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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A grisly discovery on Bald Head Island this morning, after a decomposing body washed up around 7 a.m..

Investigators have an idea who it may be.

Southport Police and Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies went to Bald Head Island to investigate.

Southport Police Chief Jerry Dove says the body is badly decomposed. All investigators know so far is the body is a man, but Dove says they do not know the race of the person.

Dove says there is a possibility it could be the body of Adam Muhammad. The 22-year-old has been missing since Valentine’s Day.

“There is a possibility, but we are not ruling out anything yet,” Dove said. “We want to continue this investigation, because we want to be positive before we make that announcement.”

We spoke with Muhammad’s mother Monday. She did not want to talk on camera, but said she has been in contact with Southport Police. She also said she is thankful for everyone who has been participating in the search for her son.

“I did notify Ms. Muhammad that a body was found,” Dove said. “We do not know who it was. We did not want to jump to conclusions yet, but, yes, she does know that a body was found.”

Dove said it could take several days to identify the body. He said an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

We tried to talk with the public safety director at Bald Head Island, but we were told the village had no comment.

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  • Marian Green

    Was the body that was found missing a foot? My husband and I were walking on North Topsail Beach last week and saw something that was washed up that resembled a foot. He took a (very bad) video of it. We went back later to retrieve it and examine it more closely to report it if it was indeed a foot, but it was gone so we aren’t sure .

  • taxpayer

    Why didn’t you call 911 or the Bald Head Police Department?

    Most likely, the tide washed whatever it was back out by the time you returned.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Did you call the Police???

  • nd

    This is something that you should contact the police about and not put it here for the family to read. Put yourself in there place.

  • kzpony

    It resembled a foot but you didn’t call authorities to check it out? Just decided to video it? Strange…

  • Lynda1

    Did you really just post that online? Wouldn’t it have been a bit wiser to call 911 and report it rather than taking the time to video it? A foot just doesn’t wash up on the shore for no reason – that foot belonged to a person and it clearly would have been of interest to law enforcement.
    Why is it that people are so busy trying to video and photograph everything, so it can end up on Facebook and the like, that they’ve forgotten how to just be human and live in the real world? It would be interesting to know what happened to the video. I’m sure it can be found online somewhere.

  • Marian Green

    You are right, in retrospect I handled the situation very poorly. I wish I had responded differently, and I apologize for being insensitive to the family of this man. The day my husband and I were walking on the beach was right after some major storms in the area. There was debris covering the beach. Driftwood, seaweed, clothing, huge stone crabs, dead and alive. I had never seen anything like it. When we noticed the object, I thought it was seaweed or coral, I do not want to be graphic, but it did not immediately register it could be a foot. My husband was and still is convinced that it was not anything human we found and we continued on our long walk and went back to the house. It stayed on my mind, however, so I returned with a box to retrieve it and look at it more closely to see if there was the possibility it was something to call the authorities for. It was gone when I returned. The reason I posted is to help with the timeline, if indeed the body that was found was missing a foot and if indeed what we recorded was a foot since what I found washed up a week earlier. But just to be clear, my husband was there and is completely convinced it was not a foot. I am sorry to have handled this by posting the question and will try to remove it!

  • Lynda1

    I have to commend you Mrs. Green for coming back to the public forum and addressing your original post. Maybe other posters will be able to do the same when they find that they have posted comments that are misguided, false or simply just poorly written. Thanks for setting an example for others.

  • Why would they have call BHI police? Were they suppose to know that a week later that a body would wash up at BHI? I agree they should have called North Topsail PD where they thought they saw a human foot in the water.

  • scottie

    Some people are just ignorant…

  • scottie

    Some people are just ignorant

  • Sandy Shores

    No one said it was missing a foot. Sometimes people call the cops and NOTHING is done, so a VIDEO does help in most cases. Oh and if you call someone else ignorant, or stupid, or laugh at their post rudely, could you at least learn how to spell THEY’RE? When you mean as they are. Talk about pot calling the kettle STUPID!


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