Viral photo of dog hanging from harness leads to threats against business owner

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Submitted: Thu, 03/06/2014 - 4:55am
Updated: Thu, 03/06/2014 - 4:33pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A viral photo taken at a New Hanover County dog grooming business has led to investigations by the New Hanover County Animal Services Unit and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

The photo shows a dog hanging from a leash.

Now a business owner also in the photo is telling her side of the story, which she said is more than it may seem at first glance.

As far as we know the dog is still alive and well, but a picture, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. In this case those words have come in the form of angry calls from all over the country and Canada even in the form of death threats.

But the woman in the picture says it is not what it looks like.

The photo led to phones ringing off the hook today at Olga’s Dog Spa off Market St.

“If I saw someone post a photo on Facebook I would feel the same way, but the fact that the way it was posted and who posted it,” said employee Misty Johnson.

Tim Suggs, a former employee of Olga’s, posted the photo of a dog hanging from its leash to his Facebook page. Suggs was fired this week after shop owner Olga Littleton says she caught him stealing.

“I think it is sabotage,” Littleton said of the photo.

Littleton says the now infamous picture being passed around the country was taken five years ago. She says it was Suggs who hung the dog.

“I think it was a silly prank, and I think he thought it was funny,” Littleton said. “As soon as I saw it I reprimanded him.”

Johnson remembers the incident as well.

“As soon as she turned around and saw it, she was like, ‘Take that dog down. What are you doing?'” Johnson said.

Littleton is retiring in less than a month after running the business for 15 years.

“I think he did it to make her feel like she is leaving with her head hung down because Olga has her pride,” Johnson said.

But that pride has taken a hit after all the backlash.

“I feel like I let a lot of people down,” Littleton said. “I had a voice. I had a platform, and I feel like I could have used it better.”

Now she’s left picking up the pieces, yet still able to forgive.

“I have always forgiven (Suggs) in the past,” Littleton said. “I would forgive him again. I love him to death, but I feel like there has just been a death. Something has died. Something is broken. It can never be repaired.”

Littleton says she understands people are going to look at her differently, but she hopes she can gain the community’s, and now the country’s, trust again.

Despite some negative online review of her business, animal control says there have never been any complaints of animal neglect or abuse at Olga’s Dog Spa.

Suggs, who has pending drug charges in Brunswick County, could not be reached for comment.


  • Kindness says:

    Even if it happened years ago why was that employee not fired then? Oh yeah because the owner of the groomer thinks its funny as you can see by the smirk on her face on photos where it is not blurred. BOO!

  • Melissa says:

    Rather this dog was on a harness or not that’s still cruelty and everybody in that establishment should face charges

  • Kirk says:

    Show me the harness. The dog was hung by its neck.

  • James Parker Jr says:

    Ha. Several years ago, she was saying it was recent last night on the page. She’s a compulsive liar trying to cover up her mess.

  • lonetraveler says:

    for who she really is and that is an abusive monster who has absolutely no business having access to any animals. She appears to be enjoying the “joke” in this photo and is in no way trying to help the poor animal. No harness can be seen in this photo although it really doesn’t make any difference. Torture is torture, period. Her business should be shut down immediately. After viewing this photo any customer who continues to use this woman to groom their dog doesn’t need to own one. There is a special place for abusers of animals.

  • Shay Duval says:

    That is Olga of Olga’s dog spa.

  • AnimalProtection says:

    All I will say is you have a petition that reached almost 2,000 in less than a day for this photo that went viral overnight. I shared this photo and the next thing I knew is almost all of wilmington has seen it from everyone sharing it. Its blatent that this is unnacceptable and should be considered abuse. Please don’t take this lightly. Investigate it all. I’m sure if you see all that has been said, you wouldn’t hesitate to take proper action and shut this place down. She keeps saying it was a joke, but that does not make it acceptable and she shows no sign of stopping this. Show us that animal abuse is taken serious around her. Thousands of angry people who will be more angry if this gets left alone.

  • Sherry O says:

    So, that makes it OK? What part of hanging a dog by his harness is OK?

  • 1st time says:

    The picture itself will cause her business to shut down. Without clients there is no business, I for one wouldn’t use this place and I’ll guess the thousands who seen this are saying the same. Joke or not, the poor dog must have been scared silly. The young man involved should face charges too.

  • Guest1851658 says:

    There are some despicable “human” beings out there. This is disgusting. The picture I am looking at was not fuzzed out or distorted, and she does seem to have somewhat of a smirk on her face. She certainly is doing nothing to help the dog.

  • Tabatha Mercer says:

    Obviously this was NOT a JOKE there is No Harness. Go to this woman’s reviews on her website her very own employees that have WALKED out and Quit due to the treatment of the animal’s clearly state this woman has committed ANIMAL ABUSE. Olga Littleton needs to have her business shut down and pay the price for animal abuse in a cell.

  • kendra says:

    Seeing this has upset me!
    I DO NOT see how this could be taken as a joke in any way. In the picture it looks like olga is even smurking. She doesn’t look one bit concerned with what is going on. Being a groomer myself I would NEVER treat a dog in that manner. If it had been my salon I would fired his sorry ass on the spot!!! Joking or not that dog could have died!!

  • Angie Browne (Dog lover) says:

    Totally unacceptable. No need for fickle excuses, this is outright abuse, end of!!!

  • 1234543 says:

    I fail to see any humor in this photo, hopefully “all” the responsible party’s will get some jail time out of this!

  • doglover says:

    Rather than taking a picture of the dog hanging there a true animal lover would have got the dog down. Olga day spa needs to be shut down!! I hope that the owner of this precious animal will see this picture and sue her. It is ashame that you being in the picture and being the owner of the place would be doing something besides posing for the picture.

