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By Stephanie Bowens
BURGAW, NC (StarNewsOnline) — A Walmart will be coming to Burgaw.
Town commissioners Tuesday night approved a conditional-use permit to allow Walmart to build a nearly 70,000-square-foot store, gas station and convenience store off of NC 53 behind the Pender Landing Shopping Center.
"We are delighted and we are very pleased," Walmart spokesman Bill Wertz said after the decision. "We think this new Walmart will be very welcomed by the community, and we are very much looking forward to getting started."
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  • Guest270

    Such a sad day for the town of Burgaw. With Wal-marts within 25 minutes both north and south of town the residents decided that they had to have it at their backdoor.
    I feel for the business owners in town. It will affect all of them, not just the ones that are in the class that is dying out across the country. Many have contributed a lot to the town instead of taking from it.
    I guess this is progress. Its not the way that I would have hoped this area of Pender county would change.

  • J1

    Tired of hearing how Walmart is gonna hurt Burgaw’s downtown businesses , this is total bs, most days you can count on 1 hand the amount of customers most of these businesses have, the only reason they are even open is because the are owned by the same old money/commissioners,etc… That have been running Burgaw and making decisions that benefit them and thier rich friends in the “pines” Just ask yourself and your friends one question , how many times in the lAst year have you been in and purchased from one of those worthless stores downtown ??? Guarantee that number will be extremely low;) Ty Walmart for saving me many hour round trip drives to Wilmington ;)

  • griffin

    As a frequent visitor to and through Burgaw, I can see the need for a store of this type. There is nothing in Burgaw…..nothing. A department store or two who open when the want to, and a couple consignment/flea market type establishments. It is sad that the residents have had to wait this long for a decent place to shop. The folks with the financial resources to pay twice what they should are always the ones to cry the blues, but folks with lesser incomes deserve a shot at a more convenient place to shop while getting more for their money. I assure you that once Wal Mart is open, it will stay plenty busy, as well as provide much needed jobs in the area. I have seen it before, some of the locals whine about how a Wal Mart will destroy the area, only to be the first ones through the door on opening day.

  • T

    Walmart is not going to hurt anyone, if anything it will help Burgaw come out of the stone age. What Harrells sells, Walmart doesn’t. I can’t buy a flat screen TV at Harells, I don’t really want to buy anything from Harrell,s, it’s like living in the 50’s in that place. Nothing wrong with those times for the older folks, but we need to realized that it is 2014.

  • hope

    want to see the future of Burgaw— go to Wallace— Walmart kills small town life- you want to live in the city move to the city

  • Burgawtoanian

    Living in the center of Burgaw, for many years I can tell you I have seen people MOVE AWAY from here simply from the LACK OF JOBS, LACK OF ENTERTAINMENT, and LACK OF STORES. The few stores here are a JOKE. They are over priced and the stock looks like it’s from the 70’s. WE WELCOME WALMART.

  • kbaker

    I guess the folks that don’t want the Walmart in Burgaw, would like for us that do shop at Walmart, to continue to spend our money in New Hanover and Duplin Counties. Wake up people, this brings more money into the Pender County area, as well as jobs, albeit min. wage jobs, but jobs none the less, as well as increased tax revenue for the town and county.

  • sharon

    Your thinking cap is on .why you thinking about Burgaw future, and what good changes that can show people that Burgaw can change with growth.

  • Victoria

    I was very disappointed with the choice that the town commission made. For a long while (before Walmart wanted to come to Burgaw) they said they wanted Burgaw to always have that small town feel. With having lived in Burgaw for eight years, I love the small, homey feel in Burgaw. Adding Walmart to Burgaw, will only bring more businesses, which will hurt local business owners. If you want nearby conveniences, you should be living In the city, not a small town.

  • Sal Lana

    Are you kidding me what local store owners most of them have nothing but junk anyway and the stuff they do have is over priced we need a Walmart and a lot more here In BURGAW .. I’m tired of having to pay taxes in this one horse town then have to drive to Wallace and wilmington for things I need . The stores down town Burgaw are a joke get a life

  • Shawn Murdock

    When are they supposed to break ground on this? How long til its completed?


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