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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man who was shot at in Wilmington a couple of weeks ago is in jail charged with a stabbing yesterday, police say. Meanwhile, two of his older brothers are also wanted in connection with the crime.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley says William Point, 19, is charged with first-degree attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. He is in jail under $750,000 bond.

Police believe he is responsible for yesterday’s stabbing on Chestnut St. Investigators say a group of men approached Edvis Galloway, 24, as he headed into the Freedom House Mini Market near 10th and Chestnut streets. That’s when he was stabbed.

A friend drove Galloway to the fire station at 8th and Market streets, where firefighters performed first aid until an ambulance could take him to the hospital. Police say he is still in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Point, though, says he is innocent. He says he was playing pool in a nearby barber shop when the attack happened.

“I told them I was in the barber shop and stuff and that I didn’t see nothing,” Point said during a jailhouse interview. “They like, ‘No, that’s a lie, that’s a lie.’ I’m like, ‘ How is that a lie?’ I mean I can’t really say nothing I didn’t see. So they didn’t believe me, so they just took me down.”

Police said yesterday the stabbing victim is a rival gang member of Joshua Gore, 18, who was shot at 12th and Chestnut streets a day earlier.

Today Wilmington Police issued warrants for two of Point’s older brothers, 22-year-old Adrian Point and 21-year-old Antonio Point. They are wanted in connection with the attempted murder of Galloway. The brothers are charged in the attempted murder that happened yesterday at 1002 Chestnut Street.

William Point and his brother Joseph, both validated gang members according to police, were targeted in shootings Feb. 21. William Point was not hit, but Joseph Point was shot in the buttocks.

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  • adam

    its been years u kno who it is..

  • MG

    The look on their faces reveal pure arrogance. If only our so-called “justice system” will realize these guys have already proven they can not be rehabilitated and are a danger to society and keep them behind bars.

  • Richard D Beacham

    jj, you have missed the point entirely.

  • boldizar

    Take off your rose colored glasses libby.

  • tke1

    I have not seen a single comment that would condone any of the crimes you mentioned. If you have that guilt because you are a little more affluent than these poor lost souls, then hit the hood and bring them to the light. These gangs are organizations that promotes violence, drugs and all the aspects of the “underlife” of the hood. A long stretch in prison raises the individual’s status in the gang.
    Name one organization that supports domestic violence, drug abuse among the middle or upper classes or any of the other categories you mentioned.

  • taxpayer

    Katy and repeat after me…I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home.

    Keep dreaming Katy…you just may make it back to Kansas with your little dog Toto.

  • katy

    No rose colored glasses here, just a lack of understanding as it pertains to everyone’s desire to judge everyone but themselves.

  • jj

    Katy, maybe you need to open up your home to all these wonderful young men. That way they have a place to go and won’t be out on the street trying to prove themselves. It all goes back to the family, parents that lets their kids at a young age wander the streets at all hours is not doing them any good.

  • SurfCityTom

    with you, taxpayers should not be picking up the medical bills. Reimburse for ammunition is another thing.

  • country girl

    Who do you think is paying for all these gunshot and stabbing trips to the hospital? We are, the citizens. Maybe we can get the gang members to either sign up for Obamacare or start their own healthcare plan. I do not want to pay their hospital and ambulance bills!!

  • GrandmaK

    Funny isnt it? These trash pay no taxes so how are they going to be fined for not having insurance? Again the honest people will PAY out the rear for the scum to live on.

  • anne

    I guess some people never learn. This gang member thug will serve his time in prison where he belongs but he will probably never learn to be a contributing member of society

  • guesty

    If gang members want to kill each other, that is great news and a win for the community. Just as long as no innocent people are hurt, let them have at each other. If one dies and the other is locked up, we win. Even better if both die.