  • Barbara Hardin says:

    Despite whether this dog was hung by a harness or not, hanging the dog at ALL is completely unacceptable. Also, anyone that knows Dachshunds well would know that their rear ends need to be supported when picking them up, etc., due to the length of their bodies and the potential for back problems and even paralysis. So, regardless of whether the dog is safe today, doing something like that was detrimental to its health and well-being. And the business owner looks quite amused in the photo.

  • Jessica T says:

    She should have been fired, Joke or no joke! It just isn’t funny! Maybe the dog wasn’t harmed, but this photo makes it look as though it’s was no fun for this animal. There is no excuse for this one!

  • Brenda says:

    My dog has been going to Olga’s for ten years and he loves everyday that he is there. I don’t think he has ever been mistreated. All I have to say to him on grooming day is…do you want to go see Olga? And he immediately runs to the door. He goes every two weeks . I think her loyal patrons would definitely know this is someone causing her harm….

  • Amy M says:

    This is absolutley disgusting! How dare these people treat a poor and innocent little dog like this. Who knows what else these jerks have done…authorities need to investigate this and take appropriate action against the abusers! She has no right being allowed anywhere near an animal of any kind…what a worthless individual she is!

  • WilmGuy says:

    You are a moron. There is clearly a harness around the dog. You can see it. Also, the owner of the dog is a law enforcement officer and has stated the dog is fine. Olga did nothing wrong and is being blamed for something she had no part of. Tim Suggs is a thief who was pissed he got fired, so he set up this entire incident to try and hurt Olga’s business, which has worked. He should be indicted and sued. He is the one who hung the dog AND took the picture.

  • WilmGuy says:

    Here is a picture of the harness after the brightness and contrast was adjusted in photoshop. It is a known fact that the dog is fine and unharmed. The owner has stated so.

  • Cyndi says:

    This is not a joke. I find this offensive and breaks my heart to see this. How can anyone do this to a living being. The people responsible for this, the person in the photo, the person taking the photo and the owner of the business need to be brought up on charges and imprisoned. This business needs to be shut down.

  • brittany brown says:

    signed the petition but after further reviewing I realized the dog was hanging from a harness not from collar as I originally thought. I’m sorry but the dog was not hurt and it was an employee that was fired for stealing thst posted it. The business shouldn’t have to suffer for a kid’s distasteful joke. I love animals and love my dog babies but I do not see abuse here. This was from 5 years ago.

  • Gregory says:

    This picture is proof enough for me. I will NEVER put my dog in this woman’s care. You may *think* your dog has not be abused, but my guess it that s/he hasn’t actually been able to tell the tales. Get yourself together.

  • Gregory says:

    Harness or NOT, this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE treatment and she’s smirking in the photo. She is NOT innocent. Grow up.

  • Lone Bear says:

    The only moron is the writer wil guy it doesnt matter whether there is a harness or not!!! only an Idiot would condone this and if the so called”cop” approved this that shows he would be either an animal abuser or a typical drug dealer as most cops i have seen are and pimps.
    The woman who is watching this should be charged the owner should be fined and the cop should have the dog taken away from him also the owner hired the bum anyhow right? she is the one responsible!!!!
    The buck stops with her an apologists like you try to excuse and evade responsibility.

  • Lone Bear says:

    like i said before apologists like u created more cruelty would u like to be hung? hard for me to believe a “cop” would let this happen to any of his animals as if the “cop” does accept this with no complaint that shows me to what most cops are cruel, corrupt and drug dealers. and the woamn who watched it should have taken immediate action and fired him and broght charges against him and why is this pic 5 years old?
    Wilm the only Moron here is you!

  • Anon26 says:

    just because your dog might not have been victim of any form of abuse, that you know of, doesn’t justify the other ones that are. Multiple complaints from former employees that she’d hit the dogs or kick them and not properly give them water and crating them all day. Open your eyes. I’ll take the words from the people who witnessed and suffered from this. Not someone who shrugs this off because she thinks her dog hasn’t been mistreated.

  • Chris Whitley says:

    He should have been fired on the spot if he did this not wait another 5 years and fire him for stealing. I wonder what else he did to dogs there. I hope this place gets closed down. I would never take my dogs to any place that did this ever.

  • GrandmaK says:

    Cause your dog can talk and tell you whats going on. By the comments I read on the original posters FB page under this photo, they all seem like complete white trash !! if you take your dog back there after this you are an idiot.

  • Jaylynn says:

    How can you defend her when the dog is clearly hanging from the ceiling and she is just standing there why would u even take the chance of bringing your dog back j there

  • lbk says:

    I don’t care if it’s a harness of not! If you think this is “OK”, you shouldn’t be allowed to have children or pets!!! The owner is standing there while the picture is being taken. Look at the smile on her dumb face! She should not be allowed to be ANY where near animals!!!

  • Rick says:

    Actually, YOU are the moron. Whether the dog is fine or not fine, is not the question. Had the harness snapped, the dog easily could have been killed. You don’t pat somebody on the back and say job well done if the animal lives. You reprimend the person for risking it’s life. She is at fault because he WAS NOT FIRED immediately. She waited five more years before doing so. I’m sorry, but she deserves all that she is getting right now.

  • kristen says:

    It does not matter how the dog was “hung” it does not make it right. This was NO joking matter!!!

  • Leo says:

    You are a LIAR! $5000 surgery? Really, yet there has been NO complaints on her place since she has been open so says Animal control and the Sheriff’s department! Everyone signing this petition and demanding that her business be shut down basing off of ONE single picture should ALL be ashamed of yourselves! What if it were YOUR business and an employee had set you up? Even if she had fired him 5 years ago the only difference that would’ve made is we would be having this discussion then instead of now with the same idiots being mad at the woman who turned around right when the pic was taken! Think about it, the disgruntled employee that was FIRED for STEALING is the one that hung the dog AND took the picture and then posted it after being fired and started a bogus petition to get her closed down. I hope HE goes to jail for stealing AND for hanging the dog and for slander and libel! Think and use some common sense before you blindly sign a petition without knowing ANY facts!

