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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A 22-year-old is recovering in the hospital this morning after police say a bullet grazed his head when another man’s shotgun misfired inside a Wilmington home.

Just before 11 p.m. police say the two men, who they say knew each other, were inside the home at 1201 Chestnut Street when it happened. Officers say one of the men was holding a shotgun, which he told police he keeps on him for protection.

That’s when police say the man’s shotgun chamber malfunctioned, firing a shot at the other man. They say the bullet from the gun’s misfire grazed the man’s acquaintance in the side of the head. Police say the 22-year-old victim was then taken to the hospital for the gunshot wound, and is recovering there this morning.

Police say since the two men know each other, the shooter only faces charges for discharging a firearm within city limits.

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  • sunny403

    She’s a reporter, it’s her job to understand what’s going on, regardless of where the info came from. In this case, it certainly wasn’t rocket science.

  • soccerdad1150

    Either this reporter is misquoting the police, or the Wilmington police do not know how a weapon works.

    1. When a gun goes bang, it is NOT a mis-fire. A mis-fire is when the trigger is pulled, the firing pin engages the ammunition, but the gun does not fire. What happened here is what is known as a discharge. The ONLY way for a gun to discharge is for someone to pull the trigger. Period. Hence, the charge by police for ‘discharging a weapon’.
    2. The ‘shotgun chamber’ cannot ‘malfunction’ anymore than a stop sign can malfunction.
    3. Shotguns don’t fire bullets, they fire pellets, birdshot or slugs.

  • jsmith

    OMG, research a little…

    Shotgun: pellets (or shot) is what comes out of a shotgun barrel, unless using a slug, in which case, it’s a slug, not bullet.

    No bullets in a shotgun–but it doesn’t make as spectacular a news story…

  • Guest1851658

    The man accidentally shot his friend. But, the big, bad cops just got to charge him with something to further add to his woes. Guess they don’t want to miss any possible fines, court costs, etc. that can be wasted by the powers that be. Oh, yes, shotguns do not fire bullets, hence the name “shotgun”. Think about it……….

  • Monkey Junction

    What in the world are you writing about? It is illegal to discharge a weapon within city limits unless under specific conditions. This guy shot his buddy while holding a shotgun. Of course he should be charged. What do you want the police to do? Ignore it?

    Plus, what kind of moron just holds a shotgun while hanging with his buddy? What are the odds alcohol was involved? The vast majority of legal gun owners are very responsible but this guy should not have any firearms.

  • andrew

    Way too much ignorance in this reporter’s reporting.

    This is what’s known as a “negligent discharge.” Firearms don’t discharge without operator input (although there is a documented case of a certain commercial shotgun ammunition discharging spontaneously under extreme weather conditions, which was addressed by the manufacturer).

    It’s time to remove firearm volition from irresponsible reporting. Uneducated people learn to be afraid of guns for this very reason. Guns don’t kill people, people do.

  • Guest7969

    the gun did NOT misfire…IT FIRED! A proper heading would be “Pellets graze man in the head when shotgun malfunctions”

  • Sigh

    If a reporter doesn’t even know the difference between what comes out of the end of a pistol or rifle (that would be a bullet) and what comes out of the end of a shotgun (with a few exceptions that probably don’t apply here, that would be shot or pellets), what qualifies her to even write this story in the first place?

    Not knowing what one’s talking about makes it virtually impossible to provide actual news.

  • otherguest

    Bullets don’t come out of a shotgun.


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