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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man and woman are both behind bars this morning, charged in connection to more than 100 sex crimes with a child.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s detectives say Amos Lavon Hardy, 36, faces 70 counts of first degree sex offense with a child. They say when the assaults happened between 2006 and 2014, when the female victim was between the ages of 8 and 16. Warrants say the abuse included multiple forms of sex.

Investigators say those charges are in addition to his Feb. 10 charges for four counts of sex offense parental role, three counts statutory rape/sexual offense and second degree rape.

Detectives say the Wilmington Police Department also served warrants for Angela Renee Wallace, 36, who is charged with 40 counts of felony child abuse, on behalf of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. Warrants say Wallace is closely related to the victim.

Hardy had his first appearance at the Brunswick County Courthouse where a judge upped his bond to $5,000,000. He is in the Brunswick County Jail. Wallace is also behind bars in New Hanover County under a $750,000 bond.

Detectives ask anyone with information about any other incidents involving Hardy to contact the BCSO Criminal Investigation Unit at (910) 253-2777 or Det. Scott Bright at (910) 616-6240.

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  • living in pain

    Shut up about the bond you idiot’s! His 5 mill hers 750k. High class losers like this dont have the cash so they wont be getting out anytime soon anyway.

  • Someone you would rather not know trust me

    This is for the family member above.. You’ve got to be kidding me??? You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to defend two individuals that deserve nothing less than a slow death and torture for ruining this little girls life that I happen to know very well. It’s a good thing that they are locked up awaiting judicial process… If they were loose there is no telling what would come of them… If I was around.. it would be GAME OVER! This innocent and sweet girl I knew is no longer innocent and will have to go under sever counseling and therapy to cope with the indescribable unGodly acts acted towards her…They will seek justice and God will seek 2nd justice against both of them when they meet our Maker. WARNING! these two will get paybacks in prison…..They got more coming to them than they can even imgagine… Soap on a rope will never help you… My prayers go out to the victim and her little brother as well. Dear God please see to it that those two children are in your hands and are given grace and peace of mind once all this is settled. Please keep them in safe housing till arrangements for permanent housing are established. A concerned loved one!

  • David guenzel

    Make it at least an 8 hour event. Sometimes a little torture is a good thing . . .

  • dickerson

    Who cares about the BONDS ? These people are sick trash who need to be hung by their genitals and burned to death with acid !

  • Amber Hewett

    This is one of Amos Lavon Hardy’s blood relatives speaking. “BACK OFF” of the rude comments that you are saying anyone who knows Amos would know that he would have never ever intentionally ever put his hands on a child not even his own and if you know Amos like I do you would never talk about any harsh things such as him being a child molester. I believe that female was causing him to do certain things that he probably did not want to do because he would have never ever have done that. Friends and family who don’t know the whole truth of the situation who is suppose to be there for Amos is already convicting him of the situation. If you feel like you already know that he is guilty before a jury why are you still staying you are friends with him and family. That is like you don’t know GOD and have faith and trust in GOD because GOD is love and Grace.

    Love you alway’s Amos and to know that your family is their for you that know you very well.

  • nofaithnlaw

    About the bond issue. In the original article published her bond was set higher than his.

  • candy

    His Bond is definitely $5 million dollars, and hers in %750 thousand. the last I checked $5 million was the larger number. That being said, the hell with bond at all….they should both be held without bond!!!

    As one person comments, the chances that animals were harmed in some way shape or form prior to this incident being discovered, is VERY HIGH!!!! just because it hasn’t been reported or charged, does not mean it hasn’t happened. Psyciatrist and Sociologist have proved that serial abusers usually start out on animals and work their way up to children.

    That being said, I don’t believe charges of this magnitude would have been levelled at these two unless their was some validity to it. As a former Police Officer, especially where children are involved, there would have been investigations and evidence of some sort prior to arrest. I feel absolutely certain that they will be found guilty. I do pray that they get what they deserve, and if I know most inmates, they will see that they both do!!!!

    I pray that that poor child gets the help that he/she needs to recover. It is a very difficult thing to recover from and live a healthy and happy life!!!


    hanging isn’t good enough for these two nor is shooting so just what the hell is good enough other than putting them both in public and cut their asses off
    sry but this is sckening messing achild up for life sicko’s

  • craig

    Dear son; Listen to dad this time. This is what the boogie man looks like now. Be careful out there.

  • WTH


  • Tracie C

    Hmmmm, I guess education wasn’t a priority in your family? Between her choice of men and your inability to see that 5 MILLION (which is his bond) is far greater than 7 HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND (which is hers – as stated in the story above).
    And why would you only list him as a POS? Your family member was THERE ALL ALONG. This is the 21st century and there is help to be had for ALL victims of abuse. She could have sought help. But, did she choose not to?