  • Beth says:

    Harmed or unharmed this is NOT OKAY! That poor dog was probably shattered emotionally. Do you have any idea how scary that had to have been for that poor dog. WILMINGTON PD should arrest all involved immediately. I doubt they will though. They will probably get off due to statute of limitations or some similar ilk. If the owner truly cared she would have called WILMINGTON PD immediately. She let him work for her five more years? What else was this piece of work doing to animals under his care? Any children under his care? Serial killers start out the same way, abusing little animals,! He is a monster, and she allowed the monster to work there anyway. This isn’t about a monster this about doing what is right. Any decent animal owner/lover roundly condemns such behavior. Anyone who doesn’t doesn’t deserve their animals and is an animal lover in name only.

  • smith says:

    These people need to be shut down and locked away. My moms dog had to have 5000 dollat spine surgery after getting injured at olgas dog spa 2 years ago. Anyone know of how we can make sure they’re held accountable?? Call me 910 465 0656

  • Jen says:

    There is OBVIOUSLY no harness on this dog.

  • Guestomfg says:

    Olga’s Dog Spa, Wilmington, North Carolina.

  • guest111 says:

    OMG What groomer is this?

  • tracie says:

    funny that you mention that, from what all i read on the fb news feed, since last night, the person who hung the dog up, also took the photo, and is also the same person she fired last Saturday, and is the same person who is supposedly black mailing her. she says he is trying to take over her business, and has possession of her building keys, credit cards ss# ect. that shouldn’t matter. what matters is that she should have called the police and had him fired when he did this in the first place, even if it was 5 years ago. her business and her responsibility. why wasn’t he fired years ago? i hope they hold both responsible and those who worked there and did nothing, for this.

  • guesty says:

    How sweet will it be if it is found out the person that strung up the dog is the same person that released the picture. Hopefully he/she is charged with animal cruelty and receives the same punishment.

  • denise says:

    I am an animal lover. Just seeing this picture made me cry and it is horrible .

  • Louisa says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would think a photo of a dog hanging from a ceiling would be amusing, when it is, in fact, disturbing to anyone with any ethical/moral sensibility.

    The photo is incredibly insensitive and staggeringly stupid. The owner of the pet grooming service and the person who shot this photo should be outed.

    Shameful. Disgraceful. If I had a dog, I would take it elsewhere for grooming.

  • Guest of the Week says:

    It’s Olga’s Dog Spa, not “Day” Spa.

  • Jess Owens says:

    Olga’s day spa!
    Google it. Multiple reports of animal abuse.
    Arrest and prosecute. And in the mean time for god’s sake, shut the place down!!!

  • Shanette` says:

    Since this is so amusing, I wonder how the person in the picture would feel if someone put a leash on her and let her dangle by her neck hanging. I don’t even understand how this woman is allowed to continue to work with animals. She needs her liscense taken and needs to face criminal charges.

  • Joyce Moran says:

    That Littleton woman is an outright liar. Just look at her in the picture. How can you say she had no knowledge. She should not be allowed within 6 inches of another dog or cat.

  • alicia says:

    You have got to be kidding. There are absolutely no excuses for that kind of behavior. Whether there during the present time or not. Its your business or you work there. There is nothing funny about this, harness or not. I hope this place is shut down, no excuse.

  • brittany brown says:

    signed the petition but after further reviewing I realized the dog was hanging from a harness not from collar as I originally thought. I’m sorry but the dog was not hurt and it was an employee that was fired for stealing thst posted it. The business shouldn’t have to suffer for a kid’s distasteful joke. I love animals and love my dog babies but I do not see abuse here. This was from 5 years ago.

  • Derek Bennet says:

    Scenario #1: Owner of a grooming service hangs a dog by its neck while laughing and allowing it to be photographed. Her business continues for years with no employee or customer coming forward for the horrific act.

    Scenario #2: In bad taste, a dumb kid hangs a dog with a grooming noose by its shoulders thinking its funny then takes a picture that happens to have the owner in it. A few years later the same kid who hung the dog up and took the picture gets fired for stealing $10 then posts the picture on his facebook page.

    Now the picture is horrible and needed an explanation but sometimes reality is a little bit more mundane than some of us want.

  • Beth McDuffie says:

    There is nothing mundane about this and every one believes Tim Suggs is the one who hung the dog. The problem is why was this dumb kid still allowed to work with dogs and why was the owner of the dog not informed.

    This is Olga’s business and her responsibility and that dog is someone’s fur kid. This is NOT acceptable on any level whether it happened yesterday or six years ago. I also have a lot of questions there if “a dumb kid” did this six years ago and that same “dumb kid” is now retaliating. How old are these “kids” working in this salon?

    There are a lot of problems here. But so far I have heard no one at the salon discuss the dog and what was done after to insure he was not hurt. I deal with abused animals every single day and have seen a lot of pain caused by dumb pranks like this one.

    Right now, Olga should be held accountable, but so should that “dumb kid” and anyone else who was there when this happened. Had Olga taken SOME KIND OF ACTION when it happened to show she at least cared about the dog and the trust someone placed in her. she could not have been “sabotaged.”

  • Deb says:

    This is disgusting. This is not a small dog to pick up. The employee that did this had to have a chair or ladder, and other employees would have heard what was going on. Yes, shut Olga down and prosecute her as well as the fired employee. Oh my, what has this world come to where you get a kick out of seeing something like this done to a helpless animal, one of God’s creations. Even if it was 5 years ago, she should have fired this person on the spot and reported the incident. She should have been running to help this dog. This should have been reported. Looks like this came back around and bit her in the ***. Makes me want to cry for the animals they may have hurt and the owners don’t know about it. If this fired employee is trying to take over the business, he’ll have to get licences. Make sure he doesn’t. His name, along with Olga’s, belongs on a black list for dog groomers. OK Wilm PD, do your job.

