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FIRST ON 3: Former BSL police captain arrested for assault, battery


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Former Boiling Spring Lakes police captain Curtis Ledbetter arrested today for assault and battery after getting into a fight on Friday with 48 year old Jonathan Cummings.

According to the warrant, Ledbetter assaulted Cummings by hitting him in the mouth and spitting on him.

Cummings was also arrested for simple assault and communicating threats.

According to the warrant, Cummings assaulted Ledbetter by spitting on him and stating that "He was going to kill him."

They swore out warrants on each other and were both released today on a $500 bond.

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I saw ledbetter house was foreclosed on about a month ago. Maybe he will start a new life far away from bsl.


I have never committed a crime, thank God. I say thank God because when reading these comments, I am thinking how awful it must be to hate a cop forever after he has caught you doing something you shouldn't do. Is that the way you feel about your moms and dads, too? Wow. Don't do crime if you don't want to pay the consequences....then you won't hate the cop for the rest of your life who arrested you.

"I am thinking how awful it must be to hate a cop forever..."

What in the name of wild world of sports are you talking about? HE IS NOT A COP! Do you not recall he left that profession in shame via being fired? If there had been anything at all good about him certainly he would have been picked up by another department. One of his favorite phrases is, "come on now?". Let's put that to use with you. Come on now, you really look at him and see a cop? While you are taking another look check out the mug shot with this story. It is not the picture of anyone he ever arrested. In this report and at this time, he, is the criminal. He is the on in the picture.

to canread

I never said "this cop". I am talking about ALL cops. Seems you all have a hate for all cops after they have arrested you. This is the reason this person, who used to be a cop, is hated by you. You must have known him quite well to quote "one of his favorite phrases", which leads me to think you had been arrested many times by him OR you worked with him and was too cowardly to stand up for him when he was wrongfully dismissed. Hmmm. Do you sleep well at night?

You are wrong.....AGAIN

WRONG again! I have the very highest regard for the law enforcement community including the fine force in BSL. With the vast improvement in that force, I sleep very well indeed.


what goes around comes around.. sad but true!!!! I wish that I had never bought property in BSL. Actually I wish that I would have never even visited.

Gee! We're sorry you bought

Gee! We're sorry you bought property too. And you came to visit. Sell it and go away!!

Thank You WWAY

Thanks WWAY for your daily bad cop report. Keep 'em coming. Thugs are still out numbering bad cops two to one, so let's step it up cops. Soon you'll be number 1 instead of number 2. No pun intended.

UH, He is NOT A COP!!!!!!!

Can't you read? It says, "FORMER" which means HE IS NOT A CERTIFIED LEO! With that said, that now makes him just another THUG! So don't even mention his name and any reference to a serving Cop again. No one hates a bad cop as much as a good cop. My hat is off to all the good serving LEO's everywhere but, this thug is not a cop and never was much of one to begin with. That is why he save let shame!

WWAY just reported the news as it is. That is what they are supposed to do.


What a nice thing to happen to a very bad person. I was so glad to see him get fired from the Police Department. Hopefully he will never carry a badge again.

New Movie Coming Out???

Speaking of Karma, what a line up. Bedwetter & Farte attending the mayor's victory party. It could be called, "Two Criminals and a Baby".

And BSL just keeps getting

And BSL just keeps getting classier with every season.

Maybe they could get in some sort of contest with Leland and the Brunswick Sheriff's Office to see which one could win the most jail time. We could call it, "Survivor: Corruption and Incompetence Island!"

Wow, we could throw in the NHCSO and the WPD to round out the field. Hire a few of the gang kids to do their thing and we can watch them all meet in the middle and fight each other - while the gang kids are waving from atop the bridge! Sounds pretty engaging to me.

I'm sure the WayWay3 won't agree, but it was fun to write.

Where are you Ledbetter fans?????

So where are you bedwetter, I mean Ledbetter fans? Where are all of you that wrote all the "Karma" posts when White was questioned? BTW, White left his job as Police Chief through elected retirement and not discharged in shame. He also let a two term stint as elected mayor at the end of his second term, again, not in shame. This guy lost a job dishonorably "with cause". You and he have been so mouthy! Where are you now? Hard to find your way out of the mud hole of lies? You all talked about "Karma". Now just remember the old saying, "He who laughs last, laughs loudest. Now every one of you should understand, "Karma"!