  • Kelly Lomax

    I am family to her, and I myself wld like to know why her bond is higher then his.I’ve known him for about 12 years and he has always been a POS!!! I’ve known her all my life amd dont understand any of this and never wld have expected it. But I guess u never really know somebody or what goes on behind closed doors even if it is family. I think anyone who can do this to a child sld b punished to the fulliest extinct! ! Family or not !!!

  • Dirk Diglr

    Its a shame public hangings are no longer allowed. These 2 would be perfect candidates. I hope the die a long miserable, suffering, painful death.

  • Colonel James

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in action, Dirk

  • guest5555

    i believe bond has to do with NOT the severity of crime, but the probability you will show for trial…higher bond would mean less chance that person would show

  • SurfCityTom

    the setting of bail bonds. He has nearly twice as many charges; yet his bail bond amount is roughly 20% lower than hers.

    Does that mean while her actions were fewer in number, they were more serious charges?

  • Guest-o-matic

    When it comes to sex crimes against little kids, where is one “worse” than the other or “fewer in number” make a difference? This is one case where I’d love the see the witch hunt and mob mentality prevail!

  • guestofhonor

    There are always many factors in setting bond – the primary are usually prior convictions and the person’s history of appearing in court as directed. If the person has failed to appear once or many times, that will result in a much higher bond.

    In this case I would imagine it is because this woman is the child’s biological mother and allowed it to happen.

  • I am not sure how you folks are looking at the bond amounts but I have counted the zeros in each scumbag’s bond amount and it appears that his bond is $5 million and hers is $750,000. So unless I am missing something , his bond is significantly greater than hers. Regardless, from this day forward they will have the benefit of better taxpayer funded services while in jail/prison than our public school kids will have as they prepare to be our future leaders.

  • xyz123

    There wasn’t a dog involved, then people would really get upset.

  • Beth

    If a person will do what that piece of crap did to a dog he is all the more likely to do that and worse to an adult or child. Maybe if we took animal cruelty seriously there would be less of the other. After all both are about dehumanization and breaking of the spirit of those weaker.

  • MG

    I’m glad these two are behind bars. My only question is: Why is her bond more than his? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Sad Man

    What’s really sad is that this story only had three comments, and the stupid dog hanging from its harness for a few seconds has 132 comments of outrage.

    What’s really sad is that we have twisted priorities that put a dog, or any animal, above a child.

    First things first!

  • SMIN

    @ SAD MAN…….Exactly!!!!!

  • lonetraveler

    for these two scums of the earth. I really wish they could be released from jail and that the public would hold a “Welcome” party for them.

  • Emily

    So you can rape children and be given a bond of $600,500 but if you were to sell drugs, a non violent crime, you would be given a bond in the millions?? Now isn’t that strange?

  • Totally agree. Why are more people not upset about selling drugs being punished more harshly than 8 years of child sexual abuse? Something must be done.

  • Guest909

    Doesn’t his bond state 5 million and hers 750 thousand.. I could be reading it wrong.

  • Guest2020

    The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the defendant appears in court. The amount of the bond is determined by a number of factors, including the severity of the crime, the criminal history, the likelihood of the defendant to be in court and safety of the community.

  • Sad ButbTrue

    This is really a sad situation not sure what went wrong but something did. What these 2 are accused of is plain sickening!! I’ve heard about the selling the child statement it happens in today’s society it’s some sick people out here. Under no circumstances should you allow anyone to harm a CHILD!!

  • Tracie C

    Have you seen the movie “Idiocracy”? Take my advice and do so. It will answer so many questions for you about the state of humanity today. Enjoy!

  • Southern Born

    Yep, there should be a action committee that would exercise any and all punishment necessary to deter future action on others such as these in the future.

  • Visitor123

    I totally agree with you on her involvement. I believe that from some information I read she was “selling” the child to him. They are both a waste of air. The child was a relative, what trust issues will this girl have. Talk about ruining a child’s life. The physical and emotional abuse… And yes, people can not count that high I guess?

  • douglas pope

    I have know Amos since our days playing Tee Ball and I have also know Angela since my late years of high school , I lived with her and her family. I hooked her and Amos up during that time so they dated but I don’t thing it went to far. I hate to hear that about both and will be praying for them and there family’s as well.

  • Guest2020

    They are where they are because of choices they made. It is the victim that deserves the sympathy. The two adults deserve the death penalty.

  • min


  • jj800

    The charges were dismissed. An investigation found no evidence and the daughter lied. How do you feel about that death penalty now?

  • ILM Resident

    I am upset when predators prey on anyone who cannot defend themselves, animals and children included. These wastes of space probably started out on animals first. We must take animal abuse more seriously, not only because it is the humane thing to do, but also to prevent future child abuse.


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