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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina regulators say Duke Energy pumped 61 million gallons of contaminated water from a coal ash pit near the Cape Fear River.

State Department of Environment and Natural Resources spokesman Jamie Kritzer says the action violated Duke’s wastewater permit at its Cape Fear plant.

He says the agency issued Duke a notice of violation for the permit violations.

Kritzer says regulators have notified municipalities downstream of the Cape Fear plant.

So far, he says no municipalities have reported problems meeting federal drinking water standards.

But he says his department is collecting water samples near the plant.

The discharge comes a month after Duke’s massive coal ash spill in Eden coated 70 miles of the Dan River with toxic sludge.

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7 Comments on "Regulators say Duke pumped coal ash at Cape Fear plant"

2015 years 10 months ago

Hefty fines to be applied?-if so those dollars should not be passed along to consumers nor should Duke be allowed any rate increases. Stick it to them big time!

2015 years 10 months ago

comment is silly. De-regulation covers DOUBLE regulation by multiple government entities. Nobody is setting Duke Energy free on their own…sit down the Kool-aid!

2015 years 10 months ago

And the conservatives want more de-regulation of environmental standards! Take your thinking caps off, they won’t be needed in this state anymore.

2015 years 10 months ago

I have SOLUTIONS AND IDEAS that would SOLVE Duke Energies *Coal Ash Problem(s)* in a SAFE Way, Creating Energy, Disposal of the Coal Ash SAFELY, Forever, that’s environmentally friendly.
WHILE; creating Energy, FROM said Coal Ash, IN ADDITION, the possibility, of ALSO creating Syn-fuel, (Gasoline AND Diesel fuels!) among other *By-Product(s)*, such as Fertilizers & other useful Chemical(s)…
ALSO, using this PROVEN Technology, The *aforementioned* can be COMBINED with using TRASH Waste, (think Landfill waste), in creating Energy also…ALSO IF the Paper Mill were “restarted” there is yet ANOTHER source of *Fuel* for this plant, coming from the Paper Mills WASTE!
SO MUCH ENERGY that would be produced, a Desalination Plant can also be added to provide additional resources for fresh water for resident(s)…

The *Foot-Print(s)* are/is already in place(s), as in the OLD Coal-fired Plant(s).. The infrastructure is in Place already,(Power lines/Rail/Turbine(s), Water-way access, (State-Ports), (FUEL= The Coal ash), AND Technology is AVIALIBLE now! THIS IS A *Investors* Wet-Dream!

More importantly, Hundreds, if not Thousands of JOBS would be created!

Does this sound *to good to be true*???? I’m sure it does, though the TECH is Out there;RIGHT NOW, ALL of itPROVEN TECHNOLOGY ALREADY OPERATING IN SOME PARTS OF THE WORLD….
With, (get this) CHINA taking the lead in some of this Technology .

It would be a very interesting concept, Wilmington; becoming the FIRST STATE in the United States, Building & Investing in Such a plant, (GREEN TECH), Creating CARBON Neutral Energy, AND the possibly of ALSO Manufacturing Syn-Fuel, (Gasoline & Diesel fuel(s) ) either for LOCAL Use or export..
WWAY/Scott Pickey, it would be interesting to be put in contact with folks, (eg the right connections, Heads of Duke E. & Governor Corey, in addition to the right Sentors/Rep(s)), to propose the Ideas AND Proven Technology, THIS would put Wilmington ON THE MAP, As a Model City, a GREEN City, In addition a “Blue Print” for the rest of this Great Nation, (If not the World?)…
While creating MANY, MANY JOBS! While also attracting MANY MORE *industry*, Green Jobs/Growth into Our Area(s)…

AS the CAPTCHA below says,,, DREAM BIG , I’m NOT “dreaming big”, though a Proposed Solution(s) to Growth/Job(s)/Energy/fuel Production/Industry; ALL which Wilmington NEEDS RIGHT NOW IS with-in OUR Grasp, all that needs to be done is investment & building it, CONVINCING the *right People* & getting the Public(s) approval with education on the Technology that would be used… WIN-WIN for everyone involved, Including the environment! ALL at a CHEAPER cost than WE ALL pay now, (including the Environments) ALSO; it is a Positive rates OF RETURN ON investment(s)..
AND ,doesn’t violate the Laws of Thermodynamics’

Monkey Junction
2015 years 10 months ago

Duke needs to do the right thing and clean up their mess. This has been going on for many years as both the Democrats and Republicans turned a blind eye to this as long as the contributions rolled into their coffers. McCrory certainly made it worse as he cut the number of start environmental regulators and weakened the laws that protected our water and air. It look even worse as McCrory was at Duke for so many years.

I don’t have any faith the state will do much to rectify this pollution. It is good to see the feds launch a criminal investigation into Duke.

The Sutton Steam Plant is located right next to the Cape Fear Soccer Park where many children play or practice every day.

Rick Wilson
2015 years 10 months ago

It seems that Duke Energy, even while under Federal Investigation, feels like it can do what it pleases………and why not? With a governor in their back pocket, NCDENR on its heels and an idiot in charge because of said governor, they appear to fear nothing. This is what you get when the lie of over regulation is believed and they are not held accountable.

2015 years 10 months ago

This is sickening! I think the people responsible for this spill should be made to drink the water NOW!!!!


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