  • Denise Rivera says:

    I would NEVER take my animals to Olga’s Dog Spa, period ! This owner is responsible, and, she should be held accountable – NO EXCUSES !!! This is animal cruelty ! If I was Vinny’s owner, I would prosecute Olga (the owner) – she is pathetic !

  • jj says:

    Wait, if they were doing this in a filming a movie would this be OK. The answer is they do things like this in movies all the time and people even think it is ok to give them tax breaks.

    So, the dog is on a harness and is not hurt. How about all the people who are walking their dogs with choke collars on that chokes them when they are pulling on the lease.

  • She knew he hung the dog up by the collar and didn’t fire him? Her story doesn’t make sense. She is guilty of animal abuse or failure to protect the animals entrusted to her… by allowing him to stay employed if he is the one that did this.

  • Terry Smith says:

    If you think that it was ok to hang this dog by his harness, then lets hang you by one and see how you feel.

  • WilmGuy says:

    YES – she is just standing there! Do something lady! That dog is hanging! Why isn’t she doing something! Look! She is just standing there not moving! Nobody is moving! We’re waiting. Get the doggie down!!! Oh wait a minute, this isn’t a video – it’s a still image. You really can’t tell that in fact the guy who hung the dog waited for the lady to turn around and SNAP! took the picture before she could react. She immediately yelled at him to get the dog down and he did. But nobody is mad at the guy who perpetrated ALL of this.

  • Katherine7 says:

    Also she mentioned she was writing on the white board and turned around to the dog being hung, so okay you mean the white board on the back wall in the picture? Because if you turned around to the dog being hung from all the way over there, then where you are standing in the photo means you stepped aside from the dog while the photo was being taken? Because if I turned around and saw that I would have immediately ran to the dog in fear of it getting hurt. She is lying. Trying to cover her a** so please don’t let this slide

  • L. Ellis says:

    This is a photo of animal abuse. Why didn’t she call the police??? Why did she even allow this on her premises. She isguilty for doing nothing to stop it.

  • I do not believe the above excuse; it sounds like a totally shady business to me and the look of amusement is unmistakeable……This, in my opinion, is CERTAINLY ANIMAL ABUSE….And I do not for one moment believe that dog was uninjured nor did he ENJOY it…..All involved should be punished…

  • Client says:

    My dog has been going this groomer for 3 years. He loves Olga and I feel that if he was ever mistreated I would know. He drags me out of the car and to the door to get in. Although this picture is alarming to say the least, I do not believe Olga had anything to do with it and the person who did this and took the picture should be punished.

  • Anonymous says:

    As another groomer at a different pet daycare center in wilmington, I am appalled! This is crazy! Ok the dog didn’t get hurt that’s great. But this should have never happened in the first place. Joke or no joke. Dachshunds backs are weak anyways. And the fact that the owner is standing in the pic not doing ANYTHING about it is crazy! I’m sorry but no matter how you look at this it is WRONG! I would never do this in my business ever!!!! No exceptions! Would you want your dog treated this way??

  • kathyh says:

    So She allowed the Empl. that did this to continue working in the shop for a full 5 yrs after this, and only fired Him after He was caught stealing from Her..that speaks volumes. As a retired Grooming Shop owner for over 25 yrs..If I caught anyone in my business doing this ..not only would there butts have been canned instantly ..but I would have filed charges..and notified every grooming facility in my respective state to not hire this person, based on this incident..there is no excuse for hanging a dog up like this..none at all..what if He slipped out of that harness and crashed to the many other unacceptable events or as this is referred to by the owner “jokes” might have occurred at this shop that no one even knows about..I shudder to think.

  • WilmGuy says:

    I can’t believe how people see a picture and do not bother to read the story, read other comments, or find out any facts. You make up your mind and run with it in about half a second, all based on emotion. Here are the FACTS for those interested in such things.

    1) Tim Suggs was an employee at Olga’s who was recently fired for theft and drug usage.
    2) Tim Suggs hung up the dog by a harness.
    3) Tim Suggs took the picture of the hanging dog a few years ago.
    4) Tim Suggs got pissed that he was fired, and decided to publicly display the photo today or yesterday, and state that it was Olga who did this.
    5) Tim Suggs started an online petition to have Olga’s shut down for the photo of an act he committed and a picture he took.
    6) Tim Suggs should be criminally charged and sued by Olga who has endured threats from people all over the world as of today, due to Tim Suggs’ actions.

    Hanging a dog by a harness is not ok. But you need to be mad at the person who did it. This is not a video. It is a still image. The image was taken at the exact moment Olga turned around from the writing on the whiteboard behind her and saw the dog. She was in shock, just before she screamed at Tim Suggs to take the dog down. You cannot judge by a still image what is going on Olga’s mind. She should have fired Tim right there and then, but according to co-workers, she has a big heart and chose to forgive him.

    This woman has suffered because of this little prank perpetrated by Tim Suggs because he was mad he got fired for stealing from Olga. Of course she is responsible for what happens in her place of business, but the moments after this photo it was because of her the dog was taken down and Tim Suggs was reprimanded. Your outrage should be directed at him, not Olga.

    *All of the statements made here are based on testimony from eyewitnesses, co-workers, and Tim Sugg’s own statements on his facebook page

  • Hannah anders says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Anyone that was part of even seeing that happen needs to git git git on down the road. And for sure git away from me. HORRIFIED.

  • Frances Reinsburrow says:

    I don’t really see the difference whether the dog was hung by a neuse or a harness, this is WRONG IN EVERY WAY. It is abuse anyway you look at it. This should be investigated to the fullest and prosecuted if necessary. It is nothing short of animal cruelty. The business where this took place should also be investigated and if necessary heavily fined, or better…shut down.

  • Doxie Lover says:

    This is SO SICKENING! What kind of MONSTERS would do this. I hope anyone involved in stringing this poor puppy up like this BURN IN HELL!

