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FIRST ON 3 Update: Pedestrian hurt in golf cart accident involving Southport city manager


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- A woman was taken to the hospital this afternoon after Southport Police say City Manager Kerry McDuffie hit her with his golf cart.

Southport Police Chief Jerry Dove says McDuffie was pulling out of Southport City Hall in his personal golf cart at about 1:30 p.m. when he hit a woman walking down the street. When reached by WWAY, Dove said the woman has bruising and swelling on an arm, leg and shoulder, but seemed to be in good spirits. Dove said McDuffie was not hurt.

Chief Dove said the investigation into what happened continues, and he could not say yet what charges if any McDuffie may face. He said he is still taking statements, but his report should be finished tomorrow. Dove also said McDuffie uses the golf cart as his personal vehicle. He does not think McDuffie has a license.

McDuffie did not immediately return messages for comment.

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If a person is visually impaired and cannot drive a cat then they should not be driving a moped or a golf cart. Looks like his lack of management skills matches his driving ability.

Southport City Manager Hits Woman

Who'd a thunk it...he is legally blind...looks like a suit about ta hit da news...

can run a town but not drive a car?

Can anyone elaborate to whether or not this guy has a license and if not why?
It just seems kind of odd that you can be responsible enough to manage a town but not have a drivers license , how do you get to continuing education classes for managers or state level meetings or check on your employees or anything for pete's sake?

Southport City Manager

It is my understanding the City of Southport City Manager is legally blind.

Woman knocked down and hurt by city manager driving golf cart

Ok..let's go to the last sentence of this story. I guess I'm not understanding what it means to have a golf cart as a "personal vehicle." Why would he not have to have a license to operate this vehicle? As for the lady that was hit, I pray that she is ok and will be ok. Picture this, you're walking down the street not bothering anyone, just taking a stroll and then all of a sudden you get hit by a golf cart!! Was he on the phone, was he drinking or was he just blind. I know accidents happen, but this one baffles me..AND she had bruises and was taken to the hospital..this lady must have taken a pretty hard hit! City Official don't mean anything..that's a ARE NOT above the law!!!

Nobody reported he didn't have a license.

There are many municipalities with local laws that allow golf carts to travel on local roads with 35mph or less speed limit. I live in one and have one and rarely use my gas-guzzler on the weekends. Golf carts are very economical, convenient and efficient modes of transportation in sleepy, one-horse towns like Southport and where I live.

For those of you with inquiring minds that jump to impulsive conclusions, remember that no matter what you drive, automobile to bicycle, there are people that walk around completely oblivious to what surrounds them. They walk with speakers in their ears and aren't paying attention, they text and message and aren't paying attention or they're talking on their phone and not paying attention. Operative phrase, "NOT PAYING ATTENTION". It can be difficult to avoid careless, drunk or otherwise sensory impaired pedestrians.

There's always 3 side to a story. What he said, what she said and what really happened. Let's find out "what really happened"!

Yes, it was

From the story: "Dove also said McDuffie uses the golf cart as his personal vehicle. He does not think McDuffie has a license."

Point well taken, but..."thinking" and confirming such...

...are two different things. Besides, having a license is immaterial to the situation and has nothing to do with who was at fault. Golf carts don't require a license unless of course, the town's golf cart provision requires one (as with Kure Beach), in which case his golf cart must be "street-legal" and tagged as an automobile to legally operate in that municipality.

Either he was at fault or she was at fault to result in this accident. There are various situations where the pedestrian can be held at fault.

I agree

I agree with you on all points. I just showed where the statement about his license or lack of was mentioned.


WWAY delivers ground shaking news once again!

He should be charged

Any moving vehicle that hits a pedestrian is at fault. Period. The only exception would be if the pedestrian ran out in front of the vehicle. I'm willing to bet this is not the case in this incident.

If you or I would have been driving the golf cart, we would be charged. If he does not get charged, then it only proves the Good 'Ol Boy Network is alive and well in Southport. Sad.

The only thing proven is

The only thing proven is that you are an expert at jumping to conclusions to support your own opinions.
The Chief said they are still taking statements, which means the investigators haven't gathered all the facts yet. Just because McDuffie is the town manager doesn't give him any free rides but it also doesn't mean he is thrown to the wolves without all the evidence in this matter.
By the way, how about quoting the statute that says the pedestrian is never at fault. I think if you read the statute you will find you are wrong about that also.


If you recall your driver's education, pedestrians have the right-of-way in North Carolina.

So, I guess you jumped to a conclusion that such a rule doesn't exist.

Most likely he will not be

Most likely he will not be charged. I have always felt that it was a bad idea to let golf carts and normal vehicles share the same road. Golf carts are supposed to be on a golf course. They were never intended to to be used as transportation on streets and highways.