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WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — On Tuesday, the Wilmington City Council will consider setting aside $100,000 for legal expenses related to the planned hotel next to the convention center.

One agenda item would allocate $50,000 for outside legal services to defend a challenge to the city’s hotel deal.

On Feb. 28, an attorney filed a legal motion challenging the city’s Feb. 4 approval of a hotel deal to sell riverfront land to Harmony Hospitality of Virginia. Harmony plans to develop a $33.6 million Embassy Suites on the riverfront next to the city’s convention center.

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  • ChefnSurf

    Prior to considering whether to set aside $100,000, they should first consider whether they should spend additional monies on an outside consulting firm to advise them on whether they should consider spending a $100,000 on the legal expenses. At this point, I highly doubt they’re capable of even making one of their notoriously bad decisions without paying first for an outside study that they can then ignore.

    Speaking of wasteful spending, it is truly “gratifying” to hear that Wilmington Downtown Inc. and the Downtown Business Alliance have set aside their differences enough to mutually agree on “accepting” another $30,000 from the city for their mega-successful, blockbuster marketing program “Bring It! Downtown” (StarNewsOnline). As far as can be determined, the concept of the program is apparently to bring taxpayer’s dollars downtown and then make them instantly disappear into a dark, murky morass of excuses and conjecture. To date, that program has been a gazillion percent successful in accomplishing its goal. Perhaps City Council could “invest” in another outside study to determine whether they should consider “investing” in that program as well.

    Ironically, the required “CAPTCHA” code I had to enter in order to post my opinion was “hand over fist”; a most fitting description of how this City Council wastes hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

  • Vog46

    Are the city attorney’s THAT inept? Is this the type of stuff we have them for?


  • SurfCityTom

    the City has an attorney on staff. So why the need to budget $100K for an outside attorney

    @ $400 an hour, they’re budgeting for 250 billable hours.

    If this is a serious challenge, that will be insufficient.

    Or was the attorney retained to defend the Mayor and his cadre of free spenders

  • Rick Wilson

    If the Mayor and Council would obey the directive(s)of the court system, they would not need to defend themselves. Their arrogance is only exceeded by the amount of tax payer funds they continually waste on projects they have no business sticking their noses into. Let the private developers for this project pay the fair market value for the land, furnish their own parking arrangements, and all of the problems go away. The lawsuit goes away…….and the need for defending illegal acts go away. If conventioneers have to have an attached hotel……..don’t they also require attached parking? This whole mess is the continuation of trying to prop up a terrible investment (AKA The Wilmington Convention Center). I hope the hotel is built…..I hope the parking deal is made…….because I am most curious to see what the excuses will be when the Convention Center continues to be a grand failure. Will the cry then become the Convention Center needs a “face-lift” because it is out of date? Will the battle cry become…….let’s throw millions and millions more at a project that was destined to fail from the start? Even the cowboys of the old west buried dead horses rather than trying to feed them.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    This is getting to be as interesting (and sad) as the Ukraine take over.
    The bright side is folks…the lawyer fees would only cost you Wilmingtonians….$1 (one dollar) each!

  • 10101

    Downtown, Downtown, Downtown …. That’s where the money goes or at the very least, that’s where city “leaders” think it should all be spent. Convention centers, ballparks, old parking decks that are traded back and forth at a loss every time, crazy money-losing land deals with real estate insiders, quasi-governmental downtown business groups with their hands out (God forbid they should ever put enough effort into anything to do something on their own) etc. …. all of it downtown.

    Meanwhile …. when it comes to spending money beyond the boundaries of this non-magical Never-Ever-Do-The-Right-Thing-Land, there’s hardly ever even a whisper by Peter (Billy) Poofy and his band of Lost Boys (and Girls) to be heard.

    Maybe it’s just me, but that sure feels like taxation without representation.

  • Guest2020

    You get what you vote for.


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