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BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — Pender County Schools Superintendent Dr. Terri Cobb says she is not ignoring County Commissioner Jimmy Tate’s request for a meeting to discuss education.

But Tate says Cobb is giving him the cold shoulder.

Earlier this week Tate said he requested a special meeting with Cobb three weeks ago, but never heard back. Today Dr. Cobb sat down with us to tell her side of the story.

Cobb said Wednesday she has been in contact with Tate.

“I first heard from Mr. Tate on the 7th with a text message asking me to contact him. I did on that Monday the 10th,” Cobb said. “The date that he wanted to meet I was not available.”

Dr. Cobb says before the day was over she sent text messages with dates she was available, but she says Tate was not available for those dates.

Tate said he wanted to discuss teacher pay, retention, and student preparation for college and careers, and was so upset that Cobb would not meet with him he threatened resignation.

“I was fully prepared to consider resigning from the county commission and Priority One, because of the level of disrespect that I believe that I have been shown in this process,” Tate said Monday night.

But Cobb says this is not the case.

“I have a great deal of respect for our county commissioners and our other elected officials, and want to do everything possible to have a very positive working relationship,” she said.

Cobb says she would be more than happy to meet with Tate. She says they’ve already been in contact trying to figure out a time that works for both of them.

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  • Stone Tyler

    Tate was going to resign over something this silly? Maybe he should. There are too many big babies in government today. He should be embarrassed and ashamed for his remark. What happens when he doesn’t get what he wants out of the meeting? Stamp his feet?

  • ProudOfDrCobb

    Dr. Cobb, Welcome to Pender County. Thank you for not letting Jimmy Tate bring you down. You are a wonderful School Superintendent and I’m sure you are overwhelmed with all the text messages and emails you must get every day. Thank you for sharing the text message with the public so that our citizens will know you are not the negative person that Jimmy Tate says you are. I’m sure it is all political and Jimmy Tate and George Brown are up to something. It is a shame they feel the need to kiss each others butt and try to bring other people down in the process. Don’t they realize the School Board and the County Commissioners should work together, along with other elected officials, for the betterment of Pender County. Jimmy Tate you acted like a cry baby bully, grow up and try to get along. Lying to the press does not earn you respect. I think Jimmy Tate and George Brown owe Dr. Cobb and the Pender County School Board an apology, even if only in a text….as that appears to be their new way of communicating. By the way, what is the county manager’s cell number in case I need to schedule an appointment with him?

  • Smokey

    You are either a devoted follower of Cobb or have NO idea what truly goes on in the day-to-day operations in Pender County Schools. Regardless of whether Jimmy Tate was right, wrong or indifferent, Dr. Cobb has been nothing but bad for the school system. Just about anyone will tell you this. Wonderful superintendent? Hardly. Let’s start counting all of the incredible people she’s ran off and then compare that with what good things she’s done. It won’t even be close. As someone with very close ties to the school system, I can promise you that I’ve heard NOTHING good from anyone in PCS, except for those people that she’s recruited and brought in from Wilson County or Wake County. The Pender County faithful will tell you she’s singlehandedly ruined our school system. And THAT is the TRUTH.

  • Joe Educator

    That is what we call damage control. She certainly is good at spinning it and playing the grand mother figure. Love the soft spoken voice.

  • CP

    She must have mistaken him for a parent with children in the Pender County School system. She is never available…

  • guest45

    Tate you need to get a life, this world does not rotate solely around you or any one person, regardless what you have been lead to believe, do us all a favor, go ahead and resign, we need someone that is more in touch with reality in your seat anyway.

  • J1

    Dr .Cobb , from what I have seen is the worst superintendent Pender county has ever had. !!! Btw, dr Cobb, you might as well write dr Cobb, instead of proudofdrcobb if your gonna praise yourself;) none of your employees or anyone else is gonna defend you

  • Guest+124578

    So a county commisioner makes contact with you at 1:00ish Friday and you do not return the message until the following Monday. Where were you, on a recruiting trip to hire more of your friends? Come on, pick up the phone and say something back, in the moment. Kids secretly text all the time, you could have sent something right back. But wait, that would require you to respond….something that doesnt happen. Unanswered calls, non-responsive emails, and now not texting back to a commissioner. Stop recruiting for jobs that dont exist yet, attending unnecessary or rediculous meetings, and tend to the issues of the district…low morale, rediculous make up days, and keeping the good employees that are left.

  • Carrie

    I was reading your comment and I was ok you are making your point, but you loss me at “rediculous”. Please do not comment on District issues and put it on public blog if you cannot spell. Ridiculous

  • guesty

    I was reading your comment and I was ok you are making your point, but you loss me at “rediculous”.

    I was reading your comment and I was ok until your lack of a grasp of the English language appeared.

    Please do not comment on district issues and put it on public blogs if you cannot properly form a sentence.


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