  • southernmomma says:

    My daughter worked for this lady,she can not even keep up with her employees or their salary.I have been told she yells at her employees and is also mean to the animals.My question is why is she standing there with a smirk on her face in this photo.Why would you even allow someone to do this at your business.I am surprised she is still in business.I would never let her touch my dogs.She needs help!!!

  • cheryl vargas says:

    She should of fired him and called reported incident to police. This is sick to even look at it breaks my heart. It is animal cruelty. I like how pet Co has there grooming u can see your pet it is cost more but worth it.

  • stacey says:

    Seriously, you should not be allowed to be around animals, small children etc… I am sick at what people do.

  • FJ41912 says:

    First of all I looked at everything last night when this photo was posted. If you go to the review sites for the business a lot of negative things about this business has been said even before this picture was released yesterday!! And on one review site someone commenting back to people’s opinions got a little personal and was AWFUL in their response. It sounds like the owner herself but I have no facts saying it is. The comments and reviews go wayyy back years ago. Number two if you zoom in closely on the picture of topic you can clearly see that the owner has a smirk on her face!!! EVERYONE that was involved should be arrested!!! The facility should be SHUT DOWN!!! I have read all the comments and reviews for this lady and her business and it’s ashame that an owner of a business would speak and treat her customers the way that she has…Number three is it just me or did she turn the water works on then off then back on pretty quick??? Just saying I don’t believe her and if I was living in that area I WOULD NEVER take my animals to her!!

  • Carolyn m says:

    Olga is an abuser- read comments in
    Customers had to take their dogs to ER. Ex employees and not the guy mentioned in this segment have seen her kick animals, etc. So Olga is an abuser who is denying and passing this onto someone else which is what abusers do-no self accountability. Do not be fooled by her story that she did not do this or that she had no part in it.

  • roy says:

    I think the lady standing there and the one who took the picture should be charged because it is not rite no matter if its just a prank…how would they feel if sumbody hung there kids like that as a prank….joke or not its a dogs life they are playing with and they get scared and have feelings just like us….

  • mason says:

    Owner should have reported the incident to the police and then fired the employee after finding the dog hanging 5 years ago! Who knows what else went on.

  • grace says:

    yes this is cruel any way you look at it…if olga cares as much about the animals as she claims then the photo would have never had the chance to be taken..i have family relations and friend relations to past employees of olga and yes olga is very rude, disrespectful, and for a business owner of 15 years she cannot keep track of payroll or salary to her employees..there have been times she was unable to make payroll there has also been abuse behavior to the animals so all of who which think that olga cares so much for the animals im sorry that you thought you knew olga, but apparently not as well as you thought you did….now on the other hand i dont believe that its appropriate or professional for olga to have sexual relations with her employees which has also happened in the past…i also know that olga condones the use of drugs whether employed by her or not..yes misty jhonson was present when the photo was taken..but shortly after the photo had been taken and i had the chance to view it i was left in complete awe and could not believe it…when i had asked misty jhonson she had no explanation and thought of it the same way olga had with a smirk..and let the record show that i believe the only reason why misty jhonson is so quick to defend this matter now is because olga is retiring and it has been said that she would be leaving the business to misty jhonson and whoever else im guessing that she saw fit to run the business..whether tim suggs has pending charges or not i think that, that is irrelevant..whether he was fired or not is also irrelevant..this happened and theres a big fat photo of it..also there have been complaints of customers dogs being picked up taken home thinking their dog was taken care of with the up most care only to discover that there were numerous cuts on the dog…and the dog in the picture belongs to a new hanover county detective..there are many different sides of this story and many different people who are involved making comments who had no idea about the photo claiming they knew all about it..

  • Colorado says:

    if she seriously saw her help hang the dog why would she reprimand him and not fire him if i had a business and someone did this they would have been fired and reported immediately even if it was not her she failed to protect her clients pets and kept him as an employee for 5 more years she is equally as responsible or if she did it she is fully responsible
    This story has made it to western colorado and should be fully investigated thank you news 3 for putting this out there

  • mason says:

    I read the entire article then made a comment. Thanks for the additional details as they further justify my outrage towards the owner.

    “You cannot judge by a still image what is going on Olga’s mind. She should have fired Tim right there and then, but according to co-workers, she has a big heart and chose to forgive him.” Oh, and the fact Olga (the owner) has a big heart and forgave Tim is suppose to make it all better? The still image doesn’t show if the poor dog wiggling to get out of the situation or if the wiggling caused a spinal sprain or fracture. It doesn’t show the possible psychological after effects.

    What the employee did is inexcusable yet the owner’s “big heart” took his side instead of standing up for the helpless animal – reporting the employee to the police and firing him.

    I have enough outrage for the employee AND for the owner.

  • debbie Nealey says:

    I do know this woman and her staff. She has always posed to me to be a bit bipolar. she does treat her employees like poo. She has no sole. This woman need to be put out of business and never allowed to Owen another pet for the rest of her life. She needs to seek out medical help!

  • debbie Nealey says:

    amen sister. I had a child that worked for this wack!

  • Jennifer Archer says:

    Thank you for posting some facts! I agree that the owner shouldn’t have let it go on as long as she did, But I mostly agree with you! This was done by an obviously mentally disturbed person and he wanted to hurt the owner for firing him… I think that Tim Suggs is responsible. 100%. I also wonder what the dogs owner(s) think… anyways just wanted to let ya know you are not alone. There is at least one other non-sheep. ME. Petition against Tim Suggs!!!

  • Kelli says:

    This Woman is a LIAR she allowed this guy to continue to work in HER SHOP since this photo and abuse occurred 5 YEARS AGO WTH??? She is a sick person who has no business being around any type of animals , she needs to be shutdown and never allowed to run any animal related business ever again !!!!!!! She is pushing the blame off on someone when again it was HER SHOP, HE WAS HER EMPOLYEE SO SHE IS RESPONSIBLE AND SHE DID NOTHING TO THIS MAN UNTIL HE STOLE MONEY FROM HER !!!!!!!!!

