blame. Yea Julie dont have much family but the ones she does have love her. Doug has had a pretty good life. He always looked up to bobby witch was a former boyfriend as a dad so of course any child is going to look up to whoever was there for him at the time witch was mike. I find it hard to believe that Doug is finding beef with his mom because she loves him and he loves her. Julie to this day has night mares of what happened that night. She loved and cared for mike. I always knew one of them would end up dead. Julie has loved and cared. She snapped like any other person would have done after taking abuse for 11 years. Julie hang in there prison isn’t that bad at all. You will be home before you know it. Love goes out to you. Your a very strong person.

2015 years 8 months ago

You are so right….. it doesn’t matter in the long run who did what… had alcohol and drugs NOT been involved it probably would not of happened. Both sides lost… Being the victim of abuse and watching my mother go through it from an alcoholic stepfather is awful.. but people who abuse do not show there true colors in front of others so they will not think badly of them… think they are just full of Gods grace… but you cant say you know what happened because you have not walked in their shoes…. they both are responsible for the outcome of what happened.. they both chose to stay in a bad relationship, they were adults who made bad decisions.. I pray both family’s find peace.

beach guy
2015 years 8 months ago

I am sorry for the mothers loss,
Two people in their fifties doing drugs and booze this is what happens when you refuse to grow up, we always hear about young people involved with drugs and booze and the havoc it causes,
all the young people need to take heed this is the end result if you do not curb your appetite for destruction and take control of your life.
I am sure as soon as the drugs and booze wear off in prison she will find Jesus in her heart and all will be forgiven. to me that is a little too easy but whatever I do not write the rules I just try to live by them

2015 years 8 months ago

Julie at one time was a tenant of ours and i myself saw how she drank and would fight with mike on numerous occasions had the police at the house and we often said we could see something like what happened to mike possibly happening to either one of them because all they ever did was drink and fight ! My condolences go out to the family !

jennifer ashburn
2015 years 8 months ago

I appreciate all you and the other juror did for my family. I cannot imagine how it would be to have been in your shoes. For me, God is the ultimate Judge and I know it must be difficult having that responsibility placed upon you. I want you to know you did the very best you could and our family is not angry with you or any other juror. We are angry that Judge Hill allowed Mr. Payne to make such a mockery of her courtroom and yet she berated my family for crying. She did not let anyone speak for my father. It is a shame and it kills me to hear Julie speak of the “abuse” that she suffered when I know beyond a shadow of doubt that not only did he not hit her that night, but that he has never hit her or any female for that matter. Don’t you think that if a man punched you, causing you to land 6-10 feet away, that A. you would have been knocked out or disoriented at the least, and B. you face would have been so swollen you wouldn’t be able to have seen out of it. My dad was truly a great man. The night he died was my daughter’s 10th birthday and I was at her party when this happened. I had always refused to be around Julie and that is why my sisters and I were not at his celebration. I told my dad many times I would not come to his home or be near him if she was around. She was so hateful and vindictive from day one. The night she murdered my dad, her son Doug English was with me and my siblings. He cried for the loss of my dad stating “Mike was the only father I known; he was a better parent to me than she ever was”. I am so saddened at the loss of my dad but it hurts me so much to know that Doug has now lost everyone who he ever loved. I pray God will bring you peace with your decision and know that I do not blame you. Thank you again for being a part of my dad’s life. I wish you could have known the person he truly was and not the animal she portrayed.