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Man, woman arrested for heroin in Creekwood


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A three-month heroin trafficking investigation by the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and AFT has landed a man and a woman in jail.

Investigators executed two search warrants at 1011 North 30th Street and 2910 Spaulding Drive in Wilmington's Creekwood community yesterday. They found more than 1,300 bags of heroin, along with drug paraphernalia, a stolen firearm and cash. Detectives arrested Patrick Bragg, 27, and Maria Price, 44, for trafficking heroin, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and other charges.

The Sheriff's Office has not yet released the name of a third person wanted for related charges.

Bragg is in jail under $500,000 bond, while Price is under $100,000 bond.

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very sad

This is very sad. I hope the housing authority has already begun eviction procedures against this criminals and they also evict thier friends and relatives. IMHO: Criminals do not deserve subsidized housing. Very sad in deed. I don't think every one in Creekwood is a "bad" person.

Notice to WHA

have the eviction processed in time for their release on bond.

OR, hire a City police officer to monitor the property pending the trial or plea.

THEN, evict them.

No Excuses for failure to comply.


I am torn between the "finding of guilt" (by a jury) and the fact that drugs were found there as a reason for eviction.
In THIS case I say don't let them go back for anything but their belongings (and under police or WHA security supervision).



opinions differ.

If someone in subsidized housing is dealing drugs, they have no business in public housing.

A line has to be drawn. A zero tolerance policy must be adopted.

If you own a house, and deal drugs, they can confiscate your house and auction it off.

Why should public housing leaches be better off if caught dealing?

Drugs are everywhere, not just Creekwood

Here we go again. Two people are arrested in Creekwood and the racists are going bananas. Of course all the God-fearing, upstanding citizens posting on this page have never used any drugs. And no one in their families have ever used/sold any drugs, either. I am just glad we have so many of you to keep an eye out on the rest of us. Puh-leeeeeeze.

You argument would be 100% correct except for one thing.

Statistics, as in actual numbers, as in actual physical proof, say you're wrong. There are more incidents of crime in and around this community than anywhere else in the city.

Keep on pretending that's not really the case if that'll make you feel better. Hey it's your community; if you want to live like that, that's your problem.

Seems like heroin

Seems like heroin is making a resurgence. Not that there's less crack or coke but there seems to be more heroin busts.

I suspect the only regrets these 2 have is that they were caught. Do they lose their welfare and medicare when/if they are convicted?

Why is it when African

Why is it when African american on news page it has so many comments? Let me go BACK & checkto see if the Herion bust with all Caucasians had any comments. Its plenty races doing same crimes. Just one race getting more attention!!!

Keysha, wake up and drop the crack pipe!

The issue is that recipients of free government housing can't pay for their home, their food, their clothes, their medical care or even their own children, yet thay always seem to have spare money to spend on illicit narcotics. That isn't about race, it's about facts. The other fact is that the housing projects happen to be filled with "african-americans" as you term them. What's "racial" about these facts? It IS, what it IS...

That's the problem with

That's the problem with repulicans everyone is guilty until proven innocent and I believe its the Republican party who allows the import and export of narcotics, and allow public housing aka projects so your junkie children will have a good place to buy drugs. Fact check idiot.

Fact check? Are you kidding me?

Drug arrests in Creekwood are a GOP thing? The GOP allow the import and export (export to where a-hole?) of drugs. The GOP started public housing projects and they did it so their kids would have a place to buy drugs? And then you top off being this stupid by asking for a fact check?

Here's a fact: You're sooo stupid they had to burn your school down just to get you out of third grade.

Here's another fact: People like you will make up any excuse rather than blame yourself for your own problems. If you did, you'd feel obligated to get off your fat behind and do something about it,and God knows, you're far too lazy to do anything like that!

Perfect excuse for NOT drug testing!

No No! We can't drug test recipients of welfare housing, wouldn't be fair, the democrats say it isn't necessary and that drugs just aren't a factor. BULLHOOOIE!!! Anyone venture to guess just exactly why gangs hang there? Why crime is always prevalent with shootings, stabbings and such. Naahhh...can't be the drugs, so don't test them to find out the truth!

Let me venture a guess

that this lovely couple was living off the generosity of the taxpayers in the Creekwood public housing. Every apartment there needs to be searched and residents drug screened.

Why on earth did Wilmington

Why on earth did Wilmington build public housing in the first place? These cesspools of Democrat voters are ruining our city, giving us a bad name, and hurting tourism--and costing the taxpayers a fortune. Oh, I forgot Democrats control the Mayor's office and City Council. They will probably build more public housing to keep them in office. Sad.

Tim you are an ignorant.My

Tim you are an ignorant.My parents owm their house in creekwood. It's always the people who never set foot in creekwood that says all the bad things about creekwood. Most of them are rich, older Caucasian that say these things. Shame.

why in earth did Wilmington

Tim, you're a jerk


IF you don't like the way Wilmington is being Ran..THEN LEAVE...your not on section8 have loads of money saved up.....LEAVE.....NO ONE has a gun to your have the whole world to EXPLORE....but people like YOU STAY AND's crime and negativity all over...

If he left ....

If all the people like him left, who would be around to pick up the tab for people like you? You'd be homeless and starving.


Why is this even news anymore. just put bars around the place and be done with it.

Everyone who lives in

Everyone who lives in creekwood aren't bad and half the time its the outsiders coming in doing the drug dealing not the residents. So with that being said put bars around your house and drop dead don't make comments on the lack of misinformation find it the facts first

Then why do drug dealers come into Creekwood?

To sell drugs to the residents of Creekwood. There is no other reason for them to be there. If there wasn't a demand and there wasn't any money, the gangs and dealers would go elswhere. Amazing how people can't afford to pay for their own housing, food, medical care and their own babies, but there's always a budget for illegal drugs!

So, how's that for a comment on factual information foulmouth?

Section 8 housing

Section 8 housing doing what it does best.. Hide the junkies in the neighborhood...

Creekwood is public housing,

Creekwood is public housing, not section 8. If you are going to be ignorant, get your facts straight.


"If you are going to be ignorant, get your facts straight."

That doesn't even make sense, how can they do both? They can either be ignorant or they can get the facts straight. Speaking of ignorance, perhaps you are not aware that Creekwood is BOTH public housing as well as section 8 housing. The "apartments" at the front are public housing and some of the houses farther in the back are section 8 housing.

What a Surprise

What a Surprise. I would have never thought anyone would be selling drugs there. They will be out of jail shortly and the world of Creekwood will go back to normal. Well, the drug deals and stuff.

While the people who really

While the people who really profit from prohibition never get caught, because they are making billions.