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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – If you have driven Water Street recently, you know it is covered in potholes and cracks.

“It’s like you are off-roading in the road. It is so bumpy,” said Walleed Jarrad.

The city of Wilmington admits Water Street needs an overhaul but said it will take some time.

They said they are waiting on the Coast Guard to finish its research on the nearby bulkhead.

Once they determine the scope of that project, they will work with CFPUA to coordinate installing a new sewage line. The line will run from Walnut to Market.

“No need to pave the street now if it is going to be torn up again,” said city spokesman Dylan Lee.

City organizers said work would start January 2015 at the earliest.

In the meantime, drivers will have to navigate around the holes.

“You have to add minutes on to your commute,” said Kayleigh Flynn. “When I am taking my friends to class, or if I have to go to work I have to always add on an extra five to ten minutes just so I can avoid this street.”

Some say it is vital for the city to repair the street for other reasons.

Spiel Stevenburg who leads the Hollywood Walking Tour said the history and ambiance of the area attracts visitors.

“For tourism, this is the draw. Downtown is the draw. It’s what separates us from many other Southern towns,” said Stevenburg.

If you have an issue with a particular road’s condition, you can call the Street Department. They say if the repair is feasible they will do their best to fix the problem.

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  • SayWha?

    (attributed to Kayleigh Flynn)

    Wow Kayleigh, where do you find the strength to even continue to exist in the face of such hardship? Entire minutes! You are so brave!


  • trash

    The city needs to get off their butts and fix some potholes. They have been called numerous times about potholes on Fourth street. Guess what, they are still there months later. Why does the city just blow them off? Ride any City street and you will find a pothole.


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