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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The PGA Tour is coming to Wilmington in 2017, according to a report in the Charlotte Observer.

The newspaper reports the Wells Fargo Championship will be played at Eagle Point Golf Club for one year. The tournament is coming to Wilmington because its usual home, the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, will host the PGA Championship that year.

Other than 2017, the event will remain at Quail Hollow through 2019, the Observer reports, saying the PGA is expected to make official announcements tomorrow. A worker at Eagle Point said the club would have no comment until tomorrow, as well.

The possibility of the Wells Fargo coming to Eagle Point first surfaced almost a year ago. The course is regularly named one of the best in the country. The tournament would bring an estimated 35,000 a day to the area.

The PGA Tour has not come to Wilmington since 1971.

Due to instability in the banking industry, there was doubt a few years ago that the Wells Fargo tournament would remain in Charlotte after last spring’s event. The tournament, formerly sponsored by Wachovia, has been played at Quail Hollow since 2003.

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  • Just Wondering

    Where is bigalthetwerp… he’s always whining he lost his prestigious bartending job here and loves to run it up the flag pole with every odd story. Big Al where are you… Hmmmm. Maybe he got that position with occupy wall street after all. Play on PGA players!

  • bigaltheterp

    I am here. Eagle Point is a taxpayer funded golf club. Eagle Point was founded by John Mack of Morgan Stanley. Regardless if you are democrat or republican, his crimes and non-transparent policy influence should shock everyone. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-real-housewives-of-wall-street-look-whos-cashing-in-on-the-bailout-20110411
    All the stickers in town that read “Don’t Tread on Me” EPGC is the treader. We should be working to shut this club down, not encouraging them to take from teachers, police, health-care workers, military workers, small business. With all the articles on how low teacher pay is and budget shortfalls, just remember they are a giant shining example of where your money is. EPGC is taxpayer funded.

  • bigaltheterp

    I didn’t “lose my job” there. I walked out. I would not be part of the criminality at EPGC anymore.

  • GuestMan.

    Where in the world will 35,000 people park to go to that? Even if they run buses the only fields big enough are in Hampstead. This will be a big mess and I’m glad I don’t live in that part of the city/county.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    That’s why they will encourage as of now….
    1. “Car Pooling”
    2. “Catching a Cab to it”
    3. “Hitchhiking to it”
    4. “Building a home up there to be close”
    5. “Buying a home up there to be close”
    6. “Park at Quail Hollow (Charlotte) then catch a plane to ILM”
    And Lucky #7…
    7. They are working on that as you write in, so any suggestions you might have…let them know.

    PS: If Saffo goes to it…they better make room for another 35,000 folks that want to be near him.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    …should feel fortunate. This PGA event could have been held at the Ole Duck Haven Golf Club I reckon if not for it being plowed under :-(
    By the way…for those that didn’t read “anywhere” when this event is played annually…this event usually runs the latter part of April/into early May in Charlotte.
    Will smoking be allowed, as cellphones will be?
    PS: “Fore” all of you hunters out there…”Don’t shoot at the MetLife Blimp!”
    (AKA) “Snoopy”


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