Three teens arrested for school vandalism

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Submitted: Sat, 03/15/2014 - 2:21am
Updated: Sat, 03/15/2014 - 2:37am

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office detectives have arrested three teens for damaging property at Lincoln Elementary school in Leland early Friday morning.

James Wilson Woodcock, 18, Sean Cameron Smith, 17, and Cole William Worley, 18, are accused of slashing bus tires and cutting the seats. According to warrants, they also broke into Lincoln Elementary School and vandalized the building with graffiti, set off fire extinguishers, and broke clocks, windows, and planters.

The three have each been charged with trespass/impede school bus, defacing public building, larceny after break/enter, two counts breaking and or entering and three counts of injury to personal property.

Woodcock, Smith and Worley are in jail under $35,000 bonds.


  • J.J.Tibbles says:

    It’s time for these three examples of careless breeding between idiots, should be shown the door into the adult criminal justice system. Don’t hold back anything. They need to realize now, that their life is going to change. They want to pretend they are adults, time to treat them as such. The first night in jail, should be one where bubba wants to get up close with them. I don’t want them to be sexually assaulted, but that is what happens in real jail. I don’t want to see them busted up by some thug who has put a few bars of soap in a sock and cracked open their skulls, but that is what happens in jail. I don’t want to see them beaten up by a gang of thugs who doesn’t like the way they smile, but thats what happens in jail. I don’t want them to be raped by a thug, or a mop stick, but that happens in jail. I can go on detailing what can happen in prison, and unfortunately in county jails. Take my advise to heart, if you want to be a burden on society this will eventually happen to you. You will become some lonely guys new girlfriend without anyone asking. Being an idiot at your age is definitely an indication of where you are heading. If you expect anyone to care what happens to you in the DOC or local lock up, you’re sorely mistaken. Hard working men and women will have to pay for you misdeeds. That means everyone in Brunswick County will have to pay for the replacement and correction of your night of having fun. Think before you go down this road. Suppose someone trashes your families house and car. You probably don’t care, but i’m sure your family would. A few years in a Russian prison would change your actions. Take your medicine, pay for your mistakes, do your time, and then perhaps you will think before you screw up again. If not, you are in for a hard life, and one that has a good chance of being short!

  • fed up says:

    I know and have watched Woodcock grow up. No supervision, was allowed to run wild, teachers tried to step in to guide him. He is a punk and a coward. He also filming himself on facebook making homemade small bombs. I hope they look at him and his”activities” with close eye. His father does not give a crap what he does. Teach him a lesson he should have learned many years ago.

  • Hardworkingparent says:

    This is a perfect example of what our current society is producing. Three bored teenagers out destroying something because they lacked proper guidance, supervision and discipline as children. This is what you get when you coddle your children, make them face no real punishment and show them that there are no consequences to their actions. Now these young adults (I know one is “only 17″) can go through the rest of their lives as felons. The worst thing is that our court system will coddle them too. There will be no real punishment, a little probation, some restitution, community service and deferred prosecution and if they are very good, i.e. (they don’t get caught again) they can get their charges expunged in a year or so. Frustrating.

  • Brandon says:

    I know one of them boys and he is not a bad person hes never done nothing like this, he got involved with the wrong people.

  • lonetraveler says:

    OK parents how about it? These punks need to be made to clean up the damage themselves including paying for everything that needs repair or replacement and should spend the next three months at hard labor, locked up away from their mommies and daddys and play toys.Take away any vehicles and driver’s licenses until they pay for what they have done and completed their time.

  • Lori Johnson says:

    These idiots should be made to clean and repair everything they ruined. Something is seriously wrong when destroying an elementary school is the only way you can get a thrill. Whatever happened to respecting others and their property? They have too much time on their hands and need a JOB! Working hard for your money tends to help you stay out of trouble and respect property that someone else has worked hard to maintain.

  • anne says:

    Let’s see – don’t put their butts in jail. Their sentences should include washing and drying of the busses for the rest of the school year. They should also have to clean the school for the rest of the school year. Community service for the rest of the school year and finally, they or the parents, should have to pay for replacement of the tires. Period.

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