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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say two people were robbed at gunpoint while sitting in a car at Empie Park.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley says officers were called to the park just before 8 p.m. Sunday. The victims told investigators they had been sitting in a car near the tennis courts talking for several hours when two males came up from behind the car, showed handguns and demanded cash. The victims handed over some money, and the two suspects took off on a path near the tennis courts toward Independence Blvd.

The victims said the suspects had their faces hidden and were wearing hoodies.

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  • ilm mom

    Not even our parks are safe anymore….what has happened to Wilmington?

  • Park Patron

    This goes to show you how effective “No weapons allowed” signs are at parks or at any other place like restaurants that chooses to post. The bad guys can’t / don’t read or if they do, they figure it’s easy pickings.

    This is why I and many others carry everywhere we are legally permitted to – even such supposedly safe places as parks and playgrounds, where “there’s no need to carry because nothing will ever happen”. Guess what? It did. Of course, the signs like the one at the entrance to Empie at parks in NC no longer apply to legal Concealed Handgun Permit holders, except for very limited exceptions.

  • Guest2020

    It seems to me that sitting in a car for several hours talking would get quite uncomfortable.

  • WannabeXX

    What has happened in the last several years to our great city !! According to the current Sheriff “ED McMahon”crime is down, WHERE!! It’s at an all time high!!! Now innocent people aren’t safe in our parks, neighborhoods, the places we spend family time with our children, with warm weather soon it’s something to think about. Moral is at an all time low at the Sheriffs Department ,now the Police Department too. That’s the only thing that I see that is down..and with these type of issues we the community will suffer..
    Where does that leave the residents of this city and county. ???
    NO longer a safe place to live and work and Play!
    Something’s gotta change! CITY AND COUNTY !!!


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