  • Katy

    After reading some of the comments I can’t believe the arrogance that some of you have. Who are we to comment on a mother’s pain or pride after seeing all three of her sons go down a path of self destruction? I think we all fail to realize that wrong doing comes in many forms and spans across color lines and neighborhood. The “thugs” that are being mention aren’t anymore wrong than the executive beating his wife behind closed doors or the white girl who shoots up Heroin in her seemingly, lovely Forest Hills home. It amazes me that society is so quick to judge people and assume their circumstances when we have no idea. That to me is a sign of cowardliness. We stay in our neighborhoods where “nothing” happens and we judge others because it makes us feel good about ourselves and because “their” problems are media stories we are able to hide. Hide our drug abuse, hide our vices. If for two seconds the world could stop looking for scapegoats and judge themselves how much wrongs would you report about you own life. Crime is crime whether is makes the news or not. Black guys sell drugs, white people buy them. What makes one more right than the other? They both know right from wrong, one is just more likely to make the front page. You guys state that gang member should just continue killing each other until their wiped out. Does the same go for school shootings? Or work place violence? Most of the these perpetrators come from perfectly sane homes, no welfare, no medicaid but surprisingly their never thugs it is always due to some un-diagnosed medical disorder…depression, anxiety, child abuse, right?

  • harvey

    I would like to see the police just back off and let the hood rats have at it until they are all gone. The sooner, the better. They (police) should only intervene if and when crimes are committed outside the gang.

  • Contributing Member of Society

    I agree with you, except, the chances these thugs will injur or kill and innocent person is high. Plus, I am 99% sure I am paying (through welfare, food stamps, trips to the hospital, section 8 housing, cell phone, etc.) for these thugs to shoot each other all day while I’m at work. Solution: Bus them deep into Mexico and drop them off, we can call it retribution for all the 20 million illegal Mexicans in our country.

  • don wrong

    What a waste of human life. Your families must be so proud. Is this really what you want to be when you grow up, street thugs that will probably never see the age of 30. Wow, what a role model for kids, then again, you are a shinning example of “what not to be”. Don’t try this at home kids.

  • enough

    what facial expressions. at least they are thinning gang members from the population. this is why concealed carry permit holders are increasing. the other day on GMA in the cowardly game of “knock out” where young blacks target older males and females. One 17 year old chose the wrong victim, the aggressor was shot 2 times and is now serving time in jail. The older male had a concealed carry permit and had weapon with him at time of assault.

  • Monkey Junction

    These threads bring out the same posters like flies to honey. It is sad to see those who delight in the news of violence and death in our city. Perhaps the posters in this thread could become a Big Brother and help mentor young people. Schools are looking for volunteers and instead of lamenting the state of our youth, you could work to improve NHC.

    Oh, who am I kidding.

  • boldizar

    Volunteered in NHC schools for 10 years, tutoring black kids. Also raised my own to be decent hard working, non criminals. Did my part, apparently these punks parents failed.

  • guesty

    And please explain how you know we don’t already give back to the community? I volunteer at two different organizations attempting to help others. What do you do?

  • garris

    If one is locked up, we still don’t win, as we are still supporting him. As you say better if they kill each other.

  • Shamma Lammadingdong

    The problem is, innocent people will be hurt, as these jackwads shoot indiscriminately into homes where children live and those who have the unfortunate situation of living with a gang member.

  • boldizar

    Just look at the line up. All 3 of them have their heads up making duck lips. Is this a new “gang thang”? I would run over them if they were in the street and keep right on driving.

  • taxpayer

    their mother is beaming with pride at all of their accomplishments. The tough look on their face will be wiped away if they get to Central Prison and some other inmate bends them over a mattress.

  • C Jones

    Their mother is actually a very kind woman who is in a situation she cannot leave. I do not respect what she continues to allow them to do, but she knows if she steps in, she will be killed, as will they. Their father is the head of the gang…it is what it is now. They were such nice boys when they were younger, but even in middle school they knew their fate and what they would be forced into.

  • Shamma Lammadingdong

    That’s unfortunate. It must be horrible to live in that situation. It’s also unfortunate that they didn’t have a real man as a role model to show them how to live right.


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