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KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — If you’re planning on taking a trip to the beach this weekend you might want to watch your step once you get there.

After four days of wind and rain, up to 3 feet of sand has been washed away from the beaches around Pleasure Island.

“It’s sad, it’s really sad, but it just tells you the power of a storm off of the ocean and it’s pretty crazy,” said Renee Johnson.

Four days of wind and rain have sent waves slamming into the beach and now stir-crazy residents are getting their first look at the damage.

“We thought we’d come down and see it live,” said Dwight Johnson, Jr. “The waves have went down quite a bit. They were up pretty big yesterday.”

Waves high enough to wash over the dunes and sweep up to two feet of sand out to sea combined with howling winds knocked over the lifeguard stands that dot the beach.

The surf even gave one lifeguard stand a new home in the sand underneath the Kure Beach Fishing Pier.

“There’s a lot of erosion, and I hate to see that, but it’s still beautiful,” said Renee Johnson. “No matter if it is cold or what, it’s still beautiful.”

Despite the destruction, with tourist season just around the corner there’s no need to get swept up with emotion.

“Kure Beach, and all around here, they pretty well take care of it so they’ll pretty much have this fixed up in no time at all,” said Johnson.

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  • cliff

    The stands were not blown over. The fire dept. took the stands down just before noon. Erosion yes, if you went North of the pier you would have seen where a large portion of the old Dow Plant was uncovered, huge concrete slab, and the rock formations or the foundation of the beach floor has been uncovered.

  • taxpayer

    Unfortunately, we taxpayers spend millions of dollars to pump sand back on the beach only to have Mother Nature laugh and say…”Silly people…you know I’m going to wash it away…again, and again, and again.”

  • Guest6969696969

    Folks, there has to be a better cheaper, Longer Lasting way here…
    I did some goggling, on some of the Figures bandied about on Beach RE-nourishment…
    Last SPRING, As far I could get Figures on, We received, 65% Federal Funding with 35% of Local Funding from Hotel occupancy taxes & the like too contribute to OUR LAST venture of Beach RE-nourishment, (Dredging Carolina Beach Inlet), Which 1 year Later NEEDS “RE-Dredging” once again..
    Carolina beach received a Est. 900,000 Cubic yards of Sand, With Kure Beach receiving some 432,000 Cubic yards of Sand..
    AT a cost, (figures that I could find), 4.6 MILLION DOLLARS!
    THAT sand deposited lasted UNTIL; the First SPRING Nor-Easter, in 2013..
    The REST and “then some” was Lost over the past 2 “Recent”, Storms, Nature “restoring the beach” BACK into it’s “natural” state…..

    I OPINED then, to take that 4.6 MILLION Dollars and Just DUMP it off the End of Carolina Beach Pier, As that is what “good” it, Dreging & “Re-nourishment”, had done.
    I’ve spotted a couple of PDF Doc’s from the Core Of engineer’s Guess-a-mates, Glancing over some of the “Figures” which are into (almost, I’m including inflation) that could well run close too 50 MILLION in the next few years..
    With these Kind of “cost’s” to “Upkeep” the Carolina Beach inlet, While Providing “some” Protection from Nor-Easters, Configuring for “Sand Migration”, I believe that a Sea-Wall of Sorts, (Much like Mason Inlet) is maybe indeed the Answer at this point…
    We, the County/Beaches/and STATE CANNOT Afford to keep DUMPING DOLLARS into a Sinking Ship that’s Carolina Beach inlet…
    Anyone else have better Ideas, feel free to put them Forth…


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