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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A 10-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by a car Monday morning.

The Holly Tree Elementary student was walking across Brittain Dr. to get on a school bus.

Police say Michael Burnette illegally passed the stopped school bus hitting the boy with his right rearview mirror.

The child was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Burnette made his first appearance in court today on a felony charge. His case was continued.

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  • Scott Betz

    This is an opportunity to let all North Carolina and visiting drivers know that we have a “0” Tolerance for stupid and careless drivers. There are NO excuses acceptable for this behavior. They should put this clown away for 30 years and then brag about it on PSA’s. The word will get out quickly about paying close attention when there is a school bus.

  • Brian James

    Unless you know the actual story, or were there to see it you can’t base your opinons on what you read. The bus was not stopped the kid jumped out of his car and started running towards the bus and ran into the other guys vehicle when he was trying to turn. I was there so I should know.

  • Su

    I frequently see idiots who are in such a hurry they pass buses that are getting ready to stop with their yellow lights flashing. It is dangerous and I hope the bus drivers are turning them in. I make sure to walk my kids from the car to the bus just in case. I hope the injured boy is okay and I hope the idiot that hit him gets the maximum penalty.

  • griffin

    If the bus is “getting ready” to stop, but still moving, with amber lights flashing, it is not a violation to pass it. Bus drivers tend to confuse oncoming traffic by turning on their amber signals and driving another half mile, passing traffic that has stopped or almost stopped…….very confusing and dangerous. There needs to be DESIGNATED bus stops, like other states have, which let motorists know exactly where the bus will stop. In order to be convicted of passing a stopped school bus,
    1. The bus must be completely stopped
    2. the RED lights and stop arm must be actuated.
    3. There must be children present.

  • David Roebuck

    I see cars passing buses quite often..why dont the police and sheriff cars follow buses on their routes?? We could also install cameras in the rear of buses to photo cars license plates when they pass the bus!!!

  • Kate Griffin

    I so totally agree that cameras or whatever it takes to catch every driver who does not respect the children who actually use the school buses . I know that the fine was raised but apparently money is not the problem with these immoral people who only think of themselves.

  • SBC

    There is also a stop sign at the end of brittain street where several mothers taking there kids to bus stop do not stop.They know who they are.These mothers also have to be cautious/Please stop at the stop sign instead of rounding corner because these kids are also walking to meet bus.

  • Guesttoo

    Using your own words, an opinion cannot be based on reading what you, yourself wrote.

    Are you saying it was the parents fault for not controlling their kid?

  • Su

    I was referring to being behind the bus and trying to pass around it. It shouldn’t be confusing if you are behind a bus that is putting on it’s brakes, with lights flashing, and you see children standing by the side of the road waiting to board the bus– you should not try to pass it. It is simply a matter of safety and common sense. As for oncoming traffic, you should still be safe and slow down to let the bus go by until it stops.


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