  • Shelly Crouch says:

    Olga’s Dog Spa needs to be closed and Olga Littleton and Tim Suggs arrested !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • golanv says:

    The fact that this photo was taken 5 years ago does not excuse anyone. Having known that the employee did this AND took a photo is more than enough reason to fire him then. What else has he done in the last 5 years that she may or may not know about. What does the owner of the dog think of this? If I saw my dog hanging by a harness or not, I would be contacting law enforcement. This is not acceptable or excusable for anyone.

  • Susan lynn says:

    That’s what I thought. If she were so mortified, why is she smirking in the photo? Why would she even wait to allow this photo to be taken if she were mortified by it? Doesn’t add up.

  • Margaret Melnick says:

    you are so right if I lived in that area I would make sure no one took their animal to this sick person and her dog spa. also if this was my dog I would have her in court on cruelty charges. A business owner is responsible for what their employee’s do. She knew what was going on and did nothing. Therefore she should be charged

  • kristen says:

    This man Tim Suggs should have been fired on the spot. The owner should be forced to close down and never be able to work with animals again. I can not believe some people try to justify this, it makes my blood boil. Hanging a dog by collar, harness, or any means is not a joking matter. This is disheartening that people would do such cruel things. This poor dog cant fend for himself we have to!!!!

  • Tanya says:

    B.S. If it had been Suggs who hung the dog (and I don’t really doubt it was), she should have fired him ON THE SPOT instead of waiting a few years until he stole from her. Instead, she’s in the picture smirking.

  • Katie01 says:

    Tim suggs did not start that petition. And yeah he hung the dog but she did nothing to help. Shes clearly just watching with no look of distress of her face. She stated she was writing on the white board and turned around and saw what happened and told him to take him down and reprimanded him. But how is,it that the white board in on that back wall and she is standing where she is like she thought it was funny too. Gonna tell me she turned around nd saw him hanging the dog and,taking a pic, walked to where she is standing and still believe she sidnt condone it? No. She was apart of it from the moment it started, She just didnt think it would come back and bite him or her in the ass. Theyre both wrong. Just bevause she didnt hang him herseld she was an,accomplice AND DID NOTHING TO STOP OR PREVENT IT. as an,owner YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES inclusing what takes place in your business. She wa saware of it and didnt fire him as she should have ao who knows,what else could have been done. And if u read all the comments and,reviews on her youd see theres more than one incident involving her therefore THEY ALL DESERVE PUNISHMENT

  • Jeannie parker says:

    How can you defend this person? She is the owner and, ultimately, she is responsible for what happens in her shop. The fact that she allowed TIM SUGGS to remain in her business is totally unacceptable. She should pay a huge price for this cruel act.

  • Bailey says:

    Absolutely sick to my stomach – it makes me worry about leaving my dog anywhere with anyone now!
    The fact that someone could not care enough to report that when they saw it is wrong. He should have been arrested five years ago that moment. She shouldn’t be around animals if this is what she allowed to happen. I know I look at my dog like my baby, I would sew if that was my dog

  • John Doe 1 says:

    Why does she have a smirk on her face then super genius? And how is anything based on emotion no one can see emotion over the internet once again super genius!

  • Beth McDuffie says:

    Thank You so much for sharing that info about a Dachshund’s back. I work in rescue and we deal with the absolute worst cases of abuse. When I saw this picture my heart sank.
    And the more I read the crazier the excuses seem to get. This seems to be all about “Olga” or all about “Tim” and choosing sides for others that work there or know Tim. They are all missing the point or just do not get it.

    It is not about THEM. It is about the dog and what that picture says. It is NOT ok. Olga has a position of trust and that trust MUST be earned. Even if everything she has said is 100% true… what happened after this picture? We know the person was not fired until much later when he was caught stealing $10.

    This should have been the end of his career in that salon. Further… this dog’s family left him there to be cared for. Was he informed of the incident that day? He should have been.

    All I am hearing is how much Olga loves Tim and keeps forgiving him… and how hurt she is. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU PEOPLE… IT IS ABOUT THE DOG AND A BETRAYAL OF TRUST.

  • boyfromdaVille says:

    Here is where you are wrong:
    “She should have fired Tim right there and then, but according to co-workers, she has a big heart and chose to forgive him.”

    How can you have a big heart and allow some one to work at your place of business that allows their employees to hang a dog. And yes I said allows because the fact is she DID NOT fire him on the spot. That’s like saying its not the persons fault that watches someone beat an animal in front of them. It is both of their faults. They both deserve prison or worse. It’s people like you that are soft on murderers and child molestors.

  • Beth McDuffie says:

    I believe you are the one missing the point.
    Whenever this happened, it is not about Olga and what she has suffered nor about Tim Suggs … who should also be held accountable…
    It is about that dog and the trust that was betrayed.

    Had Olga handled this professionally and with the public trust in mind, she could not have been “sabotaged.” Not once have I hear any of them talk about the dog or the dog’s owner and how he felt about this. Coulfd that be because he was not informed?

  • Guest of the Week says:

    You comment was reasonable, thoughtful, and entirely rational. There is no place for such sanity on the internets. ;)

  • Lknkim says:

    I did watch the video and I listened to her. Seems like the only thing she cares about is the welfare of herself. This woman does not have a heart at all if she did she would’ve fired him five years ago when he did that to the dog, then you could say she has a big heart. If she cared about animals at all her first concern would’ve been for the animals that were entrusted in her care. Seems to me she’s only mad that she got something stolen from her & the supposed drug use wasn’t going on in her place of business so the report states. What does that have to do with anything here? Seems like someone’s just trying to get back at him for telling the truth. She’s suffering? Aww poor baby…He also did wrong and I’m sure he will get his in the end, but I hope she suffers more than he does because she’s the one that allowed it to happen & allowed for that person to stay employed at her business. Big heart?? SMDH where was her heart when that dog was hanging sure she made him take it down but how many times did he do it when she wasn’t around?!? She knew he was capable of it shame on her!!! SHAME ON HER!!! I hope they prosecute her & him. I wish that they would do the same thing to her and him side-by-side and see who cuts them down. Certainly won’t be me. I hope they make her pay big for turning her head to what was going on around her unless it affected her in some adverse way.

