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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new study shows 48 percent of major roads in the Wilmington area are in either poor or mediocre condition. That costs each Wilmington driver more than $1,350 a year.

A new report released by national transportation group TRIP says higher vehicle operating costs caused by driving on roads in need of repair, lost time and fuel due to congestion, and the cost of traffic crashes likely caused by roadway features all contribute to the cost.

Matt Nicholson knows all about this. He says bad roads cost him $400.

“I hit a pothole, and it was just in the middle of the street, and I had to go get my car repaired,” he said.

Another driver says the roads are not safe.

“Tthe bumps, the narrowness, especially down on Market is very accident prone,” Manuela Sanchez said.

Anne Uthlaut is the terminal manager for a trucking company. She says bad roads are costing her company valuable time and money for repairs.

“Maintenance and repair costs are massive for trucking companies,” she said. “I think we had something like $20,000 that we spent last year.”

She says this burden eventually falls on the consumer.

“When we have massive amounts of maintenance and repair, then we have to apply that to our cost to our customers, who in turn apply that to their products, which raises your prices for Roses or Walmart or wherever you’re purchasing your own goods,” Uthlaut said.

Will Wilkins, executive director of TRIP, says if the lack of revenue for the Federal Highway Trust Fund is not addressed soon, funding for highway and transit improvements in North Carolina could be cut by $1 billion.

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11 Comments on "Study: Area’s bad roads costing Wilmington drivers big bucks"

Guest Reply Redux
2015 years 10 months ago

“Study: Area’s bad roads costing Wilmington drivers big bucks” (Unquote)

On the flip side…it’s not costing city management and the DOT..”A Thing”.

2015 years 10 months ago

Did they really need to shell out money for a study on this?

2015 years 10 months ago

You get in other people’s cars many times a day and many have the driver’s seat in a reclined position?

You sound like someone in the sex industry. :-)

2015 years 10 months ago

Well.. some of this has to fall on the driver as well! I get into other people’s cars many times a day and it amazes me how many have the driver seat in a reclined position. You’re not watching a football game on your TV you are DRIVING! Sit upright, pay attention to the road for goodness sake.

2015 years 10 months ago

What the hell that has to do with potholes in the road?

2015 years 10 months ago

Quite a lot to do with it.. if it wasn’t a pothole how about a small child in the road you need to avoid? doesn’t take much steering input to avoid such *IF* you actually pay attention behind the wheel.

2015 years 10 months ago

You just ramble on and on. How in the world did it go through your grill, radiator and damage two tires and the side of the car? Instead of being 20- 25 lbs, it sounds like you wrecked your car and tried to blame the state.

2015 years 10 months ago

Right after Wilmington’s, Snow/Ice pellet Storm, I kepted My car in the Garage for 3 Days , While waiting for the Roads to clear, Ice to Melt.(As SUGGESTED BY SEVERAL NEWS SOURCES & THE Sherriff’s Dept., AND WPD,& DOT) TO STAY off the road(s),,),, On the 3rd Day, I had a Appointment at Wilmington Ortho, Which is Just down the Street on Shipyard Blvd. As to Where My home is located, I have to go to the Carolina Beach Road intersection to “Turn Around”, to head back the opposite direction to get to the Orthopedic Doctor, At this Time; I SAW a ROAD Reflector Laying IN THE ROAD..(Next to Family Dollar Store),, If you’ve never “seen” one, they Weigh around 20~25 pounds of IRON that sets “buried” AND GLUED/EPOXIED into the Roadway, with a bit of reflector on Top…
On My way I went, (as I was headed towards), to My Doctor’s appointment, I spotted a DOT Road Crew, I then turned around in a Median access, Stopping; pulling up to the DOT road crew, doing “repairs”, I informed them of the piece of Iron that was in the Roadway…(being a good Samaritan, thinking about SAFTEY Of other driver(s)….
I then Went to see My Doctor..
On My way back, going HOME, SOUTH on Shipyard, I was behind a Truck, SLOWING DOWN, (NOT following “to closely”, as it’s IMPOSSIBLE, as where My driveway is located), As I had to turn into MY Driveway, This Truck “Kicked-up” a Piece of one of those “Iron Reflectors”,(NOT the same one I saw) Part of it Went THROUGH My Front Grille, Damaging My Radiator, Fog light, chipping/damaging My Front Bumper & Body Paint, IN ADDITION, BOTH of My Passenger side Tires Immediately went flat, by the time I pulled & parked in My Driveway..
So there I was, 2 Flat Tires, and a Leaking Radiator.
I; (being a “retired” Mechanic), I tried Fix-a-flat, for the tires, & “sealer” for the Radiator.. BOTH DID NOT work. Getting to a “Tire Shop”, I was told BOTH Tires were, *UN-SERVICEABLE*, due to the fix-a-flat AND pieces of EPOXY embedded in MANY places of the Tires, that DOT uses to GLUE AND EPOXY to keep these reflectors down/in-place into the roadway(s)..
Long Story Short, I ended up having to REPLACE the RADIATOR, (sealer didn’t work, after trying 3 bottles of it) AND 2 Tires, (NOT yet replaced, I cannot afford them YET), that were in very good Condition,(almost NEW), are NOW Dangerous to drive on(If they even can hold air long enough to make it 3 or 4 miles)!
I STILL have this Piece if IRON that was once a Road reflector, 2 USELESS TIRES, AND a DAMAGED RADIATOR.
I filed a claim with DOT Div. 3, Supplied pictures on a CD ROM, and the necessary paper work, submitted to DAVID CRAWFORD, Whom is the Attorney General Adjuster, (phone 910-397-1503).. He opined it would be 2 weeks to hear back from DOT. I’ve YET to hear back from HIM or DOT.. Most; (If not ALL), people I received *estimate’s* from said in so many words, ***GOOD LUCK*** in getting DOT to pay you anything…

I’m beginning to believe those words of advice.

