Vote on permit for Porters Neck project put on hold

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Submitted: Tue, 03/11/2014 - 3:55am
Updated: Tue, 03/11/2014 - 12:41pm

By Ashley Withers

A technicality delayed a request for a special-use permit to build a mixed-use project near Porters Neck Road and Market Street, adjacent to the Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

Greensboro developer ACI Pine Ridge took the opportunity to delay a vote on the permit until June 19, after the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners on Monday voiced concern over the lack of engineering certifications on the plans for the development.

Vice Chairwoman Beth Dawson said the proposal was “incomplete” because the plans did not include a certified engineer’s stamp.

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  • linc says:

    I just moved with the hopes I could get away from all the traffic in Wilmington.
    This development will ruin everything we love about this area.
    It’s not like there is a shortage of housing in NHC. Stop it!!!

  • jj says:

    Remember people you didn’t want Walmart because of all the extra traffic. Now see what you will get..

  • NOFITHNLAW says:

    They can fight all they want….It will be to no avail. They are fighting the Trask

  • Parent says:

    Maybe somebody should make these developers kick in a little something so a school could be built in this area. With this many new homes/kids its really a shame they have to bus them all over the county to get them educated.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The kids get bused all over New Hanover County because districts are decided by demographics rather than geography. I am no fan of developers, but why would it be their responsibility to “kick in a little something”?

  • Chris says:

    I don’t know what the need is for more housing other then greed (money). It’s bad enough that there are no jobs around yet you want more people to move into houses that will end up being foreclosed on when the owers realize they can’t make payments with a minimum wage job. Farm the land. There is always a need for hay in this area. It would be nice to have community centers throughout Pender County for residents. Don’t make it an exstention of Wilmington. Why do you think people live away from it all….duh.

  • mikefrompn says:

    All i keep hearing about is how Wilmington is losing jobs and not attracting new companies so why would we need more housing?

  • Vog46 says:

    Ever hear of snow birds? You know, those folks that RETIRE here? They need housing but don’t need jobs……..
    Then you have the offspring of people who are already here……..

    Pender and Brunswick counties are two of the faster growing counties because they have one thing NH County does NOT have – undeveloped land.

    Perhaps we should commission a study to see why we need housing…..


  • DITTOS says:

    Love it…bring on the development. More jobs more commerce. Can’t wait for the new Buffalo Wild Wings…;-)

  • says:

    There are always going to be problems with developments. Whether they are residential or commercial. The weather here and the friendly residents here in town make people want to settle here. There will be alot more people moving here in the next few years whether retirees or just relocators from other parts of the US. I feel that Walmart will boost the economy along with the added residents to the Porters Neck area. If people want peace and quiet- Good Luck! It looks like moving to the boonies is the only way to go. A one hour drive to town would be an option. Or grin and bear it would be another.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Even though I live near Carolina Beach I do like the shopping and other attractions at Mayfair. This type of development seems more in line with this type of area. Not Walmart and the likes.

  • beach guy says:

    All you persons need to realize that in this country the landowner can still try and make a profit off of his investment I am sure if all you folks that want the world your way but want someone else to pay for it could take up a collection and buy the property in question and then you could grow daisies on it or anything else you see fit. And before you say well my taxes pay for the infrastructure you do realize that the Trask family probably has paid more taxes or made more donations than almost anyone in NC.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    let’s make it a multi year, multi jurisdictional study performed by some California or New York based entity which can charge $300,000 and then spread the pain throughout 3 counties and the City.

  • Tom Looney says:

    Among the myths often spread about Wilmington is that our growth (and yes, our growth continues—we’re ranked 2nd in the state…population growth…to the newest MSA data) is due to retirees/snowbirds. Consider the recent Star-News articles/data on the growing number of kids in youth sports, shortage of fields, etc. Consider too the continued rise of our K-12 school population (public and private both growing). Another multi-hundred million dollar school bond will be coming our way soon to help fund the public school growth. And while our unemployment rate is still too high, it has improved while absorbing all the population growth and working aged families with kids. Then there is the myth that the Special Use Permit (SUP) is “bad for business”, with some pointing out that over half the counties in NC are not “burdened” by a SUP process. Perhaps: but nearly all the counties that are part of the 14 MSA’s in the state of NC have SUP, and this group accounts for 86% of the state’s GDP! Modern, competitive regional economies leverage the SUP to help 21st century economic developers target Traded Sector growth companies in growth industries, with their good paying jobs that deliver a “multiplier effect” on good jobs for the lesser skilled, lesser educated workers in the region. The SUP rightfully requires high-polluting industries to be accountable for the actual “net new jobs” impact they have (a standard of accountability that would have exposed the truth about Titan’s ACTUAL jobs effect). The SUP process also holds firms to be transparent and accountable for the negative spillover effects from their toxic impacts to air-water-ground-human health-etc. Data driven decision making is what we need to drive economic development decisions. And by the way, non-traded sector activities like new retail and residential developments are THE EFFECT of economic growth and prosperity of the Traded Sector, which is THE CAUSE of net new regional growth. So many get that confused, and allows special interests to play games with the truth.

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