  • WilmGirl says:

    it still does not negate the fact that Olga allowed (by not reporting and firing Tim Suggs) animal abuse to occur in her dog grooming shop. She clearly does not exercise good judgement and therefore should not be in charge of the care of dogs. It does not matter at all that this happened 5 years ago, in fact, it makes me feel worse about Olga. What other abuse did Tim dole out in the 5 years since he abused this dog? A normal person, would have fired him on the spot and reported him to the police. By Olga not stopping Tim, she at the VERY least condoned the abuse. She is just as guilty as he is.

  • Carla Gasaway says:

    If she gave a crap about the animals and protecting them from abuse, she would have fired him on the spot for such behavior. However she didn’t do that, now did she!?!? No she only fired him after he stole from her. Her priorities are very clear to the public!

  • Carla Gasaway says:

    If she gave a crap about the animals and protecting them from abuse, she would have fired him on the spot for such behavior. However she didn’t do that, now did she!?!? No she only fired him after he stole from her. Her priorities are very clear to the public! I feel for your pet. I really hope your pet don’t regret your choice to use this groomer. I guess some of us are just more protective of our fur-babies.

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve also heard reports from a former employee that she is just awful to the animals placed in her care. I don’t know who actually hung the dog, took the picture, etc., etc.; but the fact that this occurred five years ago, and the employee Littleton is blaming was just fired a few days ago, seems testament enough to me of her irresponsibility. Everyone involved should have been reported and fired immediately, FIVE YEARS AGO.

    Littleton is just as responsible for this incident as anyone else, more so as the owner, name and face of the business.

  • Troy says:

    I agree with your statement about people judging too quickly without taking any others facts in to consideration. But at the same time, do you really believe its possible that someone (Suggs) lifted a dog up, wrapped and tied its leash around the ceiling, and the owner didn’t realize what was going on despite having her back turned? It would take more than a few seconds to tie the dog up like it, its highly unlikely Olga didn’t hear the commotion or see it happening.

  • Guest of the Week says:

    Yeah, I totally believe an anonymous commenter on a forum full of people flying off the handle who has “personal” insight into how the target of all this misplaced rage treats others. No chance whatsoever that people would come on here making stuff up. No sirreee… there’s no mob mentality here, amiright?

  • xyz123 says:

    The picture does NOT clearly show the dog is scared.

  • Guesttoo says:

    Where are pictures of Timmy the doggie dangler? Druggie, liar, thief, animal abuser and all-round loser. Coward too for not owning up. He must be proud of his actions…I’m sure his friends and family are.

    I see all of this hate directed at the lady that owns the place and yet this loser is getting a pass. Why?

  • John Doe 1 says:

    Olga why are you smirking in the photo if you were against it and reprimanded Suggs who supposedly hung the dog?

  • Nancy R says:

    The owner is in the pic and doesn’t look disturbed by this cruel act. She should be held accountable for what happens while dogs are under her care and charges should be pressed against her. She is a liar. She obviously knew what was going on and condoned it. So she eventually fired the person who did this but she didn’t report him because she really didn’t care. Karma is a b!¥€#, I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  • Connie Pusateri says:

    I have known Olga for a long time. She loves animals and helped many abandon and abused dogs. Those of you who condemn her without really knowing her should be ashamed. I know she would not knowingly let anything happen. To one of her clients dogs.

  • Beth says:

    This isn’t mob mentality. Mob mentality suggests going against someone based on hear say with no proof. A picture is worth a thousand words. She allowed him to work for her for five more years after the fact? Something is clearly wrong with this woman.

  • Margaret Melnick says:

    I have one question for you, did you stay with your dog all the time it was there? If not you can’t possibly know how your dog was treated since it can’t talk. A picture says a thousand words. If this was an employee and she caught him doing this why was he not fired on the spot if she loves dogs that much. I know I would have kicked his a– out of the building so fast his head would swim. How is it the dog hung there long enough for a picture to be taken. Sounds more to me like the owner is trying to cover up.

  • Kellie says:

    I am absolutely horrified seeing an animal treated like this. Olga has a duty of care and is operating in a position of trust. I am perplexed as to why she never alerted the Police if she was aware of this happening . Just sacking an employee for something this extreme seems a little light handed. This gorgeous sausage dog could have died. I would of prosecuted and gone for some serious time. Psychopaths all have their beginnings….

  • SayWha? says:

    Three posts in ten days all including “mephitic”?

    Looks like someone’s been trying out a new word they just learned. :-)

  • xyz123 says:

    People really need to get a grip on reality. Why are most people here freaking out over a dog, yet the true criminals who just got arrested for sex crimes with a child, not much to say? I bet if a dog was involved, most of you would go ape sh@t and calling for execution by a firing squad. Geez, what a shame.

  • Not amused from UK says:

    People have said she didn’t know, it was done while her back was turned. Please tell me how do you hang a dog up 8ft in the air that would take a least 5 minutes to do and nobody was aware. Hello she new what was going on and did nothing to prevent it. This is not acceptable and they have got away with it for too long

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …the pure “Mob Mentality” and the resulting “Witch Hunt” punishment. I love animals as much as anyone on here and certainly will not tolerate animal cruelty, but Dahaaayummm people! Lighten the hell up on this lady and her business and take care of your own for a change! Geeez, I can’t remember when I’ve last seen such mephitic statements of hatred and judgement.