I explained in My paper-work to DOT/David Crawford, I Found out the cost of a “replacement” Radiator, is estimated at, 200.00+ dollars PLUS LABOR.
So, I managed to find a Brand New Radiator for 80.00,(The ONLY ONE with-in 300 miles of Wilmington),, installed it Myself… Tires, Not so much good luck… Nor do I have a Tire/Balance Machine to replace those Myself…
I IN FACT explained to Mr. Crawford, I’m NOT out to just “get money” out of DOT, I just want MY TIRES & Radiator “cost’s” replaced…(I in fact **tried to save** DOT “monies” on My claim!!!!!) Never mind the chipped body paint, OR the Fog Light that was busted out. The **TOTAL** COST(S) OF THE tire’s and radiator IS almost exactly, 300.00+, I’m NOT INCLUDING Labor Cost(s), Nor replacement Antifreeze, Nor 3 Bottles of Raditor Sealer or Fix-a-flat, Nor; Numerous tire plugs I tried.. (Including those cost(s) would even out to roughly 350.00/375.00 …)
Mr. David Crawford, IF you happen to be reading this, OR anyone from DOT, it would be very, VERY much appreciated IF you replace MY 2 PASSENGER side tires AND the Cost of 1, (ONE) Radiator,(plus anti-freeze etc), 350.00 total.
I STILL have your REFLECTOR, you can have IT back when YOU replace or send Me a check for My busted parts & UNSERVICABLE Tires!…

See, Mr. Crawford, My wife is BLIND, I’m a Dis-abled Amputee, THUS WE CANNOT AFFORD to replace/repair the afore-mentioned part(s), My Car is parked in My Garage, where it still sets with UN-SERVICABLE Tires! WE are unable to get to Doctor appointment(s), As for My wife, She NEEDS MANDATORY Surgery at Duke/Chapel Hill, on Her Eye, WE cannot get there UNTIL our Tires, (at the very least) are replaced…
FOLKS, ONE of these Road Reflector(s) are Large & Heavy enough to KILL SOMEONE, if THEY WERE TO GO THROUGH YOUR WINDSHIELD! They weigh-in at roughly 20+ pounds of IRON….. In Fact, when I was at DOT; the Receptionist(s) Opined that this IS NOT the ONLY CLAIM of having one of these reflectors Damage a vehicle…
Scott Picky & WWAY Staff, IF you wish to see MY piece of Road reflector, and WHERE it came from, in addition to “other” Road reflectors that are MISSING, (though the “holes” have been patched & filled, I counted around 4 or so in the same area(s), both direction(s), feel free to leave a contact number below this post…)
Sincerely, One Broke Down, (and BROKE) Driver..
Mr. Crawford, YOU & DOT; PLEASE do the *right thing*, Replace & fix MY CAR, that YOUR EPOXIED/GLUED in Road Reflector CAUSED the Damage to My car, While THANKING & PRAYING to the LORD, It DID NOT go through My wind shield, or some-one else’s AND SERIOUSLY Injure or KILL someone!
Excuse the long post, Scott Picky & the staff of WWAY…

This Story reminds Me of a Investigation done in the Land of Fruits & Nuts recently Earlier this year, (City of Los Angeles )… If WWAY & Staff doesn’t mind the additional information…

A joint investigation by KPCC has found that the city of Los Angeles rarely approves claims seeking compensation for damage caused by potholes, and that the claims process seems stacked against people seeking money. ,, Link to Story–> http://www.scpr.org/blogs/politics/2013/10/08/14931/la-rarely-approves-pothole-damage-claims-is-the-pr/

City Dodges Pothole Payouts

The city owes drivers for damage to vehicles due to poor roads, but officials often reject reimbursement claims, approximately, 5.2 MILLION Dollars, on 6,600 claims, (over 10 years); while reimbursing ONLY about 350,000 dollars, roughly LESS than 1 in 10 claim(s)


Video link & reporting on the Story—> http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/City-Dodges-Pothole-Payouts-226843651.html

2015 years 10 months ago

Like most streets my drive has potholes. I have seen a truck with workers out repairing one hole, that was marked by sprayed on orange arrow. They filled that pothole, however, there was another right beside it with no marked, they did not fill it. It’s like going to a dentist with two cavities and only one gets filled. Making you spend more money for second trip. Why couldn’t they fill the unmarked hole? It was right there less than a foot away!

2015 years 10 months ago

“Making you spend more money for second trip. Why couldn’t they fill the unmarked hole? It was right there less than a foot away!”

It’s called job security nojoke. :) The workers were probably told only to fill those holes that were marked. To do otherwise would have resulted in being given a verbal/written reprimand for taking initiative.

2015 years 10 months ago

Got new tires on my vehicle and salesman tried to sell me an alignment. I told him what for they will be out of alignment in a week driving these roads. I put on about 3000 miles per month around the county and these roads are pitiful.


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