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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A restaurant customer is out of jail after being arrested for several crimes, including trying to hit the restaurant’s manager with his car over the weekend.

Wilmington Police spokeswoman Linda Rawley says shortly after midnight Sunday, police were called to TGI Friday’s on Oleander Dr. for a report of a drunk man who had gotten into an argument with another customer about driving. When the manager tried to intervene, Richard Surratt, 20, allegedly put him in a choke hold, then left without paying his bill. The manager told police he went to the parking lot and got Surratt’s license plate number. That’s when he said Surratt tried to hit him with his car, but the manager jumped out of the way.

Police charged Surratt with assault with a deadly weapon, DWI, driving after consuming less than 21 years old, defrauding an innkeeper, possession of a fake ID and simple assault.

He is due back in court April 21.

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  • guesty

    Just by looking at him one can tell he isn’t very smart.

  • barb

    he wants to be

  • Guestman.

    Conversely, we can imagine what you look like by reading your asinine comments.

  • barb

    Y is this man not in jail?

  • tke1

    Judging from the story, and you know WWAY would not publish ANYTHING but the truth, this young man was a “customer” at an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and was intoxicated and disruptive enough that the manager intervened and was assaulted.
    QUESTION: Where did this under aged fellow get his booze? Sounds to me like ALE needs to stop in and have a conversation with the manager. Get ’em drunk. Run ’em off. Call the the cops when they don’t want to go.

  • beth

    That the young man in question had been served elsewhere before hitting up the restaurant, or maybe even drank at home first before going out to eat. That happens more than you think.

  • tc

    I’d like to know how he was served being only 20 and why he was served enough to get so drunk especially since he’s under age. was the barkeep or waitress not doing their job?? The manager sure wasn’t by allowing his employees to break the law by serving him

  • reed dastoree

    He was charged with possession of a fake ID. That would clearly explain how he was able to buy underaged

  • Vog46

    here – let me repeat some of the story for you:

    “Police charged Surratt with assault with a deadly weapon, DWI, driving after consuming less than 21 years old, defrauding an innkeeper, possession of a fake ID and simple assault.”

    Does the term fake ID mean anything to you? Some of them are so good they are hard to distinguish from REAL IDs (“Attention voters with no ID – get yer free ID here, get you housing, medicaid, and SSI benny’s using it…….”)

    This is a bartenders worst nightmare…….
    I hope they throw the book at this kid ….and don’t give me that “Oh, just took a wrong turn.”
    Nope – he deliberately got a fake ID. Again, throw the book at him.


  • Guest Reply Redux

    …this young man is out of jail and at liberty to try something like this again.
    Thank your lucky stars the Judicial System is looking out for the citizens, and this young man’s feelings. Just think what jail could do to his life.

  • concerned

    This kid has MANY various arrests. More than 1 DWI. His grandfather also has a highway named after him in NC and a football stadium at NCSU. This might have something to do with why he is not in jail and has never lost his driving privileges in this state.


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