  • Guest1851658 says:

    I really don’t think Olga had anything to do with hanging the dog. However, when she did not fire the individual responsible for the incident immediately, it tells me that she condones such activity, knowing that it could happen again. Anyone who would do something like this is obviously mentally unstable and not the type person that should be left alone with anything or anyone who might fall victim to his pranks.

  • Sheri says:

    This sickens me……..Rather the dog is in a collar or body harness it should never be lifted into the air. If this happens in fronts of others what goes on behind the closed doors out of eye shot.

  • Darlene says:

    All is not what it seems to be! We have known Olga in the context of grooming our pets for over 9 years. Anyone who would groom a dog who bites her every time he gets a hair cut can’t be all bad. Our Westie was always her last cut of the day when he went because she knew he was going to bite her. We couldn’t bring him anywhere else because of this and I wouldn’t have wanted to any way. Olga always treated him kindly and even when he was dying of cancer she made accomodations for him. Shame on all you people who go off half cocked about someone you know nothing about. Olga has had as many as 20 dogs that belong to her at one time. She speaks lovingly of all of them. She may not be a people person all the time, but in lots of instances animals are far more forgiving than people. This woman has devoted her whole life and career to doing things for animals and to malign her in this way is a travesty! I would trust her with any pet I ever owned and will not trash her because of some druggie who worked for her just trying to do something to spite her for firing him. People should get all the facts before stoning a person to death!

  • Andrea says:

    I have taken my dog to Olga’s since he was a puppy, over 4 years ago.
    She has always been a kind and caring person who loves animals. I just dont believe she is capable of dog abuse. When I drive up to her business my dog cant wait to get out of the car to get inside. The photo is absolutely horrible but I believe Olga when she says she corrected the situation as soon as she saw it. The fact that the person who put the dog in that position is the same person who took the picture and posted it online was recently fired speaks for itself. Olga’s should have fired him on the spot but she gave him another chance and look what he is trying to do to her. It is just wrong and unfair.

  • Brian says:

    The way that the article puts it, she reprimanded him for that, she didn’t fire him. They claim that it was 5 years ago and that he is bringing it back up to get back at her. So, from what I gather, she let an employee do that, gave him a slap on the wrist, then let him work there for more than 5 years. She also said that she is not angry at the employee and will always love that scumbag employee who did that to a dog and stole from her (the reason he got fired). The owner is weaakkk when it comes to laying down the law, which in my eyes makes her a terrible person to run a business and manage people. Imagine that was your dog, and she let the guy off with a warning. I would want him under the prison.

  • Patti says:

    A picture of a hanging dog, is just that…a dog that is hanging! How can ANYONE say that it “isn’t what it looks like”?!? I am just OUTRAGED! How would any of these people at this establishment like to be hung and when a picture is taken of them, told that…”It really wasn’t like it looked”! I hope they get shut down!

  • portcity says:

    WOW sure are alot of stones being tossed at Olga. Your negative comments are rude and ignorant. I am very active in training and the rescue of canines. The harness is made to support the dogs weight. Its like a harness you would wear to climb with or hook to when you ride the large swing ride in Myrtle Beach. It would not hurt unless it wasnt put on proper. The dog actually looks like he is wagging his tail and calm… Not tucked and scared. The only one that has a right to complain would be the dogs owner. There is no animal cruelty being commited here. Leasing your dog with a collar is worst than this. The harness doesnt choke him when force is applied. I wouldnt be surprised if the man whi posted this picture is sued or even charged for posting this picture for the purpose of ruining Olga. P.S. Google swinging dogs….

  • Unbelievable says:

    I’d like to know where you are active in training and the rescue of canines? I would never want my canine around you. If you really think this isn’t abuse, you are a complete idiot. The picture clearly shows the dog is scared.

  • marie wilson says:

    You are a dog trainer AND do rescue AND you feel there is nothing wrong with this?!?! Wow, i truely hope you are joking. As a REAL dog trainer i can say you are wrong about the fact the dog was safe and in no discomfort. And to say it is like anykind of human climbing harness is FALSE! All of that dogs body mass is now being supported by his front legsanshoulders, this breed suffers from spinal and joint issues in most dogs you RUBE! Please educate your self before posting something so outlandish. A harness can do as much dammage to a dog as a collar, if not used in the correct mannor. God help your clients.

  • I appreciate you showing Olga’s side of this story as well as covering the hanging dog side of the story. Every story has two sides and this is good journalism. As one who writes and publishes a bit myself, I noticed this first. As far as Olga and the dog … not sure what’s happening here, but NO dog should be left hanging like that by either Olga or a degruntled former employee. Those grooming harnesses are meant to restrain a dog from biting the groomer and used only on a grooming table. I hope they get this sad mess straightened out. Bad press about animal abuse can be devastating to a business who earns it’s keep from proving animal services!


  • Pet owner says:

    Why did the owner allow this to even take place ? Who cares if it was a fired employer or if it happened yesterday, last month or two years ago ! IT is abuse and ultimately it is up to the owner to supervise her employees and actions and as she was in the picture , she apparently did not do her job!

  • Lori says:

    It is ok that you blurred the face of this subhuman….it has gone viral and her face is NOT blurred there….Sicko needs to be hung herself along with those that took part in this and any other bad treatment of animals in her care.

  • Kelly says:

    Even if she wasnt the one to put the dog up there her employees are her responsibility and this picture shows her standing there with a SMIRK on her face and not doing anything! I hope she gets shut down! the petition to close her down

  • Crystal Flowers says:

    This is just horrible even if it happened years ago. I wonder why the owner is just standing there and not having a total fit and helping that poor dog. I thought that’s what she is suppossed to do..take care of dogs. So sad…I wouldn’t send my pets there for anything in this world.

  • Concerned says:

    Their have been other allegations of animal abuse about this woman. Please make a thorough investigation

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